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  1. Savage21

    Browns Win! Mayfield Is Their Leader

    I'm cool with it. Hey, the Browns willing ultimately helps the Colts out in the long run since they own the Jets 2019 second round pick.
  2. Savage21

    What are you expecting?

    This team is more than capable of pulling off a win tomorrow in Philly.
  3. Savage21

    Joe Haeg to have a long day Sunday against Eagles

    Coming from a guy who looked to be a complete bust his first few years in the NFL, then bounced back with a decent season. Nonsense. Dude was almost cut by Philly.
  4. Greedy is projected to go early/mid first round.
  5. Savage21

    I vote Mr. Nyheim 100 yds this weekend.

    It's hard to see Hines gaining 100 yards rushing against the Eagles. Their run defense is top notch and he's going to be splitting carries with Wilkins who will be our starter. If he could break one, then sure, he very well could.
  6. Savage21

    Players Ruled OUT vs Eagles

    I hope the Colts go after a solid CB next off-season and cut Quincy already.
  7. Savage21

    How long is Constanzo going to be out ?

    No way I'm cutting AC just to save $6 million dollars. When healthy, AC is a top 10 LT and the Colts will have roughly $120 million in cap space this off-season. He's only 29 years old and is a class act with no off the field issues. Our tackle situation is bad enough the way it is, there's no way you cut AC and make it even worse.
  8. Savage21

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    Blame Belicheck. He got rid of all of Brady's weapons. Lol
  9. Savage21

    is Mack reinjured?

    I honestly would've kept Mack out one more week.
  10. Savage21

    I know we are only 2 games into Frank Reich but...

    Gotta give credit to everyone on the coaching staff especially the DC and O-line coach. These guys are doing an incredible job despite having the odds stacked against them.
  11. Savage21

    Darius Leonard

    Did we finally find our Ray Lewis on defense?
  12. Savage21

    2 Comments by Mel Kiper on Mr. Leonard.

    Mel Kiper likes everyone. Lol
  13. Savage21

    Vontae Davis ... retires?

  14. Savage21

    Darius Leonard

    Leonard is the guy we can build a defense around.
  15. Savage21

    Darius Leonard

    The steal of the 2018 NFL Draft.