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  1. DarkSuperman

    Carson Wentz Injured

    Time for St. Nick!
  2. DarkSuperman

    Eberflus on Schefter's podcast

    I'm praying Eberflus sticks with us for a few seasons. I will be so bummed out if he left us for a better coaching opportunity after the season.
  3. DarkSuperman

    Deon Cain

    I know a lot of people I talk to on here and Twitter seem very high on Cain. I don't watch college football and I do recall there being a lot of praise about him during Training Camp before he tore his ACL. I'm an optimistic person and want to see every guy that plays for the Shoe succeed. But until Deon can get back on the field and prove himself on the field in either Preseason or regular season games, I'm not counting on him coming through as one of our top3 receivers heading into next season. Every Colts fan knows we need to upgrade the WR position during the offseason. Chris Ballard knows it. I firmly believe he sign at least one WR in free agency and spend a high draft pick (between rounds 1-2) on someone. I'll honestly be shocked if he doesn't to be quite honest. Be patience Colts Nation.
  4. DarkSuperman

    Demarcus Lawrence

    Dear god.
  5. Hoping Mark Glowinski can go. I swear every time one of our O-Linemen come back one goes down. Never fails.
  6. DarkSuperman

    The Browns...

    It's cool seeing them actually being competitive and winning some games. Buffalo is another city I wouldn't mind seeing do well.
  7. DarkSuperman


    I think we're moving on from Geathers after this season.
  8. DarkSuperman

    Some motivation for the cowboys game

    This Colts team is miles ahead of the one that played Dallas in 2014.
  9. DarkSuperman

    Do you think this was a good year?

    Good? No. Exceptional? Yes!
  10. DarkSuperman

    Colts have the #1 defense in NFL since week 7

    Huge test this week and next week vs Barkley and OBJ.
  11. DarkSuperman

    Swoope Waived Again

    I think the Erik Swoope experiment is finally over in Indianapolis.
  12. DarkSuperman

    Autry AFC Defensive Player of the Week

    Man, if we can build this line around Denico look out NFL!
  13. DarkSuperman

    Deon Cain

    I would love for us to draft DK Metcalf and play him on the outside as our #2. If Cain can bounce back, I would love to play him as our slot guy.
  14. DarkSuperman

    Beating Dallas

    Keys to defeating Dallas. - The Colts need to come out of the gate strong and try to put up points early. The Cowboys have some scary weapons on offense and one of those weapons is Ezekial Elliot. The last thing you want is to be playing from behind in a game where their offense is relying heavily on Elliot to run the ball down our defenses throat to manage the game clock and wear out our young defense. Come out strong and force Dallas to be one dimensional and have to rely on Dak Prescott to beat you through the air. - Dak Prescott isn't good, but he can run and extend plays with his feet which is something we need to eliminate as much as possible. Gotta get to the QB often and not allow him to scramble around and allow his receivers to get open or to break off long runs with his feet. On third and long, I'm bringing guys like Leonard into blitz in order to help prevent Prescott time in the pocket. - Help contain their defensive lineman from getting to Luck. If we can protect Luck and allow him some time in the pocket, he will exploit their secondary. Hopefully, we'll be able to establish a lead and the run early to help Luck in the passing game. Dallas has a solid defensive line and linebackers, but I'm not at all impressed with their secondary. - Need to contain Amare Cooper. I know we don't have a shutdown corner to shadow him so I'm guessing we'll be using our committee of corners to shifts in covering Cooper. He's been on a tear these past few weeks and we can't allow him to have another game like he had yesterday against Philly. - Play smart and minimize the stupid penalties. I just really hate Dallas and hope we show up on Sunday. #GoColts
  15. DarkSuperman

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    I live in PA so I rarely get the chance to see the Colts televised much during the season. I'm curious to know what your guy's opinions are about Anthony Walker Jr as a started playing next to Darius Leonard. I don't hear too much about him but he seems to quietly having himself a solid year. I always liked the pick and thought Walker showed flashes of being a solid starter for us down the line when he was drafted. Do you think Walker is our starter of the future or someone you think we can make an upgrade over? - Bill.
  16. DarkSuperman

    Dallas. How Will The Media Call The Odds On This Game?

    I hope they don't put a former Cowboys player on commentary. Good lord.
  17. DarkSuperman

    Beating Dallas

    I'm so glad it's not in Dallas like that Philly game yesterday.
  18. DarkSuperman

    Denico Autry

    I started calling him Denico "All Day" Autry.
  19. DarkSuperman

    Kenny Moore

    I just hope someone can at least try to maintain Cooper. Lol.
  20. DarkSuperman

    I'm taking one for the team.

    Can you take one for the team every week and bench Luck? Asking for a friend!
  21. DK Metcalf in this offense would take our offense to a whole new level.
  22. DarkSuperman

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    Yeah, I definitely agree. He's basically a rookie in terms of experience so I feel like he's only going to get better with time.
  23. DarkSuperman

    We will only win one more game this year.

    One down. If we win one more game this season can you delete your account and never return?
  24. DarkSuperman

    Demarcus Lawrence

    After seeing Lawrence during the Eagles game earlier there's no way Ballard will ever sign this guy.