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About Me

This is me!

A small introduction to me and ect.
I love to have fun.  Actually, I can't help myself from not having any fun.  My life is filled with action!  Though this past year it hasn't been so action-ed until the sewage truck incident...  But I'm hoping that this 2013 will bring me so new and awesome things.

I love to laugh but love, even more, to make others laugh.  Comedy is amazing!  Who ever invented it is the smartest person ever!!!!

I watch TV, just like almost everyone.  Who doesn't need they're 6 shows and then a movie on the weekend or their healthy dosage of sports?!

Music is most of my life.  I play it, I listen to it (all the time), and I write it.  My favorite to listen to is Country (which I'm told is totally weird), my favorite to play is Jazz, and my favorite to write is...is...what ever I feel like I guess...

I love to hang-out with my family.  My brothers and parents are awesome!  I do pretty much everything with them.  One of our favorite game's to play together is Crochet (in which I always get second to last place).
This has probably been a waist of your time, so go to someone else's page or whatever and get that time back!

Go Colts!

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