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  1. I would love if they drafted a guy with the last name Warrior. lol
  2. The Colts basically get Jack Doyle back for three more years for $7 million a year is highway robbery.
  3. Ballard can't control injuries, players turning the ball over, Luck retiring, etc. I thought both Ballard and Reich handled the season well and despite all the obstacles, they were able to keep this team competitive in every game they played. The future is still bright in Indy. A ton of young guys got a lot of experience in 2019 and the Colts are in salary cap heaven and have three picks in the first two rounds of the 2020 Draft.
  4. A ton of rookies are getting a ton of playing time in 2019 and most of them have impressed the heck out of me. Ya-Sin, Khari, Okereke, Banogu, have all shown me something. Parris Campbell had a rough season with all the injuries, but I'm confident whenever he manages to stay on the field, he will make plays and prove to be another solid pick by CB.
  5. Since Vinny's knee is basically shot for the 2019 season this is a great chance for Chris Ballard to get a good look at McLaughling as possibly the Colts starting kicker beyond 2019. Either way, the Colts will move on from Vinatieri no matter what he decides to go beyond 2019. Place him on IR and see what you have from McLaughing. Worst case scenario you sign or draft another Kicker to be your guy.
  6. Watching Vinatieri play every week is like trying to guess what kind of mood your girlfriend is going to be in that day.
  7. Thank you Chris Ballard for making the trade to get Jacoby Brissett because that trade literally saved the Colts franchise once Luck retired.
  8. Ya-Sin had one terrible game and people were going bananas. It's not like he's a rookie or anything. I think having a terrible game is actually a blessing in disguise for a guy like Rock. He's his biggest critic and his work ethic is second to none. He followed up a bad game by putting a solid performance against the Jaguars while going against a beast in DJ Chark. Rock Ya-Sin is fine and is exceeding all expectations. Marvell Tell is another guy who looked promising at corner these past few games and has shown a ton of potential.
  9. Well, this blows. Marlon Mack is one of my favorite Colts players to watch and I would've loved to see him on TNF. I'm also big on Khari Willis and wanted to see him against Watson and the Texans. These injuries are getting ridiculous.
  10. I noticed Bobby Okereke in on a few passing downs and witnessed him barely miss a few pass breakup plays. I'm going to love watching a guy like Okereke develop over the next few years and can't wait to see the kind of player he pans out to be.
  11. Anyone have Houston's injury report?
  12. He's gotta prove it week in and week out before I jump on the Williams train.
  13. Perfect_Clark


    I expect Hilton and Funchess to both be back against the Titans.
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