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  1. It's always weird to see a player who played with one team their entire career move on and join another organization. But Philip Rivers actually looks really good wearing the blue and white Shoe. I haven't been this excited for someone wearing #17 for the Colts since Austin Collie.
  2. When your name is Rock you kinda gotta live up to the name.
  3. You need to learn the difference between quitting and retiring.
  4. Would love to see him be able to get on the field at some point in 2020.
  5. I honestly thought Leonard was going to land in the top 25.
  6. If Bobby Okereke can take his game to the next level in 2020, then I fully agree with PFF.
  7. Besides Lamb and Jeudy, MPJ was at the top of my list for the Colts. In any other draft, he doesn't make it out of round 1.
  8. I don't even give Grigson credit for drafting Luck because he had no choice. Jim Irsay already made it clear the Colts were taking Luck with the first pick before Grigson got hired. All his other picks were busts or never lived to the potential in which Grigson thought he had in them. Hilton and Kelly were his only two picks he didn't whiff on. Jack Mewhort was solid before the career ending injury. Ballard literally filled an entire roster with most of his picks. Most of Ballard's picks are starting for the 2020 Colts or producing in some sort of capacity.
  9. Just gotta hope none of our key players opt out and we're able to stay healthy throughout the season.
  10. I'm going to say it before the season even starts. Turay will lead the Colts in sacks in 2020.
  11. WR has been pretty stacked for nearly the entire Manning era. Andrew Luck unfortunately didn't have anything close to what PM had, but so far on paper Philip Rivers seems to have lucked out and has himself at least 4 quality WR's this season.
  12. He took a beating and never once complained and kept putting the team on his back and winning a ton of games we should've lost. It's a shame Luck carrying the franchise while getting murdered every week was also the reason guys like Grigson and Pagano got to stick around as long as they did. Such a shame the way his career turned out.
  13. Put Rivers on the 2012-2016 Colts rosters and I guarantee you he wouldn't make it to 2020 without missing a game.
  14. Luck was coming into the season coming off a scary shoulder injury that could've easily ended his career. He came in and had to learn a completely different offense under a new head coach. He was surrounded by a ton of new faces (Many of them were rookies, two in which started on the offensive line, and another being Mark Glowinski) while Anthony Castonzo missed the first 5-6 games of the season. Luck was throwing to guys like Chester Rogers and Ryan Grant. He had to adjust to new faces like Ebron and Mack as well. The defense was young and inexperienced which didn't help. Andrew Luck never had consistency and anywhere near the talent Rivers had during a majority of his career. This 2020 Colts roster is the most talented roster they had since the 2006-2009 Colts. If Andrew Luck didn't retire and had the chance to play on this roster while Rivers stayed with the Chargers through this season, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Stats are so misleading. Look how many times guys dropped wide open passes on Luck that year. No one has done more with less than Andrew Luck and it's a shame people look past it because of the disastrous rosters he's been dealt with.
  15. At this point I would be shocked if we have a season.
  16. That's your opinion. Give Luck and Rivers the same amount of talent on both sides of the ball and Luck will make you regret ever making this post.
  17. 80% of those plays probably end up as penalties in 2020.
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