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  1. @OffensivelyPC @twfish Any objections? There's lot of 2016 video of him on DB. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/budda-baker/#player-vids
  2. James Conner, a red shirt junior who played for Pittsburgh. Missed practically the entire 2015 season after tearing his MCL and after alot of therapy doctors took a look and discovered he had Hodkins lymphoma. He ended up beating the cancer and came back and played in 2016. He is known as a very strong vocal leader by his teammates and is awarded team captain. Size: He's a big bodied RB at 6'1 and 233 pounds. Has a very good powerful frame and he knows how too use it. He's a power back through and through. 4/5 Athletism: A bruiser who will run away from most linebackers. He keeps coming back at you again and again breaking you down because who really wants 230 pounds of muscle running towards you. His speed at 4.65 means he's not going too out run DB's. How ever he will punish who ever tries to tackle him and his stiff arm is definetly a thing of beauty. I do believe if he hadn't torn his mcl and got cancer or had at Least another year of recovery time we could have possibly seen him dip into a higher 4.5? I think he is still recovering and if he can regain his athletism from 2014 he could be a real steal. He knows his strengths as a power back and uses it and doesn't try to run away from contact. 6/10 Vision: In my eyes his vision at times can be questionable. If the hole is there then he will bust through the hole and bring whoever is trying to take him down with him. However the hole has to be relatively open since he runs relatively broad and doesn't get really "skinny" but he does get low when he has too. He follows the blocks well and knows how too follow a fullback. Pitt did run him in some zone schemes but I think he's best at a man blocking scheme. Doesn't really dance around he finds a hole and goes. 5/10 Third Down Ability: Wasn't asked to do alot of receiving at Pitt but when he did he wasn't awful. Did excell at the few shovel passes. He's a very willing pass blocker and will use his size against pass rushers to good effect and will lay his entire body out to stop a defender. I would have liked too see him receive a little bit more so that's a little incomplete but I'd want him for pass blocking. Receiving 2.5/5 Blocking 4.5/5 total 7/10 Balance: He's not the most agile back in this class but tends to always fall forward. He's not going to wow you with spins or sharp cuts because that's not his style and he looks a little stiff for that. He gets low when needed but a relatively up right runner. 3/10 Physicallityis: Good luck ever stopping him with an arm tackle. He will wear you out and get sick and tired of trying too tackle him. He doesn't shy away from contact and makes you pay for tackling him. His stiff arm is lethal but essentially his moves are too run over you or stiff arm you, but he does them well and generally fails if he tries to get cute and spin or juke. Has some very beast mode like runs. 8.5/10 Improvisation: Not one to dance around and find holes. If he makes something out of nothing it's not from his agility or finesse it's by forcing his way to something. 4/10 Ball Control: Seeing as for whatever reason college never really seems to keep track of fumbles I counted 3 or 4 fumbles from 2014 and 2016. So not terrible but sometimes it seems like he hold the ball a little reckless? But for getting a relatively high amount of touches and only losing it that many times isn't bad I believe it averages out around 1 fumble every 90 or so carries? But it could stand to be alot better. 5/10. Overall 42.5/75 56% Late third or 4th round pick but with the depth at RB across the board I can see him going in the 5th or later. He's a power back and possibly only a 2 down back. He's got good size too him and uses what was given too him and I think he could blossom into a good pro. I wish I could have seen him against better competition and that may have raised his stock some but if he can get his 2014 production and bring it to the pros then someone will have stole him in this draft. The kids seems to be a natural born leader and he's a fighter. I see him as a "horseshoe guy". As mentioned he can play both man and zone scheme but I believe he will do better in a man so I guess it will depend on if the colts continue the switch to zone, work back too man, or do a hybrid scheme. As the NFL stated "His lack of speed and quickness could limit him as a pro but his heart, work ethic and ability to move the chains could make him a red zone specialist" that screams what this organization wants. I believe it was the Iowa game from 2014 in the red zone he took it up the gut 3 times the first 2 they stopped him but on the 3rd attempt he could not be stopped. He has a nose for the end zone and was a touch down machine at Pitt totaling 52 touchdowns total and in 2014 he had 26 touchdowns. He ran for 1795 yard in 2014 and 1092 yards in 2016. I can see the colts taking him in the later rounds if they don't address the position sooner and can see him as a solid pro and a good fantasy pick up and he's used alot in the red zone. @Superman if you'd like to start a merge or however you'd like to do it.
  3. Sophomore RB who has had several off field issues. I think everyone knows about all of that. I'm giving my thoughts about his ability and pro projection. Good production this year, including as a kick returner. I wish he were working out at the Combine; I guess we'll have to wait for his pro day. In advance, TL;DR: He's really good. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/joe-mixon-1.html http://draftbreakdown.com/players/joe-mixon/ Size: Listed at 6'1", 226, tightly built, good size and frame, lean through the middle, could probably work on his lower body more as a pro and play at a high level a few pounds heavier. Good size hands from what I can see, hope he gets fully measured. 4.5/5 Athleticism: Breakaway speed is obvious when he gets in the open field. Quickness and acceleration are high level, which helps him get out in the open. He has some suddenness, can change direction, can finish with power, bend the corner and run away from everyone. Shows leaping ability to hurdle defenders (not advised) and get over the goal line. Played basketball in high school, and not for nothing, it bugs the crap out of me that he only shot 57% from the free throw line. Between his size, speed and physicality, his athleticism is not in question. I would assume that he'd test at a high level in every respect. 8/10 Vision: Finds the hole when it's there, follows lead blockers well, runs from the I, shotgun, pistol, and singleback. Shows some patience and ability to cut back, sets up blocks well enough. Sometimes gets antsy and bounces outside before he needs to. When he commits to the design of the play he shows enough discipline to eek out positive yardage when the blocking breaks down. Hard to second guess his instincts when he has so many highlight runs making something out of nothing. 6.5/10 3rd down ability: Natural, soft hands to make good catches from several angles, over his head, behind him, one-handers, etc. Productive work as a receiver in 2016, including some deep ball catches. Runs good routes from multiple spots, not exactly Marshall Faulk but not deficient in any way. Concentration can lapse when the ball is on the way, leading to some drops. He can hold his own in pass pro, and shows good awareness to know where the pressure is coming from. Not always eager to protect, sometimes goes through the motions, prone to dive around recklessly rather than square up. More than capable in both phases. 3.5/5 receiving, 3.5/5 blocking -- 7/10 Balance: Makes hairpin turns without trouble, cuts laterally with speed and precision, turns the corner at incredible angles. Can shake off would-be tacklers while on the move, gets out of messes behind the line of scrimmage. Not prone to be arm tackled, and can run through undisciplined and lazy tacklers. Tends to run more upright than he should, and prone to lean forward too far and get out of control. 8/10 Physicality: Not a bruiser, more likely to dance/spin/jump cut away from contact than slam it into the pile. Likes to use the stiff arm to push defenders away and keep moving forward. Has the size to finish with power, and at times will deliver a blow, but would much rather slither away from contact and fall forward for more yardage. 5/10 Improvisation: Has myriad ways to get away from defenders and make them miss -- stop/start, jump cut, spin move, stiff arm, hesitation, stutter step, in/out, etc. Shifty and quick, can set up several moves, comes out of cuts at top speed. Can make something out of nothing in the backfield. 9/10 Ball control: Not particularly prone to fumble, but has a couple bad games, including a 3 fumble game against Texas. Holds the ball a little recklessly at times. Mentioned already some lapses as a receiver, but typically finishes the play. 7/10 Overall: 55/75, 73%, late first/early second rounder, every down / feature back potential He can do it all, well rounded prospect at RB, good size, good production, excellent traits, needs some coaching to stay patient, finish and protect the ball, but his natural ability should not be stifled. A fit for any run scheme, but probably best in a man scheme. I see some things on film that make me wonder about his professionalism, but everything I read from his coaches and teammates say he works tirelessly and is very coachable. Then there's the off field stuff. It will undoubtedly push him down draft boards, and some teams will cross him off entirely. It wouldn't surprise me if he goes undrafted, but being realistic, I think some team will take him on Day 2. He's too good, too talented. His major off field issue was three years ago, not to make light of it, but that will be a rationalization for some team to 'give him a second chance.' Oklahoma did, post-Ray Rice, and kept him on the field even after the video came out (just one game, but it was a bowl game on national TV, and they took a lot of heat for it). I think he'll be drafted, and if he stays out of trouble, he'll be a good pro. I highly doubt the Colts are the team to draft him.
  4. Junior corner for the Huskies, three year starter. This is pre-Combine, so some of my assumptions might be off; I'm going to project his workout numbers. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/sidney-jones-1.html http://draftbreakdown.com/players/sidney-jones/ Size: Listed at 6'0", 181 pounds, decent arm length, slim, narrow build, not very muscular, has the frame to put on some muscle and get stronger. 3/5 Athleticism: Quick feet, good change of direction and movement ability, hips open and flip well, but a little deliberate, strides well, average long speed. I don't think much of his makeup speed if/when he gets beat, and he can be run away from on crossing routes. He can shift and come downhill quickly, closes well in short areas, both blitzing and in run support. I don't think he'll have an outstanding Combine, although I think he's definitely athletic enough to be a full time player, I'd project him to run a 4.6ish 40 with a good 10 yard split, decent vertical and broad jump. 7/10 Fluidity: Good hips, although his hip flip is mostly predetermined in bail coverage, good bend and change of direction. Stays balanced and mirrors well, but susceptible to double moves. Also susceptible to getting beat off the line by shifty receivers. Can get around blockers with quickness. Not sure he can play nickel every down. 7/10 Physicality: Lacking, especially at the point of attack. Will be outworked on screen plays, as he can't disengage from a good block. At the top of a route, can be separated from, especially against physical receivers who push off, even slightly. Willing to get his hands on receivers off the line, and when he does, he can stay balanced and redirect, especially at the boundary. Prone to being a little grabby. Breaks down well in space and in run support, but misses a lot of tackles because of lack of power and recklessness, sometimes comes in too high. 6/10 Technical ability: Good hand placement, using hands and feet in concert with each other, using opposite hand to bump and run. Good mirror ability, but can get lost on crossing routes and combo routes; hard to gauge due to being predominantly in zone, with a lot of off man coverage. Uses his body well to shield off receivers, especially in the red zone. Good awareness, can track the ball in the air and over his shoulder. Susceptible to being beat off the line by quick receivers, sometimes over aggressive at the snap. Always lines up at LCB, not sure about his technique from any other spot. 7/10 Run game/tackling: Willing, but not overly capable. Feisty and scrappy, but seems disinterested in plays going away from him. Does break down well, can take out the legs of a ball carrier, but his slightness of frame makes him only so capable. 3/5 Ball skills: Tracks well, average ability in the air, good balance, goes at the receivers hands when the ball arrives. Doesn't get a lot of opportunities to make plays on the ball, most of the completions he gives up are underneath, QBs seem to go away from him. 4/5 Consistency: Always engaged at the snap, times his jams well every play, can be beat deep when multiple receivers are in his area. Could be prone to lapses if he had to play man coverage every down. 3/5 Overall: 40/60, 60%, 2nd rounder, likely starter due to good coverage ability, what he lacks is mostly in size and physicality, which isn't going to hold him back as a starting corner. I think he'll probably be rated higher by most others; I haven't looked at any other scouting reports for him. Scheme fit: With coaching, he'll be a good man coverage corner. I assume he can play both sides, I wonder about his ability in the slot but I think he has the feet and awareness to shift inside.
  5. Junior RB, was Heisman runner-up in 2015 after setting an NCAA record for most all purpose yards in a season. He suffered an undisclosed injury in 2016, not sure what it was or whether it has any long term implications, but he still had plenty of highlight plays and went on a tear in the last five games -- 991 yards rushing, 10 rushing TDs and 2 receiving TDs. I'm assuming he's fine. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/christian-mccaffrey-1.html# http://draftbreakdown.com/players/christian-mccaffrey/ Size: Listed at 6'0", 201, which is smallish for an NFL RB. He's slender through the middle, including hips and thighs. Built more like a solid receiver or even a safety, not like an every down, between the tackles back. Decent sized hands, not sure how he'll measure there in comparison to other backs. 2/5 Athleticism: Elite athleticism in every respect. Gets to top speed quickly, can blow through to the second level or turn the corner and run away from everyone. Quick and shifty, start/stop ability, change of direction, good balance and agility, can and does make WOW plays on a regular basis. Not Reggie Bush level suddenness, and not Chris Johnson level open field speed, but plenty sudden and plenty speedy. The son of a track athlete mom (who's father was an Olympic sprinter, btw) and an NFL receiver dad (who comes from a line of athletes himself), he's bred for speed and athleticism. 8.5/10 Vision: Good ability to find the hole, or the slight crease, and get to and through it. Patient when necessary, decisive when appropriate, high level decision maker. Cuts back to make room and gain yards, sometimes runs into defenders on the back side. Shows some LeVeon Bell type of patience at times. Does a good job of finding his way past the line of scrimmage for even moderate gains when the play breaks down. Can run behind a FB in man schemes, and does well as a single back in zone schemes. 8/10 3rd down ability: Natural hands, catches the ball on the run, away from his body, will snatch it out of the air. Tracks it well on swing routes and up the field. Good body control to secure position. Good productivity in college as a receiver, and can line up everywhere, runs routes from any spot. Nice stutter/juke on option routes to create separation. I think he would be a hybrid back/receiver in the NFL, not an every down back. Doesn't stack like a refined receiver. Good awareness in pass pro, willing blocker, not a good blocker, though he does have some big sticks on tape. Because of his size he won't hold up as a frequent blocker in the NFL, and should be out in the open field in passing situations anyways. Gets into good position for cut blocks, not just diving around recklessly. Intelligent player, makes good decisions in both phases 4.5/5 receiving, 2.5/5 blocking -- 7/10 Balance: Great balance in the open, can make defenders miss with great moves, good stop/start ability, turns and changes well. Despite his size he won't always go down with an arm tackle, but typically doesn't require multiple defenders to be brought down. Can slip through traffic to avoid contact and get positive yardage, but once he's hit he's probably going down. Has some plays where he slips multiple would-be tacklers who don't approach with good technique. Keeps a low center of gravity once he gets moving forward. 7/10 Physicality: Plays with aggressiveness and willingness to charge right into the middle of the defense. Blocks the same way. His size limits his effectiveness, but not his mentality. Finishes well, but not carrying defenders on his back or blowing through arm tackles. 6/10 Improvisation: Shiftiness and quicks on display regularly, can turn a loss into a gain with his cutbacks and change of direction. Usually makes defenders miss in the open field, then gets back to top speed in a heartbeat. Has spin moves, stutter steps, and other jukes that make him a problem for single defenders at every level. 8.5/10 Ball control: College stats are unreliable for fumbles, but I only remember seeing two, and one was a botched QB exchange. No notable drops, typically sure handed. Holds the ball high and tight as a ball carrier. 9/10 Overall: 54/75, 72%, late 1st/2nd rounder, hybrid position player Should be used as a scatback / receiver, not as a straight ahead ball carrier. Has Darren Sproles potential, but bigger, will probably have similar workout numbers. Would need touches manufactured, but could handle 15-20 touches a game, as long as they mostly aren't between the tackles touches. Reggie Bush is a lofty comparison as a prospect, but that's what I see, just not quite as fast. For some reason I think he could have a pedestrian Combine (though he's probably receiving the very best coaching and training, in which case a pedestrian Combine would be a bad Combine, for him), which could push him down into the 40-50ish range. I haven't watched enough players to say whether he's a top 20 player, but I've watched enough of him over the past two years to know that he's one of my favorite college players of all time, and that I think any team that can't get production out of him isn't well coached on offense.
  6. Fun player to watch, and the Colts met with him at the Senior Bowl. He was asked what he said to the Colts, and he responded: "Do they need a playmaker? Let's go!" I like him. Converted QB, obviously, with plenty of arm talent, and as such is a potential gadget player. OSU played him at slot / H-back, and he took a few direct snaps, but surprisingly only had 1 pass attempt last season. Had some injuries during his career, including 2015 at receiver. Fifth year senior, and will be 24 a month after the draft. Gonna try to be brief on this one. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/braxton-miller/ http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/braxton-miller-1.html Size: Measured at the Senior Bowl at 6'1" 3/8ths, 204 pounds, and 9 1/8 inch hands. Good size for a receiver, good build, sleek, muscled. 4/5 Athleticism: Not a super athlete, but plenty athletic. He has a strong 5th gear, maybe not a great 6th gear where he'll just run past everyone. Ran track in HS, and will probably run well at the Combine. Very quick, good change of direction, gets to top speed quickly, blows out of breaks, and he tries to run every route at full speed. Will put pressure on defenses, and usually draws attention against zone coverage. No evidence of leaping ability that I've seen. I would classify him as a quick twitch athlete. 7/10 Hands: Good hands, extends from body to snatch the ball (on display this week at the Senior Bowl practices), can pluck it out of the air before it hits the ground, no drops from the film I've seen. 9/10 Routes: Still developing as a route runner. I mentioned before he tries to run everything at full speed, and as such he doesn't sell his moves as well as he should. Sometimes he's out of control and runs right into the turf. Has the ability and feet to set up his routes, technique is there on fundamental routes, body control is good, and he can break in either direction, or get up field. Doesn't stack defenders very well, which is a more advanced technique that he probably just hasn't mastered yet in his limited reps at receiver. 6/10 Physicality: Not very physical, can be disrupted off the line by jams and pushed out of bounds. Doesn't back down from a physical challenge, very competitive, but he sometimes reminds you that he's a converted QB. Still battles when the ball is in the air. Not deficient for a receiver, especially one that's spent most of his time in the slot. 5/10 Body control / adjustment ability: Still working on tracking the ball while it's in the air, sometimes loses it or struggles to keep his feet under him while he tracks it. Doesn't stack defenders, isn't proficient at staying away from the sideline while running boundary routes. Lots of nuances to running routes and adjusting that he still hasn't shown. He will kick it into gear to get under a deep ball, and he does a good job of using his body to seal when running slants and in/out routes. Comes back well for underthrown balls, and will go down and get it. 6/10 Elusiveness: Has some serious moves, stutter steps, spin move, stop and go, etc. Can make defenders miss in the open field, and will shrug off passive tacklers from time to time. 7/10 Run blocking: Willing blocker (code for deficient, but not lazy). Can square up and get into a DBs chest, and he's bigger than many of them so he can win one on ones. If he misses, that's probably it. No cut block action, 50/50 on runs his way. About average for a combo receiver. 3/5 Overall: 47/70, 67%, 2nd/3rd rounder, he may drop further due to lack of production, injury history and age Scheme fit: 5/5, slot receiver with the size to play outside, and you can use him on some trick plays because he can throw the ball He's lacking in some technique and production, but the ability and room to improve is there. Question is what his ceiling is, and I don't think it's that high. He's not refined, and he's already 24, and has some injuries that make you wonder if he'll be able to stay on the field and get the practice time he needs. Lazy people are going to evoke Terrell Pryor, but he's nothing like him as an athlete or as a citizen. I'd compare him to Stevie Johnson.
  7. Nice receiver with good college production as the primary weapon for a limited QB. Had a DUI last offseason when he was only 20 years old, received a year of probation as a first time offender. Reports have said that he had a BAC lower than .08, but because he was underage, he was charged anyway. Obviously a series of bad decisions led to the incident, but it doesn't seem like a major issue. He was suspended one game in 2015. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/tyler-boyd/ http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/tyler-boyd-1.html Size: Listed at about 6'2", 200 pounds. Kind of thin, but has a good frame that can easily support a little more muscle. Long arms and big hands. 3/5 Athleticism: Not impressive athletically. Doesn't have elite top end speed, isn't particularly quick in short area. Has some quickness, and definitely has good feet, which help him to shake defenders and create separation at times, and he comes out of his breaks cleanly and with good burst. There's a little bit of a 6th gear at times when he has the ball and room to run, but he's not a burner and rarely runs away from defenders. Good change of direction, good balance. Not a great leaper. 6/10, he has quick twitch characteristics Hands: Strong hands, good catching ability, extends hands away from body to increase his catch radius in all directions, goes down to get low passes, and can snatch it out of the air, whether it's above him, behind him, whatever. Not consistent catching the ball when contested, and sometimes loses on plays that he should win because of a lack of aggression. 8/10 Routes: Good technical ability running routes, setting up defenders, getting off the line cleanly, positioning himself in short yardage situations, etc. Works zones well, seems to understand how to beat all different coverages. Good feet, patient route runner, keeps hands working in concert with legs, gives QB a clean target on slant routes. Has a feel for the ball when it's in the air, stacks defenders on go routes. Lines up all over the field and runs routes both ways, breaks well to the sideline and on comebacks and quick stop routes; defenders seem to respect him as a deep threat, so maybe I'm missing something on his speed. Either way, he's a smooth and polished route runner who will pick up more tricks with NFL coaching. 9/10 (Gif machine isn't working, so go to his Iowa cut-up and go to the 5:46 point and watch him take a defender apart.) Physicality: Not very physical, either at the line of scrimmage or when the ball is in the air. Seems bothered by hands-y and aggressive DBs, especially if he doesn't beat them initially. Does a good job of maintaining position when the ball is in the air, but can let defenders come through him and ride him off the spot or out of bounds. Decent blocking ability, shows some violent hands at times, but not a road grader or even necessarily that competitive in blocking situations. I'd consider him a finesse player. Has the potential to be much more, given his size and frame. 5/10 Body control / adjustment ability: Always seems to be in control of his body, feet, hands, arms, hips. Patient runner, with and without the ball, keeps his feet under him, changes direction decisively and with burst, but not wildly. Positions well, keeps a good distance away from the sideline to give the QB room to throw it outside, didn't play with good QBs but seems like he'd be a great stop fade receiver. Shows ability to adjust well to the ball, comes back for underthrows, gets low to pluck the ball, can reach behind him to make acrobatic catches. Moderate beef is that he shows some passiveness on comeback plays rather than going to get the ball, sometimes allowing the defender to make a play that he's in better position for. 7.5/10 Elusiveness: Kind of covered already, but he has moves to make defenders miss and get separation from coverage. Not necessarily explosive, but has some wiggle. 6/10 Run blocking: Also covered in physicality, kind of underwhelming for his size, takes bad angles at times and sometimes takes plays off. Has the size and ability, just doesn't seem that dedicated. He's a high usage player, so he might be preserving energy or protecting himself. 2/5 Overall: 47.5/70, 68%, 2nd/3rd rounder, potential to move higher if he runs well at the Combine Scheme fit: 5/5, no issues, could play inside and outside, and has some kick/punt return experience Polished, experienced, technically sound player with proven production who has some upside as a technician, and if he's faster than I think he is then he can be a big time weapon in the NFL. Reminds me of a slightly smaller and less aggressive Jordan Matthews, of whom I was a big fan two years ago. Boyd doesn't have elite physical traits, but he can play right away for a team needing receiver help. He's not a first rounder, IMO, so I don't think his DUI is a major factor, but teams will obviously check him out. He's been a model citizen otherwise, from what I can see. I think he'll be a top 75 selection, maybe a top 50 selection.
  8. Kiper just mocked him to us, so I figured I'd watch. He played RT in 2013 when Mewhort was at LT, then moved to LT the past two years. Could theoretically play RT for us. And I kind of like Decker's go-get-it attitude on and off the field. http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=122692&draftyear=2016&genpos=OT http://draftbreakdown.com/players/taylor-decker/ Size: Listed at 6'7", 315 pounds, prototypical size and length for an NFL tackle. Great frame, long arms, looks like the best LTs in the league. 5/5 Athleticism / mobility: No problems getting around. He moves well laterally, has range and ability to switch directions smoothly. He can pull with reasonable effectiveness, but it's not graceful. Gets to the second level with ease. Looks smooth in his pass block sets, and moves forward in run blocking without laboring. If he gets beat by quicker rushers, which is difficult because of his long arms, he'll struggle to get back in the play; this also limits his ability to seal defenders on run plays at the second level. Mirrors edge rushers well. Doesn't do a good job of cut blocking, which limits his range some. Good bend and flexibility, not stiff (ie, Mewhort), but not a gymnast either. 7/10 Technique: Fundamentally sound, and much improved from 2014 to 2015. Quick out of his stance in both phases, stays in balance, doesn't lean too far over his feet, stays light on his feet to handle changes, very few false steps, and even when he takes a false step he has the size and strength to make up for it. Hand placement is usually great, but he's prone to keep his hands too low, which leads to rushers getting into him and pushing him back, or getting his hands too far outside, resulting in holding. Great hand punch in both phases, which I love, and it leads to him setting a firm edge in the passing game. Also resets well with feet and hands, mostly because he stays square balanced. Goes from doubles to next man very well, works well with his linemates to handle switches and stunts. Once he engages, he pretty much locks his man down. 9/10 Physicality: Strong and powerful, basically a people mover. Jars his man with his hand punch. Has good upper body strength to beat his man even when he's unbalanced or out of position, sometimes throwing his man out of position. Doesn't exactly wipe his man out when pulling or on the move, more typically engages and then overpowers, sometimes wrestling. Finishes well. Can handle any one on one matchup from a power/strength standpoint, and whenever he's in a double team, it's a win. 8/10 Pass blocking: Hardly ever loses once engaged. Takes the appropriate drop almost every time, has a sufficiently quick initial step, smooth kickslide, mirrors well. His hands are a big key, because he uses them to push his man up the field while keeping him away from the passer. His height makes him susceptible to dip/rip moves from pass rushers, which is probably why he keeps his hands low. Doesn't give up when he gets beat by speed, and doesn't panic; with his length he can still influence the path of the rush and give his QB a chance. Steps out in space to handle blitzers and wide rushers well; sometimes gets overwhelmed when he has to choose between the inside and outside guy. 4/5 Run blocking: Handles his man well, but height means he doesn't get under his man and blow him back straight up. Doesn't crush his man in pulling situations, but does engage and typically win. Not a great cut blocker. Gets out in front of screens well. Double teams well and then gets to the second level well. Seals sufficiently but not as consistent or effective as I'd like. Plays to the whistle. Not a pancake blocker. Stays in control. 3.5/5 Vision/awareness: Didn't see any procedural penalties. Usually identifies the right guy to block, doesn't let rushers run past him unrecognized (happened once in the games I watched). Seems to identify pass rush moves right away. Protections aren't complicated, but LT is the place where you'd see deficiencies show up, and I didn't really see any. 4/5 Versatility: Tackle only, but can play both sides. Prototypical LT prospect, IMO. No problem playing RT. Has traits that fit MBS and ZBS without a problem, handling power and speed equally well. Too tall and plays too high to play inside. 3.5/5 Overall: 44/55, 80%, high first rounder Scheme fit: Can play any blocking scheme, and for any offense, whether run heavy, pass heavy, screen heavy, spread, whatever. Gifs: 2014, straight jacket treatment, with a nice finish: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=256710&gif=FriendlyWigglyAlaskanmalamute 2014, handles a spin move: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=256710&gif=SpeedySoulfulDungenesscrab 2015, blocks no one on a blitz: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=259660&gif=JampackedDecentBluet 2015, disciplined to not overset: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257673&gif=LikelyElegantBasilisk I think he's just as good as Laremy Tunsil right now, with better size and better hand usage. Tunsil probably has more upside and is much better in space and on the move. I view this as a toss up, but Tunsil's movement ability is appealing.
  9. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/jaylon-smith Size: Listed at 6'2", 240 pounds, which is ideal size for an ILB. He has long limbs and a great frame, and could probably carry an additional 10 pounds in his base without sacrificing any athleticism. Looked bigger in 2015 than 2014. 4/5 Athleticism: Plenty athletic, straight line speed when he opens up and runs is more than adequate. He's explosive and shows burst when chasing/tracking, and has impressive closing speed, making him a rangy inside defender. Good change of direction ability, good lateral movement, converts speed to power when he chooses to. Shows some quickness in short area situations. He obviously won't workout at the Combine, but I wouldn't expect him to have overly impressive workout numbers for a LB; not Luke Kuechly kind of athleticism, but more than sufficient. 7.5/10 Coverage Ability: Not impressed by his coverage work. Very little man responsibilities on film, and when he does play some one on one coverage he doesn't mirror well and he's overly grabby. Has trouble with sharp routes inside (ins, outs, angle routes, corners, posts, pretty much everything you get from backs and TEs in the NFL). Probably has the ability to flip and run, but not tested in coverage with his back to the ball, and has no work tracking the ball over his head. Good awareness in zone coverage, good lateral movement to stay on top of the receiver, breaks down well in the open field to drive on the ball and finish plays. Decent spatial awareness to stay in range of eligible receivers, and range to get involved when the ball is thrown. 5/10 (if I account for his upside, I'd give him a 7/10) Run Game Ability: Not a stack and shed run defender; long arms, decent upper body strength, good feet, but doesn't consistently use these traits in concert to beat blockers and meet ball carriers straight up, and as a result is more likely falling into the hole while being blocked and trying to make an arm tackle. Once engaged with a lineman or TE, he's blocked without great difficulty, though he does stack/shed from time to time. Decent at beating blockers with quickness and agility, but not consistently able to do so, especially against man blocking. Tendency is to angle to the ball/hole, or even chase and drag down ball carriers from behind. Has all the capability and physical tools to be a run stopper, but doesn't defeat blockers straight up or with quickness with any consistency. Very productive on run blitzes, uses his burst to blow past blockers and get to the ball carrier. 6/10 (if I account for his upside, I'd give him a 9/10) Pass Rushing Ability: Very good blitzer, due to athleticism and agility. Can blow past blockers with burst and has enough bend to get low and dip around the corner. Sometimes used as an edge rusher, even lining up in a three point stance occasionally, but mostly a blitzing backer. Inconsistent hand placement undermines ability to beat blockers who get their hands on him, and he has no real pass rush moves. Can come across the face of a blocker to trap/trip a pocket climbing QB, but not consistent in using this ability. 3/5 Play Recognition: Very good recognition in both phases. Sniffs out all kind of run plays -- options, reverses, draws, etc. -- and takes good angles to the ball, although sometimes is conservative with his angles in an attempt to avoid blockers. Takes good drops in zone coverage and positions himself well. Often blows up screen plays if he can stay clean. Freelances if he thinks he has a read on the play, and he usually does, and this is when he looks like a heat seeking missile. Made some mistakes on the edge on read option plays in 2014, typically much better in 2015. Sometimes slow-plays draw action and then gets blocked out of the play, would be better diagnosing quickly and blasting into the play. Typically plays under control to avoid giving up cutbacks, but sometimes looks like he's holding back. 8/10 Tackling: Form sometimes breaks down, but not often, typically a reliable tackler. Arrives at the ball with authority. Has tackling range due to his athleticism and length, will lay out to shoestring a ball carrier, and will run through a blocker to get to the ball. Destroys QBs when he comes through clean. Can be eluded by change of direction ball carriers and can be outrun on the corner. 8/10 Overall: 41.5/60, 69%, second round grade (with upside, 46.5/60, 78%, first round grade) (fixed) Scheme fit: Could play ILB very well in the Colts' scheme, and his range and playmaking instincts would make him a dynamic part of our front, but needs work in coverage. 4/5 I know everyone is calling me crazy by this point, but I think Smith is overrated on account of his athletic ability and obvious upside. I think he's lacking in technique and discipline, and relies more on his athleticism and instincts than he'll be able to in the pros. He's an unbridled stallion at this point, and needs coaching and refinement to reach his true potential. That potential, however, is obviously very high. I don't think he'll ever be a guy who runs step for step with TEs and slot receivers, but he has sufficient physical ability to be dangerous in coverage. His work against the run is spotty, and if he allows blockers to swallow him up or seal him from the hole, then he won't make nearly as many plays in the pros as he did at Notre Dame. I'm not overly concerned about his knee injury. It's a two ligament tear, and as long as he doesn't suffer any setbacks, it's just a matter of time until he gets back to form. A recent report suggests he could be ready for Week 1, but I'm not buying. ACL/LCL is an 8-12 month recovery; with no problems, that puts him on the practice field in August, at best, but that's VERY ambitious. Gurley took 10 months to get on the field, and he only had an ACL. If you put Smith on the field at ten months, he'd be ready in November. And then the question is whether he'd be ready for a full workload. The 'recent report' is also just based on noise from the echo chamber at the Senior Bowl, not any medical checks. I think there's still a good chance he doesn't spend a lot of time on the field in 2016. He may or may not submit to medical checks at the Combine.
  10. Had to watch a lot of clips of opposing QBs because DB.com doesn't have a lot of Jack cut-ups yet. Still, I've watched a good amount of UCLA and am pretty familiar with him. Might update it if I see something new moving forward. Again, using Dustin's newer format. Jack is an elite athlete for a linebacker. Better coverage skills and ability than his former teammate, Eric Kendricks, who was probably the best coverage backer in the 2015 draft. Great versatility, great playmaking ability, plays with a lot of heart and attitude, rallies his team around him, does whatever the coaches ask (including playing running back), etc. Not great size for the NFL, but I believe you have to make room on your squad for potentially transcendent talent and ability, and I think Jack qualifies. If not for his injury, he's probably a top 10 pick. I doubt he'll work out at the Combine, but if he does and tests well, he probably gets that top 10 status back. If not, he should still be a first rounder, off his tape alone. Size: Smallish for a linebacker, listed at 6'1", between 225-230 pounds, and that's probably generous, making him a tweener. (He's basically built like Clayton Geathers, but has about 10 pounds on him.) In the box, that just won't do, especially against power teams that will send linemen at him. Long enough arms, but he's still going to struggle to compete with TEs when the ball is in the air. 2/5 Athleticism: He's got it, definitely. He can obviously fly around the field, he can turn and run with receivers and sometimes looks like a good DB, good agility and flexibility, nice top end speed. Has excellent burst, acceleration, closing speed, change of direction, balance. In the run game, he can use his athleticism to somewhat make up for his size by getting around blockers. And he's strong and powerful. I hope he can test at the Combine, but really, his athleticism jumps off the screen when you watch him play. 10/10 Coverage ability: The bad is that he can take false steps and get grabby, likes to jar his man as he comes of out of his break, which is an automatic flag in the pros, and he can get beat by really good route running, which isn't nearly as prominent in college as it is at the next level. The good is that the technique is teachable, especially when the ability is clearly there. He can mirror without grabbing, he can flip his hips and run, he does a good job of taking the right angle when he's in off-man, and has good closing speed when the QB starts to throw, good vision and awareness in short area zone coverage, and he plays the ball very well when it's in the air, and ball skills are more than good enough to take the ball away. Athletically, he'll hold his own against backs, TEs and slot receivers, although he can probably be beat by jump balls to bigger receivers. 7/10, being a little tough because of his 'grabbiness' Run game ability: I've already mentioned his less than ideal size, which he can't do anything about. But he has good power and drive which gives him a solid hand punch, I've seen him stack and sometimes shed, but mostly TEs. He's much better shooting gaps and getting around blockers, and he does a good job of taking the right gap and angle. His closing ability leads to lots of big plays and disruptiveness. The tendency to sidestep blockers isn't fundamentally sound for an ILB and will lead to some open running lanes, but it's also a way to make plays, which he often does. He'll get washed out of power runs, particularly if he winds up getting targeted by a pulling lineman. 6/10 Pass rushing ability: For all his athleticism, he doesn't necessarily bend the corner when he rushes from the outside, and a simple chuck will take him upfield past the QB. But blitzing the middle/inside is a different story, and once he gets even with a blocker he has the closing ability and balance to finish well. And he can get there fast. Timing is really good. 4/5 Play recognition: Sees screens well and seems to know where the blocker is going and how best to avoid him. Also knows where his help is, or isn't, and will play a blocker straight up to slow down the ball carrier at the right times. Good recognition in coverage, flows to the hole well in run support, scrapes well against option plays, and usually takes the perfect split on QB option plays, essentially defending two players at once (2:00 mark). Can be taken out of position by a good play action fake, or when in zone against a QB with good eyes. Usually guesses right in both phases. 8/10 Tackling: Great tackler. Arrives at the ball with authority and bad intentions, at times runs through ball carriers, and can separate them from the ball. Breaks down well in the open field, will drop hips, wrap and drive with good technique, can arm tackle even when blocked, generally gets his man. And then because of his burst and reckless abandon, he also makes tackles that he probably has no business making. Usually takes the right angle which enables him to bring the heat. Will sometimes overrun a play, but not often. 9/10 Overall: 46/60, solid first rounder. Scheme fit: 4/5, the kind of player that you need to figure out how to deploy, because he's that good. Teams that believe they can keep him clean in the box (4-3 teams that will play him at Will, 3-4 teams that gap and/or have great NT play) will overlook his size and place him high on their boards as a linebacker. His tape and production are inarguable, and if you can't fit this kind of playmaker in your front, then you should reconfigure your front. He'll be compared to Kam Chancellor a lot, but Chancellor can't cover like him. He might be a safety prospect to some because of his size and coverage potential.
  11. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/shaq-lawson http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/shaq-lawson-1.html Size: Listed at 6'3", 270 pounds, which is prototypical. Thick build, kind of oddly shaped for an OLB, looks more like a developing 4-3 DE. Powerful. Longish arms. 5/5 Athleticism: Nothing outstanding as an athlete, not great in space, not a great runner, but decent. Has burst out of the block, although is often one of the last off the ball, decent change of direction, good balance, can push off from odd positions and angles with power. I wouldn't use the word "explosive" to describe him, although he shows some flashes of suddenness and has pretty good stop/start ability when rushing the passer. He also covers ground well once he gets going, which allows him to close well. Looks rigid when coming around the corner. 6/10 Hand usage: Excellent swat and rip moves, good hand placement, heavy handed, presses and cleans blockers off of him, long arms allow him to get into the chest of blockers. When he swats you can sometimes see the blockers hands getting thrown all the way in the opposite direction. Sometimes fails to land properly and can be controlled by stronger, longer blockers. Much improved hands from 2013 to 2015. 8/10 Pass rush moves: Has a variety, and they can all be effective from a 2 or 3 point stance. He also sets them up well (see below). Spin, bull rush, rip all work well; his dip has limited effectiveness, as he's not really one to bend the corner sharply. Plays with great leverage, and seems to be able to pick the best move for whatever pass block set he's facing. Gets doubled a lot. One of his best games as a pass rusher was against ND, lined up almost exclusively against Ronnie Stanley. 8/10 Run game: Good awareness of angles and cutback lanes, works hard to set the edge. Defeats edge blockers with power and moves, can't be blocked by college TEs on the strong side. Sometimes gives up the corner when engaged with a blocker. Tough, physical, hard-nosed outside run defender, who gets in on most plays his way. Can chase down the line to get in on plays the other way. Patient in read situations, then aggressively closes when he's diagnosed. Definitely capable of Sam work in a 3-4. 9/10 Misc. Technical: Good awareness, sniffs out screens, recognizes pulls. Not quick off the snap, usually the last one out of his stance, especially when in 3 point. Sometimes abandons contain if he thinks he can make a play. 6/10 Tackling: Great tackler in the box or in the lane, good in a phone booth, powerful arms to make plays one-handed. Not all that great in space. 4/5 Versatility: Can play strong or weak against the run and the pass, and can go from a 2 point or a 3 point stance. A little small for a 4-3 DE, but wouldn't be a liability because he plays strong and with power. Can be washed out against double teams. Not an interior lineman, not a Leo backer. 4/5 Overall: 51/60, 85%, high first rounder; for many, he's the #1 edge rusher in the draft. I don't think he's as good as Beasley or Fowler, but that doesn't matter. Scheme fit: 5/5, fits the Colts defensive front well, and would suffice as a DE. He's your prototypical Ravens 3-4 OLB, let's just hope he's better than Courtney Upshaw. *** This is excellent pass rushing. Watch these two clips: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258040&gif=AffectionateBeautifulBorzoi http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258040&gif=DapperMildGnu On second down, he uses an inside-out setup, goes speed to power, getting under the blocker and into his chest, driving him several yards into the backfield. If not for the help from the second blocker, he may have gotten a hand on the QB. The very next play, he uses the exact same inside-out setup, then spins to the inside, completely beating the tackle. Would have had a sack, except two blockers tackled him, and he drew the holding flag. Excellent use of multiple tools to set up a very good blocker (Ronnie Stanley, many people think he's the best OT in the draft) on back to back plays. And I especially like that he only takes 2-3 steps to engage and best the blocker in both cases. He's already a savvy pass rusher, and I like that. Stays too upright to bend the corner, but a dip would have gotten him a strip sack here: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258401&gif=MerryGranularAmericankestrel Disrespectful, can't block him with a pulling guard, automatic sack: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258401&gif=GloriousTeemingClingfish Good hands work to cross the blocker, another sack: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258401&gif=BoringVapidFinch
  12. http://thedraftwire.usatoday.com/2016/01/05/2016-nfl-draft-scouting-report-eastern-kentucky-edge-noah-spence/ I'm not doing a full write-up on him because there's not enough for me on DB.com. I have something of a feel for him, but I see some inconsistencies in his game, and it's impossible to figure out what he's really about without watching more games. But my notes are in parentheses, and I've bolded the things I really agree with, and striked the things I really disagree with. Same article linked calls him the best pure edge rusher in the draft. I haven't watched enough, but I hope that's not true. I think Spence is very raw, has some intriguing athletic ability, but also has some holes to his game. I didn't see any consistent pass rush moves, and he's more prone to try to avoid the blocker than beat the blocker, but he does have some top traits -- burst, bend, wiggle, change of direction, etc. I think he needs a lot of development, and I can't see him being a first rounder based on the games I watched. That's all before you get to the drug stuff, which isn't really that concerning to me. I'd put him in the drug protocol from jump (not sure if that's up to the team or not), but he seems to have grown up since getting kicked out of the B1G. I'd give him a second round grade right now. He reminds me of a better Jonathan Newsome. He has more power and is better setting the edge, but similarly unrefined as a pass rusher, despite having some impressive burst and bend. He gets around blockers the same way Newsome does. His best tape is against Valparaiso (shining against lesser comp, like Newsome did). Assuming he goes to the Combine, he'll probably do well, and that will probably solidify his draft stock as a top 50 guy. Definitely a scheme fit for the Colts. I know some of you really like Spence, so tell me what I'm missing. (At right end) Makes a blocker whiff http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258733&gif=DesertedImpassionedApatosaur Takes seven steps before he even engages the blocker,and by then the ball is gone http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258733&gif=PracticalBlondKestrel Outworks his man to shed and make a ridiculous stop (his feet never stop moving, and he has the upper body strength to get press, then explodes into the ball carrier) http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258081&gif=SpeedyCornyGoldfish Beats his man back inside when he oversets (still takes a couple extra steps and can't influence the throw) http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258081&gif=FeminineSociableAnophelesmosquito Great feet and hands to beat his man, but overruns the ball carrier http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258081&gif=SphericalEnragedCrownofthornsstarfish Sets perfect depth into backfield, then gets around blocker and bursts into the ball carrier http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258081&gif=WickedPoisedGemsbuck Stunt on em! http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258081&gif=HeavyWarpedGalapagoshawk Illegal chop block for sure http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258081&gif=DiligentInformalAntlion
  13. For whatever reason, it seems he didn't accept the Senior Bowl invite...? He had a 'minor' meniscus tear in November and missed the rest of the season, but the hope was for him to be ready by now. Maybe he had a setback, or maybe he's not in his best shape yet and wants to keep rehabbing for the Combine. Makes sense. You all may know by know, but a meniscus is a minor recovery, but has serious long term implications, because cartilage and fibrocartilage doesn't grow back. I would bet that he needs another operation on his knee within the next three years, and then it's downhill. No question that he can be in great shape for workouts and camp, but knee cartilage injuries make me nervous. He couldn't qualify academically after high school, went to a JUCO and still took some time to get the grades ready to go to a major program. That's why he'll be 24 less than a month after the draft. Size: Listed at 5'11", 212 pounds, and he's well built and proportioned, with long but lean longs, and longish arms. Not as thick or powerful as I'd prefer. Hands are normal size. (3/5) Athleticism: No 6th gear, and 5th gear isn't that impressive. His straight line and open field speed aren't anything to get excited about. He can blow through the initial hole and get to the second level, but his speed usually doesn't take him past second level defenders, and he'll be caught from behind on long runs. Decent acceleration to get to and through the hole, quick lateral movements to set up blocks, nice jump cut ability, can scoot around the corner if the defense doesn't angle well, but not really a threat to take it outside for a big gain. Seems to have decent lower body burst and explosion, but again, nothing great. Not a quick twitch or explosive athlete. (5/10) Vision: Mostly a zone runner, mostly out of shotgun or pistol sets. Prone to miss the hole or cut back prematurely, not very effective behind a lead blocker. If you don't light up the expressway for him, he's probably not gaining anything. Doesn't find small creases to make moderate gains out of nothing. Will cutback or take it outside for a moderate gain from time to time. In the NFL, I would project him as a better fit for a power scheme with clearly defined running lanes, not a zone/cut runner, even though that's what he's tried to be in college. (4/10) 3rd Down Ability: Very good hands as a receiver, ability to track the ball even when he doesn't see it released, over his shoulder, catch with one hand, pirouette to catch passes behind him and then get back upfield, etc. Has plenty of production as a receiver, so this is not theoretical or projecting, he can produce as a pass catcher for sure. Nothing special as a route runner, but takes proper split/depth for wheel/angle routes. He's a very willing blocker, which is often code for being a bad blocker. His size limits his effectiveness, but he'll get his hands dirty in protection, over and over again. Sees the pressure well and steps up to create an obstacle, could do a better job of staying square. Positions well for cut blocks, which he's effective at. (7/10 [4/5 for receiving and 3/5 for pass blocking]) Balance: Tough runner who will get through arm/ankle tackles, keeps his feet moving to shrug off arm tackles even by bigger defenders, can dance through traffic to slip hits and keep moving, and will break tackles in the open field. Not elusive, but does a good job of weaving to avoid taking direct hits when he's not in a crowd. If you don't form tackle him, he's probably going to keep moving forward. (8/10) Physicality: Eager and aggressive when it's time to take contact, both with and without the ball. Finishes runs well in one-on-one situations, even against bigger defenders. Arm tackles come up short often. He's not blowing anyone up or bowling anyone over, and he's not ripping through two guys and carrying linemen on his back, but he still manages to fall forward. Solid, square tackles usually take him down right away. (6/10) Improvisation: Not much. Will change direction when necessary, has a little bit of wiggle to get through the hole, slalom-style, has a spin move to aid change of direction. Not making anyone miss in the open field. (3/10) Ball Control: I watched five games on DB, and saw one fumble and one drop, on like 200 touches. Stats show no fumbles lost in two seasons at Utah. No issues with ball security that I can see, and I think he has normal hand size. (9/10) Overall: 45/75, 60%, Day Three prospect, 4th round or later Booker is a pretty good all around back with good production in two years at Utah. His injury probably isn't a big issue for teams, unless something comes up in his medical rechecks. Nor are his academic issues, since he seems to be a good citizen, just didn't have good grades (some of that was missed filing deadlines, apparently, not even grades). He's just a little small for an everydown back, and doesn't have the speed, quickness or suddenness that teams usually look for out of a smaller back. He does have good receiving skills and is an eager blocker and a hard worker on the field. Limited ceiling, but very capable of being a solid producer. If I had to compare him to someone, I'd say he reminds me of Ryan Grant, former Packers RB.
  14. Junior CB for Florida State who has started every game for the last three years. First true freshman to start for FSU since Deion Sanders. Many people think he's the best DB in the draft this year. http://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/jalen-ramsey-1.html http://draftbreakdown.com/players/jalen-ramsey Size: He's listed at 6'1", around 200 pounds. Long arms, well proportioned frame, muscular. 5/5 Athleticism: Good long speed, runs step by step with most receivers down the boundary, good makeup speed. Explosive out of his breaks and long strides. Shows leaping ability at game speed. Good initial burst and closing speed. Incredible range. He's fast, and has sufficient quickness, but not elite quickness. Projecting his Combine numbers for fun: 4.48 second forty, 1.6 ten yard split, 36" vertical, 115" broad jump, 6.9 second three cone, 4.3 second 20 yard shuttle, 14 reps bench. 9/10 Fluidity: Flexible athlete with good bend and decent change of direction. Hips are fluid, but the defense calls on him to play the boundary, so his hip flip is deliberate and predetermined. When he has to mirror a receiver, he shows some tightness and gets a little too high. He strides well which allows him to make up for false steps. As a blitzer he can dip and bend around the corner. He can plant and break to tackle in the open field. Shows good agility to get past screen blockers. 7/10 Physicality: Jams well, using long arms to redirect receivers off the line and down the field. Forces receivers to the boundary and sometimes out of bounds, taking his man out of the play. Uses his big frame to lean and block out down the field. Plays physical without being grabby. Gets off of blocks, especially on screen plays. Tackles well, bringing full force with him, breaking down well in space (is prone to come in high and miss). Fights to the end of the play even on runs away. Played a lot of safety and inside corner, to support the run and to blitz the QB. 9/10 Technical ability: Can be taking advantage of with initial quickness and moves off the line, which is why he jams in press. Uses hands and feet in concert with one another, staying between the QB and the receiver; good jams to the inside and outside with either arm. Prone to overplay the deep option, leaving him susceptible to outside fades, which is how he's beat most often (concerning for his pro prospects). His other method is to stay on the backside of receivers and use his makeup speed to track the ball in the air. Plays both sides of the field and lines up inside and outside. Good awareness and breaks in off man. Susceptible to good route running due to aggressiveness. Will allow his man to separate on crossing routes. 7/10 Run game/tackling: Already touched on, but physical in the run game, gets off blocks, explodes through contact. Inconsistent technique, comes in high rather than breaking down (technique, not ability). Closes well. 4/5 Ball skills: Prone to lose the ball in the air, inconsistent hands. Can swat passes away when breaking or coming across a receiver's body, but doesn't contest at the high point. Anticipation is decent, ball awareness not so much. Times his leap well when rushing to swat passes away. 2/5 Consistency: Has some ups and downs due to varied techniques. He typically mirrors his man well, but gets beat on timing routes. Doesn't typically lose at the line because he typically jams. Doesn't get beat deep. 3/5 Overall: 47/60, 78%, high first rounder Scheme fit: No brainer, can play in the Colts scheme, and can line up as a corner, nickel, strong safety and free safety; ideal fit in Seattle's press zone (or Atlanta's, or Jacksonville's); will remind many of Richard Sherman, better than Trae Waynes (#11 last year), more like Marcus Peters without the off field issues Gets beat off the line before he can get his hands on the receiver: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258251&gif=WindingLastingAchillestang Puts his man out of bounds within five yards: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258251&gif=SarcasticMadeupFennecfox Destroys a screen: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258251&gif=FarawayOffbeatAlligatorsnappingturtle Sticks with his man down the field: http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258701&gif=FrigidForcefulAfricangroundhornbill
  15. If not for Doctson and Hunt, I probably wouldn't have watched much of Boykin. But I have, so I might as well chronicle my thoughts. After all, as the Mythbusters say: the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down. So, here goes. I'm basically using these categories for grading QBs: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1632018-how-do-scouts-break-down-nfl-quarterback-prospects Size: He's listed at 6'2", 205 pounds, which isn't good size to begin with, but I think that's a lie. He's six foot even, stretched out. Decent frame and build; not a Manziel-type body at all. Still very undersized. 1/5 Athleticism: Top notch athlete, can run by any defender, split any two defenders, finish runs soundly. He'll escape a pass rush, make defenders miss, and either fire down the field or take off and run (mostly for a big gain). Really good speed (maybe not elite), really good quickness (probably elite), excellent change of direction, good improvisation. Probably has good enough feet to play receiver. 5/5 Arm strength: He can spin it. He often throws from a poor platform, which I'll get to, but he can zip the ball around the field. Throws from multiple arm slots and off his back foot often, and still has plenty of velocity and drive on the ball. He can put it down the field also, and throws with power on the move. When he flicks his wrist, the ball can pop off of his hand nicely. Really no question about his arm strength. 8/10 Accuracy: No one cares about anything a QB does if he's not accurate, and Boykin is very inconsistent. A lot of this has to do with his poor footwork and mechanics, because there are plenty of plays where he ropes it right where it needs to go, between defenders. He can throw the ball accurately to every part of the field. He doesn't consistently. Often overthrows deep passes, underthrows comebacks, throws behind receivers on crossing routes, his balls sail from time to time, etc. When checking down, his ball placement is inconsistent (thank goodness he doesn't check down often). Gets bailed out by receivers who make big plays on the ball. 5/10 Mechanics: Poor mechanics, seems to be a function of being a plus athlete who hasn't ever developed the fundamentals of passing. Has sloppy footwork, leading to him throwing off of one foot, not transferring weight and driving the ball with his lower body, doesn't stay on the balls of his feet when throwing, never stays high to throw over the top. This isn't an issue of being under pressure; he rushes his delivery even with no pressure. Throwing motion is inconsistent, often throwing from different arm slots, and that's not to be blamed on feeling pressure in the pocket. Doesn't come over the top as a habit. Follow through isn't consistent due to poor footwork and balance. Handles the ball well on hand-offs and play action, and has big, strong hands that control the ball well. 4/10 Vision/awareness/anticipation: TCU somehow runs an offense without a playbook (not really, they just say they do). Plays in two-read offense with no huddles, and isn't asked to audible or adjust protections. His second read is often to take off with the ball. Some of their passing concepts allow Boykin to identify coverage and make decisions after the snap, and he does a reasonable job of holding the safety and throwing back to the outside, although it's deliberate and not a function of actual progression-based passing. His timing is mostly based on the structure of the offense, which is fine, but if he has to throw from a noisy pocket or on the run, his fundamentals break down and he'll make mistakes, often not seeing defenders. His response to anticipating pressure is to run. Put him in a 2012 read option system and he's a playmaker; ask him to stay in the pocket and go through progressions, and it's a disaster. 5/10 Pocket presence: Substandard in the pocket; when pressure comes, he goes. He allows coming pressure to affect his footwork, and rather than stepping up and delivering, he'll fade back and throw off his back foot or from an otherwise compromised platform, even when the pressure is nowhere near him. He'll escape pressure with no problem, but he won't navigate a pocket, step up and make a sound throw. 3/10 Poise/leadership: Teammates seem to rally around him, he plays well in tight game situations, doesn't shy away from throwing tough passes in any game situation. Fights for extra yardage and gains confidence of his teammates. I'm knocking him here for his arrest, but only because he's a QB. 3/5 Overall: 34/66, 52%, late round pick; he's like a Geno Smith / Michael Vick clone, without Smith's size and without Vick's elite explosiveness, but with the fundamental passing flaws of both combined; his arrest makes things muddy, but no one would be drafting him to compete at QB right now anyways Scheme fit: Zero. Won't be a Colt QB unless... he just won't. Raw, flawed passer, really good athlete, high level performer, but not an NFL QB. And yet, some QB-thirsty franchise is going to take a chance on him.
  16. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/josh-doctson/ There are seven games of him on DB, three from last season, which are just as impressive. He's done for the regular season, and I supposed there's a chance he'll play in the bowl game, but as it stands, he's a record holder for TCU in TDs and yards, and is one short of the record for catches. Playmaker, matchup problem, and I think he'll be a good pro. Using Dustin's format. Size: Listed at either 6'3" or 6'4", and about 195 pounds. Long frame, lean body, long arms, built for snatching balls out of the air. I'd like him to be slightly thicker, but he uses what he has well. 4.5/5 Athleticism: I'm not sure about his long speed. It's there, don't sleep on him at the line because he'll get behind you, but I think he's more like a < 4.6 kind of guy. His game isn't really about speed, but he can run. His mom ran track, so it's probably in the genes, and with coaching I bet he'll run great the Combine, but he doesn't have electric play speed. He is a great jumper, and combined with his size and length, that's a recipe for disaster. I'll talk more about his route running later, but he's not consistently explosive out of his breaks and sometimes takes too many steps. He can be fluid and show quick feet, but more often is sloppy and sort of giraffe-like, probably a byproduct of his height. 7/10 Hands: Great hands. Knows how to pluck the ball out of the air. I haven't watched every single one of his games, but I only remember one drop. He'll cradle it into his body in traffic, he'll high point it, he'll one hand it OBJ style, etc. I want to pull out some gifs because he has some exciting catches, but I'll have to do that at some point in the future. No issues with catching the ball, though. 9/10 Routes: Only ran three basic routes that I saw -- in route, comeback/stop route, go route. Different variations of these routes, some with some wiggle, and none with remarkable precision. Exclusively lined up on the right side, so his in route is always to his left, and only a few times did I see an out route. There's always a totally undeceptive fake to the outside before the in cut, which only works because DBs can't let him have an angle due to his size and they have help to the inside. I don't think I ever even saw a slant. Sometimes graceful, other times gangly. Has some wiggle on his in routes, especially when working against zone, but as I mentioned, he's not going to blow out of his breaks, and most of his routes are rounded at the top and don't create great separation. The stop route is a weapon because he's a deep threat, not because he runs it well. What he's great at is running his routes with awareness, staying away from the boundary, setting defenders up to work open areas against zone, etc. Seems like a very heady player and route runner, but not technically proficient in this area. 5/10 Physicality: Got it. He uses his hands well getting off the line, though he can be bothered by more physical press corners. Isn't bothered by hand fighting down the field and can run right through a would-be arm bar. Holds on to the ball through contact with defenders and the ground. 8/10 Body control / adjustment ability: Boy oh boy. He can get his body turned around however you want when the ball is in the air, and he uses his body to stack DBs and shield them from the ball, while using his long arms or height or leaping ability to catch the ball. Has an insane catch radius, which he needs because his QB isn't very accurate. Lots of his catches come somewhat contested in that there's a defender right there, but the defender had no chance at the ball. Understands how to give the QB room to throw the ball to the boundary, and then can drop in right under the ball. I saw him juke out a DB while the ball was in the air, then cruise to the ball and catch it uncontested. Stop fades and outside fades are his specialty. He'll dive for a short comeback and get under it. Knows how to get his feet down, though can use some practice with the toe-tap for the second foot. As unrefined as his route running is, he's a savant when the ball is in the air. 9.5/10 Elusiveness: Very little of this. Can use some blocks in the screen game to get a few extra yards, but that's about it. He'll do a little juke and then go to the stiff arm, which is good for about seven yards because of how long he is. Saw him run right into tackles when he had a clear path to the end zone. Not a quick twitch player, which you wouldn't expect with his size. 4/10 Run blocking: Very good blocker, can lock on to DBs and even LBs and shut them out, set up some nice runs for his QB and other skill guys. Let up early a few times, but also came back to mix it up on other occasions. I would call him a willing and able blocker who will be great as long as he's focused. 4/5 Overall: 51/70, strong first rounder Scheme fit: 5/5, not a question. If he doesn't fit your scheme, you're playing soccer. I'd compare him to a leaner Demaryius Thomas. Raw route runner, not exactly a burner, but good physicality and use of his big body to make big catches. He can produce right away, but needs refinement to really take advantage of his natural ability. After a couple seasons, he'll be a nightmare matchup for any DB, especially in the end zone.
  17. I first noticed Joey Hunt when watching Jordan Phillips last season. He did a phenomenal job on him, but probably played over his head. Now that I'm watching him more closely, he has some technical issues and physical limitations. Still can play in the NFL, but he'll be more depth and competition than an immediate contributor, IMO. Size: Listed at 6'3", between 289-295 pounds. Slightly undersized for the next level. Well built and framed, but needs to add some bulk and power. That's problematic because he's not a great mover at his current size. Decent arm length. 3/5 Athleticism/mobility: Not deficient, but not highly athletic or mobile. Does a good job getting off of double teams and to the second level on LBs. Has a decent lateral slide to pick up rushers/blitzers, but can get beat by quicker defenders or a change of direction. Doesn't finish well on the move. Not a lot of pulling as a center in a ZBS, but I don't think he'd do well at it regardless. 5/10 Technique: Inconsistent hand placement. Big 12 refs evidently don't call holding, but he would get hit with a lot of penalties with his grabbiness. Has pretty good balance and plays with leverage. Doesn't overpursue in pass protection, content to let rushers come to him, but doesn't have a strong enough punch to shut them down. Infrequently gets his feet crossed up, but mostly displays good footwork. 6/10 Physicality: Quite a wrestler, likes to tangle in single and double blocks, and will go to the whistle . Gets grabby to control his man, and can latch on and not let go. Despite his troublesome hand placement, he can move his man and seal him, especially on run plays. Can get overpowered, can get pushed back at the point of attack and blown off the ball. Lacking in upper body strength and brute power to dominate his man. 6/10 Pass blocking: Sets well with good balance and leverage. Not required to move lateral or kick slide often, but does so decently when asked. Doesn't have a lot of reach or range, and inconsistent punch to slow down rushers. Lets rushers get under him too often and can be pushed back into the pocket. More likely to turn his man and usher him past the QB than to completely stop him in pass pro. Good work as a double teamer. 3/5 Run blocking: More proficient here, gets off the ball quickly and finds a man to block. Goes well from initial double team to second level, making him an effective wham blocker. Turns and seals well on draws and counters. Gets a little out of control when on the move, comes in with poor hand placement. Active cut blocker, sometimes lunges too early, but usually effective. Like pass blocking, he's better in a double team. 3.5/5 Vision/awareness: Sees rushers and late blitzers well. He's not asked to make a lot of protection calls and changes in TCU's offense, but when he does, he seems to get it right. Sometimes got upfield too far on screen passes, but most college linemen have to adjust to the NFL rule. Playing in front of Boykin requires him to stay engaged and find new defenders to block in pass pro. Gets to a man and blocks him the right way on run plays. 4/5 Versatility: He's reportedly played some guard and tackle in the past. I haven't seen it, but I don't think he's a good prospect for anything but center in the pros. Can play MBS or ZBS, but needs to get bigger/stronger to really excel in MBS. 2/5 Overall: 32.5/55, 59%, late round pick, limited upside, but can be an effective player Scheme fit: Not sure for the Colts. Word is we'll have a new OL coach, and that could bring a scheme change. If not totally zone blocking, at least more than we're used to. In that even, Hunt would be a nice fit at center. TCU gets him to the second level often in the run game, and he does well. His issues are with strength and technique; strength is less of an issue for a center in ZBS, as he's double teaming and then going to a linebacker, but with sloppy hand placement he'll get a lot of holding penalties. These are things he needs to improve on no matter what system he plays in.
  18. Incredible prospect. Makes me wish we were going to pick in the top five. He's going to be an absolute monster, assuming he puts in the work. Better than Leonard Williams, Danny Shelton, Jordan Philips, etc. Size: Listed at 6'4", 296, so good size for any defensive front. Not a nose, obviously, but he could play 1/3/5, and has the athleticism to play end on run downs in a four man front. 5/5 Athleticism: Incredible athlete. Has quickness, burst, power, balance, agility, incredible closing burst, and he can open up and run like someone 50 pounds lighter. https://cdn.*/video/mp4/51gs.mp4If he gets through off balance, can stay on his feet and close to the ball. Basically can do anything you want a defensive lineman to do, except take off and fly. 10/10 Pass rushing ability: He spends a lot of time being double teamed, and has developed the ability to use his burst to split blockers. He has a spin move, a rip, and a bull rush. Often takes himself out by failing to stay square, or losing his footing by leaning forward too far. Undisciplined at times, but the ability is obvious. 8/10 Run game ability: Same thing, can push, can shoot gaps, can stay square and control two gaps. He has pretty good recognition, though again, sometimes takes himself out of a play. If he sees any daylight, he can be in the backfield in a flash. Prone to coming in too high, making him better suited for 3/4 end, particularly on early downs. He can anchor at times, but doesn't do so regularly. 8/10 Technical ability: Not a technically proficient player, as he's able to win on sheer talent. Good hand punch, good hand fighting, good footwork, but as mentioned, can lean too far and lose footing, gets turned around and washed out, uses his excellent spin move at the wrong time, often spinning right into help. He can stay square and play straight up, but is likely encouraged to go out and make plays with abandon. 5/10 Versatility: Already touched on, but can play multiple positions in multiple fronts. Can handle tackles and interior blockers, can shoot gaps, can pass rush from the outside and inside, etc. Everything but a nose tackle. 4/5 Tackling: Excellent tackler, finishes plays when he gets his hands on the ball carrier. Sometimes pulls off rather than driving through, but seems to always get his man, even if he temporarily loses his footing. 4/5 Play recognition: Good job identifying screens, counters, beating pulling guards, etc. Sometimes overruns or chooses the wrong gap, they'll stunt him at times which is a waste. Sometimes comes out of his gap, which seems more like a playmaking thing than a lack of awareness thing. He would actually be well served to slow down at times. 7/10 Overall: 51/65, high first rounder Scheme fit: 5/5, would be a perfect fit in the Colts front, and even if you run a 4 man front he fits just fine.
  19. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/laremy-tunsil/ I've really enjoyed watching Ole Miss this year. They have a lot of good players, and most of them are on the way to the draft. Laremy Tunsil is one of them, and his tapes show a high quality prospect at left tackle. I've watched everything on DB, and he's gotten better since last season, which is a good sign. He also got in trouble with the NCAA for taking illegal benefits and then lying to investigators, and missed 7 games this season because of it. That's after a nasty leg injury at the end of 2014. Size: Listed at 6'5", 305 pounds, which is a good frame, but he could be a little longer. He has good arm length, and he can put on more muscle. 4/5 Athleticism/mobility: He gets out of his stance well, has great feet, smooth kick-slide, moves well laterally to the left and right, and goes forward and backward with ease in both phases of the game. Can get to the second level with little issue, has the range to pull and get out in front and block in the open field. Not a lot of short area burst to make up for mistakes or getting beat, but he's smooth when changing directions. Has good bend and flexibility, knees and hips. Extends his range with cut blocks that are usually effective at taking his man out of the play. 7/10 Technique: Again, good footwork, doesn't make mistakes or take false steps. Usually plays with good balance, even when on the move. Squares up with his man, but handles exchanges and stunts well because of his hands and arms. Sometimes keeps his hands too low before he engages, and doesn't hand punch consistently. Sets a good edge in pass protection even without good use of hand punch. When he does hand punch, he can recoil, reload, and reengage effectively. Comes in with good control when blocking on the move, usually making his block. Can come in too high at times. Keeps his hands inside and avoids penalties, but sometimes places hands too high on a defender, leaving himself susceptible to moves. 8/10 Physicality: Kind of a brute, and he probably hasn't reached his full potential physically. Moves his man with relative ease in power situations. Once he gets his hands on the defender, it's usually over. Wipes guys out when blocking on the move or down blocking. I've seen him block two defenders, one with each arm, slowing them both down. Finishes well. My issue is again with the hand punch, or lack thereof, but this is more of a technique issue than an ability issue. 8/10 Pass blocking: A plus protector, pops up into a pass blocking stance quickly, mirrors his man well, redirects. When he gets beat around the edge, he still can push his man past the QB. Does well on double teams, which are rare in normal pass situations. Can shut down pass rushers with little help, and the Rebels throw downfield a lot. 4/5 Run blocking: Very capable. Gets good push, double teams well, usually seals to the correct side, drives well with his legs while keeping a straight back, cuts well on runs away, gets out in front of screens and connects with a defender, and will keep running downfield until the play is over. 4/5 Vision/awareness: Identifies blitzes well, often picks up the right guy. The protections are simple at Ole Miss, but he seems to understand who he is responsible for every time, not often missing. Sees who/where to block when on the move. Will lose focus at times at jump early. Nothing unusual for a LT. 4/5 Versatility: LT is the hardest position to play, and his team allows him to play on an island enough to prove that he can handle the pressure. First game back from his suspension this year, he shut down a pretty disruptive pass rusher (A&M sophomore Myles Garrett). He has the power and mobility to play guard. No idea whether he can play center (which includes snapping, calling out protections, adjusting to late pressure up the middle, etc.) Anything on the right side would involve flipping his footwork and hand placement, but the ability is there to play RT. Just a matter of technique and muscle memory. However, he's a LT prospect, with the ability to start right away. And he has no shortcomings that would prevent him from excelling in either a ZBS or MBS. 4/5 Overall: 43/55, 78%, high first rounder Scheme fit: Can play in any blocking scheme, and every team needs lock down tackles who can run block. Compares to lots of NFL tackles. He can play right away at LT. Not any real flaws to his game, he has a good disposition on the field, goes to the whistle every down, seems capable of handling any assignment. If you aren't turned off by his NCAA issues (which I'm not, really), or the fight he had with his stepfather (who ratted him out publicly) or his leg or bicep injury in 2014 (he's healthy now and has played well), then he should be a top ten pick.
  20. http://draftbreakdown.com/players/joey-bosa/ Lots of cutups for him on DB, and I've watched all 12 that they have so far, plus a few of his games live. He's a great player, very disruptive, had a lot of production in 2014 and has been doubled like crazy in 2015. Good gameplans can neutralize him, though (which is true of a lot of great defenders). Well rounded front player, technically sound, plays with discipline. I wonder about his upside in the NFL. He's an underclassman, but I think consensus is that he comes out this year, and after watching him, I think he definitely should. Google "joey bosa gif" and you'll see lots of impressive plays. I had to share this gif, showing how powerful he is at point of attack (this is a RT, not a TE) http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=258335&gif=ImpeccablePassionateIvorybackedwoodswallow I'm also going to predict some of his Combine numbers: I think he'll run a 4.85 forty with a pretty good ten yard split, he'll put up a 32" vertical, 113" broad jump, and 30 reps on the bench. Nothing special, but more than acceptable for someone 6'6", 275 pounds. Size: Hard to judge, as he's probably going to line up all over the place. Definitely a big guy, well built, broad frame. He could put on another 15 pounds and play DE/DT, or he could lose 10 pounds and play OLB. Based on his play, I'd rather use him as a down lineman who lines up everywhere from 4 to 9, and as such, his current size is a little small, but not deficient. 4/5 Athleticism: I'm not impressed with him, athletically. He has a decent first step, and he can cover ground when he disengages from a blocker, but he's not going to turn and run like a track star. Has some burst, but not great closing speed. Decent bend around the corner, usually stays on balance even with blockers grabbing/leaning on him. Good short area quickness, and at times can be explosive. 6.5/10 Pass rush ability: He will make you miss, especially if you set up poorly. He'll bend the corner if you're soft on the edge, and he has a stutter step move to come back across your face if you overset either way, and so feasts against technically deficient blockers. Add to that really good footwork and very active and violent hands, and he can show some pass rush. Not a lot of dip or under moves, and he won't just blow by you to the outside. No considerable spin move or anything else to make you worry about how to block him, but still finds ways to beat blockers. Good bull rush, even against linemen. Has good quickness to beat interior linemen one on one. Good snap anticipation. Not elite in any respect as a pass rusher, and good blockers can handle him one on one. He'll get hits and hurries, not a lot of sacks. 6.5/10 Run game ability: Excellent run defender. Almost always diagnoses the play properly and puts himself in the right spot. Excellent angles, knows where to set the edge, knows where to engage the lead blocker, even when it's a pull blocker that you don't think he sees, even when he has to choose between two blockers. Because of his decision making, he makes plays that his teammates get to finish. But he will also stack and shed any blocker, and just make the play himself. He'll drive a blocker back into the running lane and finish with his long arms, he'll blow past a blocker or split a double team and nail the ball carrier straight up. He can work down the line and make the tackle from the backside. Lots of plays go away from him for these reasons, and he still winds up involved frequently. Has great motor, but sometimes won't run a play out if it's going away from him. If he's not double teamed, he's going to ruin any play to his side. 10/10 Coverage ability: Briefly, drops in coverage sparingly, but moves well enough laterally and has good awareness in short area zones. Saw him take great drops to disrupt a couple of pass plays. Can't cover anyone one on one, and they never asked him to. Feet, hips, etc., just aren't there to play man coverage. 3/5 Technical ability: A lot of this is covered in the previous sections. No technical issues to speak of, usually plays with good leverage, keeps his hands free, uses his arms well, stays straight up when they mush-rush. All of this allows him to come out strong when the play comes near him. I don't see anything that offenses can exploit. Only a few times did I see him crash too far inside on zone plays. 9/10 Versatility: As a front player, he can do tons of things. Lines up over the guard at times, and usually wins in both phases. Can line up wide and pass rush, directly over the tackle and 2-gap, can shoot gaps and beat doubles between c/g, g/t, t/te, whatever. Can play strongside and set the edge to contain the run, and has play making ability at Sam. Not really an ideal fit to play Rush backer. Can move inside and pass rush on third down, or play DE on early downs. Lots of position flexibility, especially in a multiple front. 4/5 Tackling: Takes good angles, breaks down well in space, but not rangy enough if he's one on one with a back trying to get around the corner. In traffic, he'll make tackles even when engaged with blockers. If he meets the ball carrier in the hole, the play is over. Will stretch out and get ankle tackles. 4/5 Play recognition: Usually sees exactly where the ball is and where it's going. Good option/read defender, diagnoses power blocking well and knows where to attack, gets his hands up when the ball is thrown over his head, chases back on screen plays, etc. Rarely takes the wrong gap or lane. Sometimes get caught over-pursuing. 8/10 Overall: 55/70, 79%, high first rounder. To me, it's hard to justify taking him in the top ten, given his (presumed) athletic profile. I don't know where he'll fit with the rest of the prospects available, but the fact that he's low on athleticism and pass rush makes me think his ceiling is limited. Will be a good pro, I don't think he'll ever be a great pro. More Chandler Jones than JJ Watt. Scheme fit: 9/10, would be a great Sam backer with playmaking ability, could play inside on passing downs, good enough in space and a great read defender on option plays. Should be able to play multiple positions in any defensive front. Edit: I'll add some notes after the Michigan game.
  21. http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=119845&draftyear=2016&genpos=SS http://draftbreakdown.com/players/jeremy-cash/ Playmaker. Excellent burst and closing speed, great blitzer, gets a TON of pressures and does a decent job of getting off blocks, good job playing ball carriers in the open field and breaking down to make the tackle, decent awareness, extra nosy and likes to get behind the line of scrimmage and get involved in the play, can knife through traffic to get to the ball carrier, he has a knack for poking the ball away when he arrives at the play, and he arrives with authority and presence; I don't think much of his coverage skills, but he's mostly used in short area zone; he has really good agility and sufficiently loose hips for a safety, but his footwork is questionable and he takes some bad angles; you'll see him make a ton of plays from his knees, as he dips under blockers but stays alert to the play; I don't think he has adequate turn and run speed to handle receivers one on one or the range to patrol the back end. Would be a good Robber, especially against running QBs. Using Dustin's format for grading (and I reserve the right to adjust these after draft workouts): Size: 6'1", 208 (approx, listings vary), since he's mostly a box safety, he's a little on the light side, 4/5 Athleticism: I question his long speed and range, but he flies around and his 10 yard burst is top notch, 8/10 Fluidity/agility: Turns corners and twists around with ease, but footwork is sloppy at times, and hip flip is just okay, 7/10 Physicality: No question about this, you know when he's in the play, and so does everyone else, 10/10 Technical ability: Questionable here, he relies more on his athleticism than any refined technique, and the coaches seem to just cut him loose, 5/10 Run game/tackling: No complaints, he'll miss a tackle against a shifty runner (Duke Johnson), but he usually breaks down well and ends the play, 4/5 Ball skills: More likely to run through the receiver than make a play on the ball, 2/5 Consistency: There are games from 2013 to 2015 on DraftBreakdown, and I'm watching Duke v BC right now, and Mr. Cash always looks the same, even after a bad play, 5/5 Grade: 45/60, 1st round pick NFL Comparison: TJ McDonald, STL (I'm bad at comparisons, by the way.) Reminds me of a more explosive Landon Collins or Clayton Geathers, but not as big as either of them. He might run a slow forty and fall down some boards, and while his short area speed and burst are elite, I don't think he can open up and run like the really good deep safeties (Earl Thomas, Eric Berry). Fit with Colts: Cash can play in any front in run support, and will make plays. The current Colts staff likes to use strong safeties as nickel backers, in a lot of man coverage against TEs and slot receivers, including off man coverage. Cash doesn't do a lot of that, and I don't think he has the mirror ability or the technical coverage skills to hold up in man coverage in the pros. 3/5
  22. Again following Dustin's format, but just early notes, subject to change. I'd really like to see his Ole Miss tape, but DB doesn't have it yet. Big, physical mostly inside backer who sometimes plays edge rusher in passing situations. He has some thump, some power, some motor, some burst and some awareness. I don't think he's elite in any category. His change of direction is lacking, and of course playing ILB for Alabama, he's almost never in coverage. I had to go back to last year's Ole Miss tape to find him actually play some man, and he got ate up by speedy TE Evan Engram. He can snake through blockers and make plays, and he shows some closing speed, but he hardly opens up and runs, and he's not great to the sideline. He can stack up inside at times, but often gets washed out, and is at his best when he can get around blockers rather than go head up with him. He showed some good recognition on screen plays and jumped up and snatched a ball out of the air really quickly, so he has awareness, but he also failed to stay square on a lot of run plays or took the wrong gap and gave up yardage, including a long TD against Georgia. There are times where he plays fast, but he often looks like a plodding, 250 pound linebacker, and doesn't quite have the hair on fire mentality and presence of a guy like Chris Borland, who overcame his lack of athleticism with motor and will. Size: Well, he has it. 6'2, 250+ pounds, maybe a little too much BMI for a LB, but he looks like he's well proportioned, if a bit soggy around the middle. The problem is that he's just too heavy to run 50 times a game with the way the game is played now. Typical downhill, phone booth ILB. Ideally, he'd shed 10+ pounds and be able to play faster. I don't have full measurements, including arm length, but he doesn't really stack and shed so his arm length probably doesn't matter. 3/5 Athleticism: He has a lot of burst for his size, and when he leans and takes off, he can cover 10 yards quickly and arrive with authority. He doesn't have speed to cut off the outside though, and his change of direction is subpar. His turn and run is lacking. He can bend the corner when playing the edge, and can close on the QB. If he's going in a straight line for a short distance, he's fine. 5/10 Coverage ability: Not there. In short area zone, he's sufficient, and if he's directly behind the receiver when the ball is thrown, he'll arrive with authority and has a good chance of knocking the ball away. Doesn't use his hands to contest passes. Can't mirror receivers or run with them, and with no hands he won't hang with TEs in the middle. 3/10 Run game ability: Comes downhill with authority, and has enough quickness and power to get his shoulders past blockers and drive to the ball with good leverage. Some decent arm press to stack and shed, but rarely used/seen. Missed some tackles in the rain, was consistently around the ball though, and got cut while tackling a few times. He usually makes the play when he's square, and has the strength to make tackles when he's not square. Knows how to find the ball carrier even in traffic, and can pop when he gets there. 7/10 Pass rush ability: Has a little explosiveness, and can bend the corner if he beats you, but has no moves, no secondary moves, and again, doesn't use his hands/arms to stack and shed. He can loop around in stunts and then really bear down on the QB, and can push off of either leg when coming around the corner, even when engaged with a blocker. Won't beat a double team, and can easily be thrown off balance and taken out of the play. Because he doesn't stack and shed, you can run draws right at him. This grade is weighted toward him being a Mike/Will ILB, not an off ball Sam or any kind of edge. 4/5 Play recognition: Misses gaps at times, which can be disastrous. Can run past him if he's trying to pass rush. But usually diagnoses well, even if he prefers to take shortcuts to the ball rather than square up with blockers. (Would be poor at gap/contain run defense because of this, but if allowed to defeat blockers with moves/speed, he'd be fine, and would probably draw a lot of holds.) Seems to react well to screen action and play action. 7/10 Tackling: Already touched on, usually solid, powerful, comes with power behind his pads, can wrap and take down, and does so sometimes with blockers on his hip/back. Most missed tackles came either in the rain or when the ball carrier used a move. Doesn't typically miss tackles. 8/10 Grade: 38/60, second round pick NFL Comparison: Demario Davis, NYJ. Just thicker. Great in a phone booth, probably a liability outside the hash marks, with some pass rush value. Fit with Colts: The kind of LB I think most of us hope we move away from. Kind of a D'Qwell Jackson type of player, also, but again, bigger, and probably comes downhill a little harder. He would have a role as an early down run defender, and that kind of limited role is becoming less valuable in today's NFL. 3/5
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