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  1. Either way, the Colts should start looking for his replacement yesterday.
  2. I would love to have that TE from Penn State whenever he decides to come out.
  3. I can't believe someone actually posted this.
  4. He literally has a clean pocket to throw from and is throwing it up to wide open WR's.
  5. It's even more impressive knowing how long Brissett holds onto the ball.
  6. I would be okay with Herbert at 13. If not, I'd go Love in the second.
  7. Metcalf has one solid game against a bunch of backups and now everyone is calling out Ballard for drafting Campbell. I can't take this forum sometimes.
  8. Looks to me the Colts are also moving on from Jacoby Brissett.
  9. "Something is not right here" "This post."
  10. Place any player with a lingering injury on IR. Toss the playbook and get a little crazy and creative.
  11. Smarter than Chris Ballard? Hell no. Ryan Grigson? Absolutely.
  12. I would love if they drafted a guy with the last name Warrior. lol
  13. The Colts basically get Jack Doyle back for three more years for $7 million a year is highway robbery.
  14. Ballard can't control injuries, players turning the ball over, Luck retiring, etc. I thought both Ballard and Reich handled the season well and despite all the obstacles, they were able to keep this team competitive in every game they played. The future is still bright in Indy. A ton of young guys got a lot of experience in 2019 and the Colts are in salary cap heaven and have three picks in the first two rounds of the 2020 Draft.
  15. A ton of rookies are getting a ton of playing time in 2019 and most of them have impressed the heck out of me. Ya-Sin, Khari, Okereke, Banogu, have all shown me something. Parris Campbell had a rough season with all the injuries, but I'm confident whenever he manages to stay on the field, he will make plays and prove to be another solid pick by CB.
  16. Since Vinny's knee is basically shot for the 2019 season this is a great chance for Chris Ballard to get a good look at McLaughling as possibly the Colts starting kicker beyond 2019. Either way, the Colts will move on from Vinatieri no matter what he decides to go beyond 2019. Place him on IR and see what you have from McLaughing. Worst case scenario you sign or draft another Kicker to be your guy.
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