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  1. Colts rumors are pretty much non existent until you receive a notification on your phone that the Colts signed someone you had no idea they were looking at.
  2. The future at WR is not currently on the roster. That's all I know.
  3. No one will ever wear 17 like Austin Collie did.
  4. I would be all in on Clowney.
  5. I think you need to go look up the picks the Colts have before posting, bud. lol
  6. Gotta love this team of year! The Colts are linked to every free agent that hits the market. Just waiting for free agency to official begin so I can listen to 90% of Colts fans complain when Ballard doesn't sign everyone under the sun.
  7. Andrew Luck said something nice about the team who drafted him, gave him millions of dollars, and has a ton of close friends who still play there. People actually see this as a sign of him returning? Lol. Wow.
  8. So you want an injury prone LB who will be turning 34 this Summer.
  9. There's 0% chance the Colts are entering 2020 with Rivers ans Brissett on their roster.
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