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  1. Both Wilson and Collins have been disappointing.
  2. Tyquan looked fantastic in the few games he actually played in last year at DE. I feel like he's the type of player who can play both inside and out at the pro level. I understand why the Colts moved him inside but wouldn't be shocked if Eberflus moved him around on certain packages.
  3. I never thought about the importance of character until Chris Ballard came here. It's astonishing how much it affects the locker room on and off the field.
  4. If only Bosa, Rivers, and Allen weren't playing.
  5. Hedges is the real deal but I can't see 4 TE's making the final 53 man roster. I would think Allie Mo-Cox has the third spot. Hedges fourth.
  6. The PI call on Ya-Sin was solely due to the fact he didn't turn his head around and play the ball. The pass looked under-thrown and was broken up by Hooker. I probably wouldn't have thrown a flag on that one.
  7. I would think DT is our biggest question mark heading into 2019.
  8. So did Rocky Balboa and we know how his career turned out. lol
  9. Thornton was terrible five years ago so what makes him think he can play now? This is why Washington is trash.
  10. Collins is getting cut unless the CB spot gets hit with the injury bug.
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