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  1. You wouldn't have to ask me twice if the Colts were looking to hire someone to clean their facilities or whatever position they were looking for someone to fill. Jim Irsay seems like a generous guy who values his employees and pays them fairly.
  2. Frank being overly aggressive on 4th downs and not being able to convert when you could have taken the field goal or put the defense backs against the wall when you give the other team the ball at mid field or on their side of the 50.
  3. It's never a good sign when Jerry Jones and the Cowboys get rid of a defensive starter a month into the season.
  4. Yeah, I noticed him at DE on a play and thought it was strange but like the idea of moving him around like the Rams do with Donald.
  5. The next time I am able to get back on my laptop I'll respond to this post and give you my opinion about Laurie and why I'm okay with the way she turned out 40 years after the original film. Horror movies and Colts football are two of my favorite things! I'll hit you up the next time I come on here, Jason.
  6. I never liked the whole brother/sister angle. I love the idea behind him randomly choosing her as a complete stranger in the original film when she dropped the key off at he Myers house only for him to see her for the first time and decide to stalk her. In Halloween 2018 he doesn't have a set agenda for when he escapes and he's randomly going around killing whoever is unfortunate enough to get in his way. I expected him to go straight after Laurie the second he sees her, but he completely ignores her and walks the other way even after she shoots him. I thought it was cool how they had Laurie and Michael reverse roles by making Laurie the one who is stalking Michael while he hides and waits for her to come to him. Halloween Kills is going to be brutal. I seriously can't wait a few more weeks for it to come out. I have a strong feeling it's gonna go down as my favorite Halloween film.
  7. I apologize for the miscommunication. I didn't realize you were a different person than the guy who created this forum. I remember Braden coming out of college as a Guard and because of injuries he and Glowinski ended up in the starting lineup and the Colts never looked back. I don't think anyone saw Braden turning out to be as good as he is, but luckily for the Colts they struck gold not only by drafting him, but suffering injuries to Joe Haeg and Matt Slauson (If I remember correctly) and being able to pick up Glowinski off the waiver wire (Correct me if I'm wrong. lol.) things just kinda fell into place since they already had Castanzo, Kelly, and Nelson. You're right about exploring the idea of Q playing LT should wait until the off-season but I am praying Eric Fisher balls out and comes back in 2022 while Chris Ballard signs or drafts his eventual replacement. The Colts need to find their LT for the next decade and reliable insurance depth at Tackle. Bringing back Reed and plugging him in at RG would be an upgrade over Glowinski. A healthy offensive line in 2022 would be nasty and fun to watch. PS. Love the Jason Voorhees avatar! Huge horror fan! Michael Audrey Myers is my dude though!
  8. Deciding to play musical chairs with 4 out of the 5 offensive line positions is just downright stupidity. Why would you move guys like Smith and Nelson from their positions? Nelson is the best LG in football and a three time Pro Bowler. Braden Smith doesn't get the credit he deserves and has been playing at a Pro Bowl level the past two seasons. Why would you completely switch their positions? They clearly aren't the issue and moving them anywhere else on the line would be suicide. Having Reed take over for Glowinski makes sense. Right now that would be an upgrade with the way Reed's been playing. Once Nelson and Smith come back the offensive line will look 10x better as long as they can stay healthy.
  9. He either seems to come up a yard or two short or is wide open and the QB can't get him the ball. It's frustrating as a fan because he should have so many more TDs but literally has one for his career.
  10. Why would you switch Braden Smith from RT to RG? He plays at a Pro Bowl level 95% of the time and is one of the best in the league at RT. Q, Smith and Kelly should NEVER switch positions. If it's not broke, don't try and fix it.
  11. This is the only way that would make sense.
  12. I'm surprised the Titans didn't come back and win the game since they are known for being one of the luckier teams when it comes to pulling games out of their *. I still can't believe Seattle let them come back and win. I don't get why so many people hype up the Titans. They aren't that good.
  13. Biggest issue is the HC. Every time he starts Davenport I hate him more and more. That guy shouldn't be on the 53 man roster.
  14. I just wish the Colts had a more consistent TE. Seems like we can go weeks before one of them have a game worth talking about. I would love to have a guy like Kelce or Kittle that show up every week and make plays.
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