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  1. Decided to start the morning off with a joke: At a large college there was a football player that was extremely stupid. He sat beside a boy in class that was really smart and the teacher knew that he was cheating, but he just couldn't catch him. One day she was grading a test and she noticed that the smart boy had written "I don't know the answer" on number 10. So she looked at the jock's paper and smiled. He had finally given himself away. His answer looked like this:...

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    2. ctrlaltdel


      Thanks for the laughs Brent and Nadine! You guys brightened my day! :)

    3. BrentMc11


      And to think we were trying to brighten yesterday :) Enjoy your day 'surfing' for cars :)

    4. ctrlaltdel


      Well you always brighten my day, no matter what day it is! :) Thinking I just might take a break from 'surfing'... :)

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