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  1. In my Star Wars Darth Sidious voice: "Gooooooood!"
  2. And to think he was playing in a new system as well.
  3. I'm guessing the Colts will carry 6 WR's on the roster after they make their final cuts. Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, Pascal, Fountain is my guess.
  4. Tyquan Lewis is going to be a full time starter in 2020. You heard it here first.
  5. Damn, I was hoping he was the son of Tony Siragusa.
  6. Dallas never deserved Eberflus.
  7. Nothing wrong with adding some depth and competition to a position that's plagued the Colts for years.
  8. Like Shannon Sharpe once said: "That ain't no problem!"
  9. Can't wait to see what Cain can do on the field in Preseason!
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