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  1. Someone please inform this guy that it's 2021 and Richard Sherman is 33 years old and is nowhere near the player he was a handful of years ago.
  2. It makes zero sense to extend Nelson before Leonard and Smith since they have the 5th year option on Nelson in 2022.
  3. Their offensive line have been ravaged with injuries the last two seasons. If healthy, they actually have one of the better lines in the NFL. Dilliard, Kelce, Brooks, Johnson, and I really love the Landon Dickerson pick.
  4. Can't see the Colts giving up Draft capital for a guy who will more than likely be cut at some point.
  5. Trying to cover Brown/Jones and stopping Henry is going to be tough as hell and the Colts have to play the Titans twice a year. Man, those games are going to be fun to watch.
  6. Can't wait to see him catching passes in the preseason from Eason and Ehlinger.
  7. The Achilles injury could turn out being a blessing in disguise. If Fisher doesn't tear his ACL he either could've returned to KC or someone would've paid him a lot more money to play elsewhere. If he comes back healthy and produces, getting him at 9.4 million would be a steal in 2021. If he didn't get injured he could've gotten around $15 million a year from someone. Castonzo was making roughly $16 million a year before he retired.
  8. How you gonna release a Superhero? Lol.
  9. Ballard is the OG of signing players to one year deals.
  10. Houston ended up with 8 sacks last year with three of them coming from one game. I would love to have him back, but not for $12 million a year like his last contract. Maybe between $6-8 million on a one year deal.
  11. I rather take a shot on Clowney.
  12. Hopefully he ends up drafting PSU TE Pat Freiermuth in the second round.
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