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  1. Marvin Harrison was unstoppable and it didn't matter if he had a future Hall of Famer throwing him the ball or a third string QB.
  2. I'm hoping they bring Autry, Rhodes, Stewart, and possibly Carrie back.
  3. I figured something went wrong with the way the ball left his foot and died at the crossbar on a kick Rodrigo should've easily cleared by 10-15 yards. What a way to bounce back though and kick your first game winner at home against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.
  4. Blackmon literally had no training camp or preseason and was coming off an ACL injury in which he suffered last December. He only missed the first 2-3 games of the season and was able to step in right away and contribute in a big way. Unbelievable.
  5. Perhaps it's a cat and mouse game Eberflus likes to play with the opposing offenses during each game. He allows the offense to move the ball against the defense, giving them hope that they will be able to maintain the ability to score on our defense in the second half, but that's when Eberflus decides to show the opponent he's only been toying with them and they never had a chance to defeat us. This is pure sarcasm. Lol
  6. I remember in 2015 Andrew luck suffered a sprained shoulder a torn cartilage in his ribs in the week 3 game against the Titans. He ended up leading the Colts to a wild 35-33 win. He ended up coming back three weeks later and playing the next month and then ended up lacerating a kidney and tearing one of his ab muscles. He somehow managed to finish that game in which they won. Then the guy played the entire 2016 season with a busted shoulder. Yeah, Andrew Luck is one of the toughest players to have ever played the game. It's just a shame he was playing under * poor management that
  7. You should have a bit more faith in your team when it comes to the playoffs. Having Aaron Rodgers alone makes you a Super Bowl contender. The Packers defense played lights out in the first half and despite the Colts coming back and winning, you should be proud of all the pieces you guys seem to have in place. Your coaching staff called one hell of a game. Your offensive line and running backs played one heck of a game. I understand Rodgers frustration with picking a QB in the first round and not giving him another weapon or two in the draft because if they had, he would've gotten the best out
  8. This special teams continues to show up and dominate week in and week out. The kick-off coverage has been stellar. Both our punter and kicker have been solid. The Colts even blocked a punt last week and had Rodgers return a kickoff for a TD this year.
  9. Taylor looked like a man among boys on some of those runs. It's a shame a handful of his runs got called back due penalties, especially that long TD run that should've ended the game.
  10. I don't know how he can label Fred Warner the best linebacker in the league when he hasn't faced Darius Leonard and others. I hope someone asks Rodgers who he thinks is the best linebacker in the league following the game on Sunday. I would love to hear his answer.
  11. Our secondary wants no part of Adams. I think Lazard is also returning for GB. Our defense is going to have their hands full on Sunday.
  12. I wish Marvell Tell was playing this year because I was really looking forward to seeing his growth at CB from year one to year two. Not knowing what we will have in Marvell until the 2021 season makes it harder to predict how badly the Colts should retain guys like Rhodes and Carrie, or move on from one or both guys, and looking elsewhere to add talent to the CB position.
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