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Who Has The Most Swag, On The Colts!

Swag-who has it  

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  1. 1. Which Colt has the most swaG

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  • 2 weeks later...


that was my answer from the start, others made me lean in another direction, but after watching,

d-free - speak about the houston game, saying, we were 0-1 last year, there were 15 other games, and how 15 other teams are 0-1, he just got so much swag

my vote would be for the guy who could tackle a thrid string rb for less than a 6 yard gain!!for ten years now we have never addressed the d

and without peyton to help out score teams. we will here the ole we'll stop em next week all year. the first kick off taken 7 yards deep and returned to the 45

same ol same.

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I am the lone one to pick Brackett.

Yeah, Manning, Wayne and Freeney are all on top of my list, in that order. But Brackett deserves a vote too, so I'll give him mine.

Here's a guy who didn't get drafted, all thought him too small. But not only has he proved himself, he became the D Captain.

He exudes leadership among other fine qualities.

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    • That could be something different, I suppose.  It certainly goes back to NorthernColt’s original point, which is that the Colts have a process for vetting such medical issues.  And if Ballard, armed with much more medical info than we’ll ever see, feels comfortable enough to draft him, then that should be good enough for us.  That’s a pretty valid point.  However, as we stand right now, just knowing that he has an extensive concussion history...well, I’d grade him down quite a few spots for that...
    • Betting on a 6th round WR to breakout isn't a smart idea
    • I admire the creativity but this thread is all over the place.  The title is an interesting topic but then all you do is mention 1 player in draft. You also mention Houston which doesn't cover the overall discussion.    As far as Kadarius Toney yes he should definitely be available at 21 but no I don't think they should take him.    
    • I just watched Baldi's breakdown Kadarius Toney WR Florida. Ty has this year and we can't count on Campbell made of glass breaks easily done nothing since we drafted 2nd rd. I wanted Ohio st wr who has done great for Washington football team. If he is their when we pick at 21. We take him checks all boxes great kid fast and tearing up work outs and Baldi said just watch his tape. He raved about this kid! I doubt he is their at 21.now. Resign Houston 1 more yr.and draft a small school Gem at DE ! With our line and Running backs and that receiving Corp. Are offense should be top 5 !!!  and will help D because won't be a lot of 3 and outs !!!!!  
    • Clowney signed with Browns for 1 year up to 1o million.
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