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The Texans secondary still sucks, and the Colts defense is going to be much better than many people think. Add that to the likelihood that the Colts will be running the ball more effectively I'll take the Colts 2/2 games again this year. As long as Peyton plays.

If Collins starts game one its a loss. I don't see him learning this offense by game one. And Painter probably won't make the roster, and for good reason.

Silly Texans fans :neener:

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I kind of miss the days when the Patriots and Colts were write-ins for winning their divisions.

The Texans, like the Jets in the East, are a threat, sure. But, like the Jets, they haven't proven that they have what it takes to win the division over the long haul. Being in a great position to win and actually winning are two different things. If preseason prognostications meant anything, Philip Rivers would have about three Super Bowl rings by now.

In other words, let 'em play the games and see what happens.

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