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  1. So, I'm not gonna rewatch this face, so I'll just do grades now while it's fresh in mind. http://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=400951589 Offense: QB: Several flaws in his approach to this game, most notably, his inability to understand when to get rid of the ball, when to tuck it and run, and when to throw it away. The protection was dreadful, but Brissett ran into pressure repeatedly throughout the game. There was one play where 3 of the Jags 4 rushers fell down at the LOS, and Brissett scrambled directly into the only rusher who was still alive. He was
  2. Good result, thankfully they found a way to fight for the win. Wish it didn't have to be so difficult. Stats Snap counts Defense, C-: 70 plays, 402 yards, 23 first downs (19 passing, 3 rushing, 1 penalty), 4/14 on third down, 2/2 on fourth down, 2/3 red zone, 0 turnovers, 23 points; the passing defense is a real problem Defensive front: They got back to a tough, mostly physical performance against the run. There were some leaks up the middle, a couple of plays that probably would have gone for BIG yards if not for shoestring tackles -- no surprise that
  3. Welcome to the win column, Indy. And way to back up the talk, Mr. Hilton, aka The Ghost. Box score Snap counts Offense, B-: 63 plays, 335 yards, 16 first downs (7 passing, 6 rushing, 3 penalty), 8/17 on third down, 3/4 red zone, 1 turnover, 31 points; BREAK UP THE COLTS!! oh wait, there's a second half... QB: This was a good performance, nice and controlled, calm and composed, more evidence of that playmaking gene that helps him make things happen. He was almost perfect in the first half, I don't think he had any bad throws, he knew when to throw it awa
  4. Winnable game, just a couple of plays changed the outcome. Still kind of a sloppy game all around. Box score Snap counts Offense, C: 70 plays, 266 yards, 18 first downs (11 passing, 6 rushing, 1 penalty), 8/18 on third down, 1/2 red zone, 1 turnover (ouch), 13 points; better overall performance, but left a lot of plays out there and couldn't sustain potential scoring drives down the stretch QB: Considering the circumstances, this was a strong performance. Brissett's arm talent is obvious, he has poise in the pocket, responds well to pressure, knows when
  5. This is gonna be ugly. Usually, even in a blowout, you can point to a handful of plays that could have gone differently and resulted in a much closer game. I don't really feel that way in this one. Even without the two INT returns, we got outscored by 21. Sad outcome after waiting 8 months for a real Colts game. Box score Snap counts Offense, D: 49 plays, 225 yards, 10 first downs (6 passing, 3 rushing, 1 from penalty), 0/10 on third down, 0/1 on fourth down, 1/2 red zone, 4 turnovers (including the safety), -7 points (gave up 16 points on turnovers and the safety
  6. I haven't been able to do weekly grades at all this season, just too much going on. However I have been keeping notes, rewatching games, etc., and I figured this extended week was a good time to dump some of those notes; I wanted to do this during the bye week, but didn't have the time. I'm going to use my typical grade format, for the most part. Let's start with the offense. Offense: 14th in yards/game (352.4), 11th in points/game (24.5), T-14th in turnovers (13), 10th in 3rd down % (42.5%), T-14th in 4th down % (53.8%), 2nd in red zone efficiency (68.6% TD rate), 11th
  7. Week 4 grades Offense, B+: 59 plays, 323 yards, 22 first downs (10 passing, 6 rushing, 6 from penalty), 3/11 on third down, 1/1 on fourth down, 3/4 in the red zone, 0 turnovers, 27 points; even, balanced production, my only gripe is we were bad on third down QB: For a guy who was as sick as reported (Pagano said he was "literally on his death bed," lol), Hasselbeck was very sharp. Throws were accurate, he was more effective going downfield, he spread the ball around, and most importantly, he was decisive and confident. He took a couple of hits that weren't logged, but really didn't face mu
  8. Could just call this "The Grade" Week 1 grades Defense, C: 62 plays, 344 yards, 20 first downs (13 passing, 3 rushing, 4 from penalty), 4/12 on third down, 2/3 in the red zone, 1 turnover, 20 points; held us in the game until the last ten minutes Defensive front: Not a lot of pass rush again, but the Jets went quick rhythm passing most of the game to keep Fitzpatrick clean. That was helped by our lack of coverage, but I'll get to that in a minute. Fitz's average time to attempt was 2.14 seconds, so there weren't a lot of opportunities, but even when there were, we didn't quite get to
  9. Ugly start. Offense, C-: 68 plays, 304 yards, 23 first downs (16 passing, 5 rushing, 2 from penalty), 8/15 on third down, 1/2 on 4th down, 2/2 in the red zone, 3 turnovers, 14 points; sloppy QBing, poor play calling, and untimely penalties... we aren't good enough to play bad football and still beat talented teams QB: Eerily reminiscent to the way he started last season, missing receivers and seeming half a beat too slow. He had the second lowest accuracy rating in the league (ahead of only Jameis Winston). High throws, low throws, late throws, underthrows, etc. And then there's this st
  10. Shut up. I'm sure we're all very well past it, but just in case anyone is interested, grades from the Bengals game. Somewhat abridged version. Offense: B+ QB: Pagano said this might have been Luck's best game. That's hard to quantify, but I'm inclined to agree, mostly because he did the right thing virtually all game long. He didn't press, ran when he needed to, took deep shots when they were there (and was betrayed by some drops; according to PFF, he'd have completed 93% of his throws without drops), checked it down, took care of the ball, yet still made plays to every level of the def
  11. That's what most of us acted like Sunday night. http://forums.colts.com/topic/33832-grades-week-15-vs-texans/?hl=grades Defense, F: 62 plays, 377 yards, 25 first downs (15 passing, 8 rushing, 2 from penalty), 5/10 on third down, 3/4 in the red zone, 0 turnovers, 42 points; an unmitigated disaster Defensive front: The one sort of bright spot (or maybe just not completely awful spot) was the run defense. By raw numbers, it was outstanding. The best running game in the league, the best offensive line in the league, and their backs averaged 2.7 yards/carry. Several stops at or behind the lin
  12. Week 14 grades Defense, B: 67 plays, 289 yards, 14 first downs (7 passing, 5 rushing, 2 from penalty), 5/16 on third down, 0/3 on fourth down, 0 red zone visits, 2 turnovers, 3 points; strong performance, never let Houston threaten the end zone Defensive front: Results were mixed, but mostly positive. There were some weak contains and the tackles got pushed back on some double teams, leading to some big gains for Foster (he always finds a way to hurt our defense), and because both of their backs run hard, there were a lot of 4-6 yarders. But the front mostly flowed well to the ball, and despi
  13. Week 13 grades Offense, C+: 76 plays, 362 yards, 23 first downs (14 passing, 6 rushing, 3 from penalty), 5/16 on third down, 1/1 on 4th down, 2/3 in the red zone, 4 turnovers, 25 points (two defensive scores allowed); why all the turnovers and dropped passes? WHY??? QB: This guy is driving me crazy. Stop trying to avoid sacks at the last minute, please! And the pick-six was just a huge missed read that wound up being very costly. The other pick was another slightly off pass, and the worst happens. Ugh. He also missed a few other throws, and was just super slow to get into any kind of rhythm.
  14. Another late entry... Week 12 grades Offense, A-: 49 plays, 487 yards, 19 first downs (14 passing, 4 rushing, 1 from penalty), 5/8 on third down, 1/1 in the red zone, 2 turnovers, 42 points; could have been 63 points with the way the offense was playing QB: The two turnovers were the only negative spots, and one wasn't really his fault. The rest of the game, he destroyed Washington, finding open receivers throughout the defense, but especially deep. And one was dropped. It's not often that an offense scores 6 TDs with only one red zone possession, but Luck's deep ball made the red zone unnece
  15. Sloppy start, still a decisive victory. I'll take it. Week 11 grades Offense, C+: 72 plays, 389 yards, 24 first downs (9 passing, 12 rushing, 3 from penalty), 9/17 on third down, 1/5 in the red zone(!), 3 turnovers, 23 points; should have had way more production, if not for sloppy play and mistakes QB: For a QB under a lot of pressure, he made a lot of plays. Also made some mistakes, obviously, including one of the "mental lapses" that the staff supposedly was working on during the bye. Those are completely on him at this point, not the line, not the coaches, just Luck making a silly mistake.
  16. This is pretty late in the week, partly because I didn't want to rewatch and do grades. Decided to go ahead, mostly for my own sake. For whoever reads this, hope you enjoy (as much as you can; it's pretty ugly). Any comments are appreciated. Week 9 grades Defense, D: 74 plays, 503 yards, 33 first downs (13 passing, 17 rushing, 3 from penalty), 9/11 on third down, 5/5 in the red zone, 2 turnovers, 42 points; got beat up on the ground, all game long Defensive front: Gave a lot of praise to this front last game, and they didn't live up to it this week. Very little penetration in the run game; so
  17. Week 8 grades Defense, B-: 75 plays, 438 yards, 22 first downs (17 passing, 5 rushing, 0 from penalty (that's a first in a while, isn't it?)), 4/16 on third down, 1/2 on fourth down, 3/3 in the red zone, 1 turnovers, 24 points; that's more like it, aside from the mini-meltdown in the 4th quarter Defensive front: The Giants had a couple of drives where they were able to be productive on the ground, with some Peyton Hillis carries reminding me of the Browns game in 2011 when he pretty much single-handedly beat us. For the most part, though, we shut down the run. Eli had their longest run, belie
  18. Box scoreCallin' em OutWeek 7 grades Defense, D-: 81 plays, 639 yards, 34 first downs (25 passing, 7 rushing, 2 from penalty), 8/13 on third down, 1/1 on fourth down, 5/6 in the red zone, 2 turnovers, 42 points; Big Ben made our previously highly touted defense look like gutter trash Defensive front: One bright spot on defense is that we did a pretty good job against the run. We're usually able to corral big, bruising backs, so long as we don't make any big mistakes. The tackling could have been better, but generally, Bell and Blount weren't hurting us. The problem is we had no pass rush. Non
  19. Box score Callin 'em Out Week 6 grades Defense, A+: 54 plays, 135 yards (that's 2.5 yards/play), 8 first downs (5 passing, 1 rushing, 2 from penalty), 1/13 on third down, 0/1 on fourth down, 0/1 in the red zone, 0 turnovers, 0 points; first shutout since 2008, and that was an end of season game with starters on the bench I'm not even going to waste anyone's time by breaking this down by unit, like I usually do. Let's just set the record straight: I don't think our defense has ever played a game like this. Maybe the Chiefs game in the 2006 playoffs, but really, just complete domination for four
  20. Box score Callin 'em Out Week 5 grades Offense, B-: 82 plays, 456 yards, 27 first downs (18 passing, 6 rushing, 3 from penalty), 8/16 on third down, 3/5 in the red zone, 2 turnovers, 33 points (-7 for the defensive TD allowed); great first quarter, too many mistakes after that QB: Ho hum, just another 370 yards and 3 TDs to add to his NFL best numbers on the season. Not a perfect game, but he made plays to virtually every area of the field, and was unstoppable to Hilton (which is becoming a ritual against the Texans). Faced a lot of pressure, but was very good against their blitzes. I'd lik
  21. Box score Callin 'em Out Week 4 grades First big win of the season, against a "ranked" opponent. Sloppy at times, but a decisive victory, led by the defense. Gonna try to make this a little shorter than usual; it's already time for the Texans game. Defense, B+: 57 plays, 287 yards, 15 first downs (9 passing, 4 rushing, 2 from penalty), 1/11 on third down, 1/3 on fourth down, 1/3 in the red zone, 3 turnovers, 13 points; aside from a couple of drives and a few penalties, the Ravens weren't doing much of anything Defensive front: The middle of the line got pushed back on some run plays, whi
  22. Box score Callin 'em Out Week 3 grades Gonna start with the defense this week. Defense, B: 47 plays, 261 yards, 16 first downs (9 passing, 4 rushing, 3 from penalty), 1/9 on third down, 2/3 in the red zone, 3 turnovers, 17 points; can't cover Delanie Walker, but other than that, the defense was strong Defensive front: Shut down the run early, and they never really did anything until the game was pretty much over. Their backs combined for 45 yards on 11 carries, as they hardly even tried to run in the first half due to our offense dominating the clock. A handful of short or no gains, and
  23. This is really weird to me: Week 2 grades Callin 'em Out! Box score Offense, B+: 74 plays, 529 yards, 27 first downs (22 passing, 5 rushing), 8/14 on third down, 0/1 on fourth down, 4/6 in the red zone, 0 turnovers, 37 points; smooth sailing all the way through, with only a few minor stalls QB: And there's the star QB, the one who can make all the plays, all the throws, who sidesteps rushers like he's a matador, who can get outside the pocket and make throws downfield on the run, who can carry this team to new heights if he's playing well. Luck missed a couple throws, a couple high one
  24. Two really good halves, back to back. Too bad they were in two different games, but combining the end of the Denver game and the beginning of the Eagles game, we'd have a 34-13 advantage. Need a solid full game effort one of these days... Week 1 grades Colts vs Eagles box score Offense, B-: 72 plays, 341 yards, 25 first downs (14 passing, 7 rushing, 4 from penalty), 4/12 on third down, 1/1 on fourth down, 3/4 in the red zone, 2 turnovers, 27 points; finished in the red zone, but the TOs hurt QB: Kind of picking up the same theme as last week. Luck is going to have to snap out of it an
  25. Season opener, yaay! Let's play some football!!! Wait, down 24 points??? Colts @ Broncos box score Offense, C: 70 plays, 408 yards, 24 first downs (20 passing, 2 rushing, 2 from penalty), 4/13 on third down, 2/4 on fourth down, 2/4 in the red zone, 2 turnovers, 24 points; lots of unfinished drives, could/should have been more points on the board QB: So, Luck makes a ton of big plays for us. He also messed up several plays, threw some high balls, some behind receivers... and then there was the ill-fated goal line sneak that wasn't sneaky at all. We all want Luck to have more control o
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