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  1. The biggest WR issue this season has been all the injuries. Period.
  2. In the famous words of Nate Diaz. "I"m Not Surprised Mother *!"
  3. I bet he's missing Luck more than anyone right now.
  4. Here's to hoping Kelly's the Colts backup in 2020.
  5. Parris Campbell stumbling over his own feet on a play he would've scored a TD is who you should be blaming.
  6. The Colts are more than capable of winning this game at home against Miami without Brissett. If he's not 100 perfect, sit him.
  7. Lol. Ballard let Moncrief walk for a reason.
  8. Funchess will need to get back on the practice field before he ever plays in a game.
  9. I love Vinatieri and everything he's done for the Colts, but I'm more than ready to move on from him.
  10. Good. He will probably be rusty as heck. Either way, Colts should win this game.
  11. I live in PA and can't stand the Steelers so you all know how bad I want this win.
  12. Apparently Colts players are forbidden to have a bad game especially those rookies! Give me a break.
  13. Since the Jets love picking up former Colts players I'm sure they'll love to make a trade for Quincy.
  14. No thanks. The Jets don't even want him.
  15. You're wasting your time writing up this post. None of the above is happening.
  16. Would love to see Tyquan Lewis and Parris Campbell out there on Sunday.
  17. Why would you want the Colts to give up a valuable draft pick for a guy they don't need? Devin Funchess and Parris Campbell are close to returning. Zach Pascal is having himself a phenomenal season and is playing a hell of a lot better than Nelson Agholor. Even Chester Rogers is looking better than Nelson right now.
  18. This was the year for Wilson to take the next step and establish himself as a starter and he failed. If the Colts don't move him before the trade deadline they likely will during the off-season. I don't see anyone giving up much for his services and since he's still playing in his rookie contract it could make more sense to keep him around for depth. No one is giving up anything higher than a 5th for him but I probably would take a 5th for him at this point.
  19. If Pagano was still the coach this would absolutely be considered a trap game. Reich will have his guys ready. No doubt.
  20. I wasn't a fan of the pick because I felt the Colts reached, but I completely see why Ballard picked Rock at 34.
  21. Every year there's an NFL team that is willing to give up one of their best talents to the Patriots. I guess the other 30 teams in the NFL love seeing them win.
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