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  1. He took a beating and never once complained and kept putting the team on his back and winning a ton of games we should've lost. It's a shame Luck carrying the franchise while getting murdered every week was also the reason guys like Grigson and Pagano got to stick around as long as they did. Such a shame the way his career turned out.
  2. Put Rivers on the 2012-2016 Colts rosters and I guarantee you he wouldn't make it to 2020 without missing a game.
  3. Luck was coming into the season coming off a scary shoulder injury that could've easily ended his career. He came in and had to learn a completely different offense under a new head coach. He was surrounded by a ton of new faces (Many of them were rookies, two in which started on the offensive line, and another being Mark Glowinski) while Anthony Castonzo missed the first 5-6 games of the season. Luck was throwing to guys like Chester Rogers and Ryan Grant. He had to adjust to new faces like Ebron and Mack as well. The defense was young and inexperienced which didn't help. Andrew Luck never had consistency and anywhere near the talent Rivers had during a majority of his career. This 2020 Colts roster is the most talented roster they had since the 2006-2009 Colts. If Andrew Luck didn't retire and had the chance to play on this roster while Rivers stayed with the Chargers through this season, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Stats are so misleading. Look how many times guys dropped wide open passes on Luck that year. No one has done more with less than Andrew Luck and it's a shame people look past it because of the disastrous rosters he's been dealt with.
  4. At this point I would be shocked if we have a season.
  5. That's your opinion. Give Luck and Rivers the same amount of talent on both sides of the ball and Luck will make you regret ever making this post.
  6. 80% of those plays probably end up as penalties in 2020.
  7. I would love for the Colts to draft Penn State TE PAT FREIERMUTH
  8. LOVE THE OPTIMISM! And here I thought I was being bold by predicting the Colts going 12-4.
  9. On paper the Colts are a lot better right now then they were at the end of last season. The only way this defense is worse is if they get hit with a ton of injuries. Talent wise, this defense is looking pretty darn good.
  10. Eberflus stated you need to be able to tackle to play in this defense. Having Blackmon and Willis on the field should be a treat, especially when it comes to tackling.
  11. If the Colts can manage to stay fairly healthy they should be able to win around 12 games in 2020.
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