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  1. As long as Julien Davenport is on the field the Colts have 0% chance of winning.
  2. The Colts need an offensive line that can pass protect and keep the QB clean. It doesn't matter who you have at WR if you don't have enough time to get the ball down the field.
  3. Frank Reich might have to suit up and step in and play once Julien Davenport gets both Jacob Eason and Brett Hundley murdered.
  4. The Colts need to allow Wentz enough time to fully heal. Meanwhile, they need to fix the Offensive Line issues while he's on the sideline. Putting Wentz back on the field with two bad ankles and no protection is only going to hurt the team and Wentz' mentality moving forward. This feels like Andrew Luck all over again. Wentz deserves better.
  5. I wanted Pat Freiermuth months before the 2021 NFL Draft. When he was still on the board at 54, I was praying Ballard would pull the trigger on him to fill the void the Colts have at TE. I thought he would have fit in this offense perfectly and make an impact right away. I didn't like the Dayo pick at all because the Colts just took a DE with Paye in round 1 and Dayo is coming off an ACL injury and won't be able to play until half-way through the season at the earliest. After trading for Wentz, I felt like surrounding him with more weapons was a bigger priority and feel like Reich and Ballard failed.
  6. Agreed. Which is why it should have been done weeks ago.
  7. The fact that Davenport is their best option at both tackle spots falls on Ballard and Reich. The fact that Reich refuses to give Davenport help on every play lies on him. I would be shocked if Pryor is worse than Davenport. He's just as bad as Clark and Green. They should've made a move after the week 1 game. When a healthy Fisher, plug in a respectable RT in place of Smith while he's out and this offense is automatically 50x better than they are with Davenport on the field.
  8. People who actually believe Carson Wentz is the problem are either trolls, Eagles fans, or blind. Coaching and the Offensive Line are my two biggest issues with the team right now.
  9. It doesn't matter if Wentz is at 50% or 100% because as long as Davenport is in the game, he's going to continue to get murdered. The Colts either need to get both Fisher and Smith back on the field together, or make a move for another Tackle. I can't believe Reich continues to play Davenport, he's HORRENDOUS. Sign Okung or Schwartz or try to trade for Dillard. ANYONE has to be better than this guy. The fact that Reich continues to allow this guy to get mauled by defenders on nearly every play and refuses to give him blocking help on every game is mind blowing. I'm so sick and tired of it.
  10. I was waiting for a thread like this to surface either about Frank Reich or Chris Ballard. Here we go!
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