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Colts Vs. Bengals Preseason Game Night Thread

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Hi, Colts fans! Our Indianapolis Colts conclude their preseason hosting the Cincinnati Bengals at LOS. :bengals: A win by the Colts would finish both Indianapolis and Cincinnati's preseason at 2-2.

Colts the the Bengals in the last preseason meeting between the teams 17-13 at Paul Brown Stadium on September 1, 2011, their only win in the 2011 preseason. Indianapolis went back to Cincinnati in Week 6 of the regular season, and the Bengals avenged the preseason loss when they defeated the Colts, without Peyton Manning, 27-17, on October 16. Bengals lead the all-time preseason series (and Interstate 74 rivalry between the cities) 13-7 entering tonight.

Andrew Luck, and the starting offense and defense units of both the Colts and Bengals probably will sit out on tonight's preseason finale. Many of the reserve players, rookies, and veterans and free agents signed during the off-season are on the bubble as all NFL rosters must be reduced from the present 75 man, to the final 53-man regular season roster by Friday Night.

NO injuries to both the Colts and Bengals in their preseason finale tonight, and GO COLTS!!! :cheer::coltshelmet::coltslogo::colts::1colts::coltshorse::coltsfb::helmet::blueshoe::D:cheer:

Colts Vs. Bengals NFL Gamecenter:


Colts Vs Bengals Pregame Press Release - Adobe PDF:


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Once again, thanks to Lucas Oil Stadium for setting us fans up for a day/afternoon/night of Colt's football!!!! Nobody does it better IMO!!!

While this game might not be a thriller, (maybe a snoozer) it will make or break a lot of player's dreams. Over 700 players will be unemployed after the next rounds of cuts. As hard as our young team has played, this is a final opportunity to make a difference in a game setting.

I am going to miss this thread tonight....other than an occasional check in. I am watching the game with my fiance that really loves the Colts and wants to learn football.....

So instead of my 'nutty' game day antics here....I will be pointing out the nuances of the game to the one I love....may have to give y'all some likes at halftime. :)

A big thank you again to LOS for getting us 'pumped up' each and every week. GO :coltslogo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Enjoy the game guys and gals...Have a sick young lady to see to!! Pagano said we will see a lot of Stanton tonight. Expect starters ONLY a couple of series....He said cuts: "It is the toughest part of the job, " and they need to leave everything on the field" to make the the roster....or not. Good night and enjoy!! Go Colts! I will miss everyone's insight!!! :coltslogo: :coltslogo: :coltslogo:

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I think they're gonna take it easy this game so as to prevent any more injuries. I think they said Mathis has a shoulder problem, Powers has knee issues, etc.

Yeah it sucks our defense is broken! So many darn injuries. Colts just have severely bad luck with injuries..

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    • Nothing against you and I like you as a poster but counting Ballard's 2017 season is a stretch. I realize he was the GM that year (1st year) but he didn't have the Coach he wanted and Luck was out for the year. We went 4-12 that year so his record is a bit skewed because of that. Others have posted the same thing about Ballard's record so you are not the only one and I just don't see how anyone can count that season legitimately. I pretty much go by 2018-this year when he hired Frank and his record would be 25-19 counting the playoffs. Is he the best GM in the league, probably not but he is good. He is responsible for drafting Nelson, Leonard, Mack, signing Houston, signing Rivers and trading for Buckner = great work there. Luck just retiring on the team and McDaniels dissing him even made his job that much harder. 
    • I am late to the party but it doesn't matter because I would've been 1-1 anyway. I had the Lions and Washington so it offsets     Here are my Sunday picks/Monday pick: Ravens 17 Steelers 24 Chargers 19 Bills 27 Titans 27 Colts 30 Panthers 20 Vikings 21 Browns 27 Jags 17 Giants 24 Bengals 10 Cards 27 Pats 23 Dolphins 99 Jets 0 (Fluke's original quote) Saints 24 Broncos 13 49ers 17 Rams 30 Chiefs 34 Bucs 24 Bears 17 Packers 27 Seahawks 31 Eagles 17
    • Yes, love the limited stuff from Harris. I really want to see more routes from him, but overall, love what he's doing. I'd love for him to be a long term answer at slot if Campbell moves to Z.    I'm up in the air on specs. I need to see him hit some long ones, as well as some additional clutch kicks. Glasgow, like I said, I just don't expect much from. Doubt he's ever a contributor on D, but if he kills it on ST, I'm happy.    A buddy of mine (a Ball State grad/fan), thinks Pinter develops into a RT, and the Colts will eventually move Smith over to LT (when AC retires), and let Pinter take RT. I don't know about all that, but I do agree Pinter might develop into more than we think.    I think Pittman will develop into a long term and consistent WR for us. I know he's just starting to emerge, but he just has the look. Good/willing blocker, good hands, etc.. He might not be the 50/50 guy I want, but I also think he might be better at in-stride catching than I thought.    JT, I think he'll be fine once he gets acclimated and use to the run blocking scheme. I don't want to diminish his talent, but most RBs should be able to be successful behind our OL, and he's better than most.    Blackmon is the most interesting to me. He's always been a hammer which I love. He's struggled though in coverage in college, and as we saw, got burnt deep a few games ago. Not sure if he's too aggressive forward, or just struggles with coverage and range. I hope it's just aggressiveness. It definitely helped him when they moved him from CB to S in college, but at the same time, Utah ran a ton of man, which we do not. Love most of what I've seen thus far. I just hope it's not a case where teams get film on him, and start testing him deep a lot. We've been fortunate to play some bad Os early that simply don't go deep a bunch. Will be interesting to follow.
    • It's Rivers he will play, the dude is made of steel  . He played with a torn ACL.
    • I just wish I knew whether it's turf toe or not.
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