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Please help - Trip from UK to the final game at home

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Thinking of doing a trip to America over Christmas and catching the last game of the season, Going to go with my wife so want to tie in New York into the trip, how much do flights cost to fly between cities in the USA? Anybody done a similar sort of trip? will be looking to go over for about 6 nights. Anybody done this on here from the UK or even Europe?

Much appreciated

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Really depends, but you can get good deals if you buy in advance. Probably somewhere around ~$200 a ticket for a round trip between NYC and Indy. Check Southwest Airlines they usually have decent deals. I'd love to fly out there myself, but I may be going to the Jets game at metlife. :)

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Expedia or other travel websites should let you add in extra destinations so you can get a feel for prices that way. My wife and i had to go man-philly-denver-indy-philly-man this summer cos we had to fit in a reunion in wyoming, but still wanted to spend some time in indy.

the only problem i ever face with travelling over christmas is the weather.... our airports in the uk can do a terrible job of keeping runways open.

Still waiting on visiting my first colts game. was due to see them play the titans a couple years back but ended up having to cancel and visit in feb instead. I desperately want the colts to play wembley!

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I've traveled to Manchester on a direct flight from Chicago so I can't tell you about multiple flights but I will tell you with gas prices and flying the holidays.....expensive likely. Best to check the prices now and purchase now...they usually double within a month or two. TBH you should have purchased them over the summer. My wife does that to fly to Florida to see her parents and we usually get tickets in July. A lot of internet searching on tickets will be likely necessary.

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