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  1. Savage56

    How do we beat the titans

    The Titans finally show up one week and people are acting like we're playing the Saints. Luck > Mariota. That's all we need.
  2. Savage56

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    Right now there is no weak link. The whole line is playing at a Pro Bowl level.
  3. Savage56

    Browns Win Beat the Dirty Birds

    Browns aren't messing around this year!
  4. Savage56

    Are we seeing the end of Vinatieri?

    I believe this will be AV's last year in Indianapolis.
  5. Savage56

    The test for Smith is over: I’m sold

    The Slauson injury, as well as Haeg and Good being injured, was a blessing in disguise.
  6. Savage56

    Quinton Nelson pancake

    I wish I could hear it. Lol
  7. Savage56

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    I love the war paint look!
  8. Savage56

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made.

    I loved the Quenton Nelson pick from day one and knew the kid was special, but watching him improve every week and seeing him dominate some of the best defensive linemen and how he plays the game is UNREAL! If he's doing this halfway through his rookie that's scary for whoever has to line up against this guy. For as big as he is, he can move and I love watching him running across the line of scrimmage looking for a swig block or seeing him leading the way 20 yards down the field clearing a path for the ball carrier. I watched him run up to Inman after he got up from the cheap hit from Myles Jack and Quenton immediately went to the aide of his teammate, calming him down and made sure he didn't pursue Jack and cost the Colts field position (Which Jack was already giving them for UnNecessary roughness) Having him in the lineup clearly brought out the best in the two guys who play along each side of him (Castonzo, Kelly) and I feel like he's bringing out a nastier side in our guys. RIP Barry Church. Brian Baldinger called Quenton Nelson the best Guard in football and at first, I thought he was nuts, but I think Baldy is right on the money when it comes to Quenton Nelson.
  9. Savage56

    The test for Smith is over: I’m sold

    I can't believe how well Braden is playing at RT not only because we drafted him as a Guard, but he's a rookie. I would love to see how he matches up against someone like Von Miller just to see how he pans out.
  10. Savage56

    Luck looks awesome!

    This is the best Luck I've ever seen.
  11. Savage56

    Eric Ebron was an amazing signing by Ballard

    Eric Ebron's gonna want starting QB money once his contract is up.
  12. Savage56

    Kenny Moore II

    I'm cool with moving on from Wilson.
  13. Savage56

    Kenny Moore II

    I really hope Chris Ballard goes hard after CB's this off-season.
  14. Savage56

    The Marcus Hunt Factor Has Disappeared

    Hunt is 31 and I don't see him with the Colts in 2019.
  15. The Colts definitely don't need Bell. They need better WR's.