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  1. Really wish Julian Blackmon was healthy enough to be out there during these scrimmages.
  2. Harbaugh wouldn't have been able to take the Colts to the playoffs from 2012-2015. Saying he had more heart than Luck is laughable.
  3. Smith's best attribute is his strength which is the main reason he's so good at run blocking. His pass blocking still needs work but the guy literally was drafted as a Guard and switched to RT on the fly because of injuries. Joey Bosa is special and he's going to make plays no matter who you put in front of him.
  4. Hopefully he doesn't miss a lot of time.
  5. Remember back when a ton of us loves Moncrief and were mad when the Colts let him go?
  6. I can't wait until Eason makes the final 53 man roster and Chad Kelly gets cut.
  7. Good riddance. I was hoping he or Clowney ended up in Philly.
  8. I'm just sitting over here patiently waiting for Turay to return.
  9. Gotta stay healthy since the Colts aren't loaded with talent at the TE spot. Jack Doyle is our utility man who can do a little bit of everything well enough to earn himself the honor of being called our utility man. Burton can block. He can catch passes, but I believe he was signed here for depth and to block. Allie-Cox is our x-factor though. If Mo can see the field and show off his speed, size, and athleticism, he's the one guy who can potentially cause a defense nightmares. The Colts will need to sign or draft a TE next off-season though.
  10. Outside the QB position, the Colts are a much better team in terms of talent. Do I think Philip Rivers can win with this team? Absolutely. Playoff contenders by a mile. But if Andrew Luck was still here healthy and able to play with this group of guys, this Colts team is Super Bowl Caliber. Rivers is a damn good QB and I'm so happy we landed him, but Andrew Luck was special. Andrew Luck won a lot of games while being surrounded by the worst roster in the NFL for multiple years. I can't think of many guys who did more with less than Andrew Luck. I see so many people labeling him as a bust and q
  11. The unstoppable force meets the immovable object.
  12. Pittman Jr and Jonathon Taylor are two guys I'm not worried about. I know these two can ball and help the Colts not only win now, but for many years beyond 2020.
  13. I forgot about Dulin! I woulnd't be shocked if Dulin is the 5th WR while Patmon, Fountain, and Johnson battle for the 6th.
  14. I never realized how much I love watching Preseason. =/
  15. We already have 5 guys at the Safety position I'm happy with.
  16. Will make the final 53 man roster and beat out Daurice Fountain for the final WR spot. You heard it here first.
  17. I really like what I have seen from Rivers so far. I really think he's going to make the Colts not only playoff contenders, but give them a good chance to reach the Super Bowl.
  18. It's always weird to see a player who played with one team their entire career move on and join another organization. But Philip Rivers actually looks really good wearing the blue and white Shoe. I haven't been this excited for someone wearing #17 for the Colts since Austin Collie.
  19. When your name is Rock you kinda gotta live up to the name.
  20. You need to learn the difference between quitting and retiring.
  21. Would love to see him be able to get on the field at some point in 2020.
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