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  1. This shows a list of the best available FA wide receivers. I think a trade is not viable considering our cap space, but a FA at vet minimum might be. Someone like Lloyd might be worth a look. A vet like Wayne that has some experience. We don't need a burner, just someone with reliable hands to catch the short and intermediate routes. It is a slim pickings list though. Lot of guys with the penchant for dropping passes. Not what we need.
  2. Same here. In one swoop, every jersey I own is of a former player. Wore my Manning jersey on Wednesday. Time to save up for some new ones...
  3. This is the end result to what was a bad situation financially. Polian had paid 1/4 of his players 3/4 of the salary. When the top tier started getting hurt, the weaknesses of the rest of the roster become horribly apparent. With the stars getting injured more, and older to boot, you couldn't keep going like this, especially without Peyton. Once he left, there was no reason to keep the old guard around. Sad day indeed. But for us older fans, if we lived through a 1-15 Jeff George-led season, we can survive this!
  4. I agree. Talk about handicapping your team for the next 3 years while you bring this QB in. I could see it maybe....maybe...if your team had a solid roster in place. The Redskins have holes. How do they plan on filling them now? They don't have a history of finding solid mid-round selections.
  5. While I hate it (Clark was one of my all time favorite Colts and Brackett was one of our greatest LBs ever in Indy), I understand it. Every single one of them (save Painter, who most of us probably had wished he had been) lost time last year. Several are north of 30. If your team is 2-3 years away from having a talented roster again, they way pay for vets (with injury histories) to play when they'll be over the hill by the time you are a contender again. Sad week for Colts fans, but I understand why.
  6. I'm not sure what the Jets see in him. What I see in him is an overrated QB. If they couldn't get Manning, I would have gone after Flynn.
  7. The longer this drug out, the more I was convincing myself that him staying was a possibility. He really wanted to see him with one more shot with the Colts. I still believe that there's enough of a core here, and with a good draft, we could have made a serious run in what is a weakened AFC. But alas... I will always be a Colts fan. I was before he got here, I will be after Wednesday. But Peyton is the best player I've seen play in a Colts uniform. He brought so much more to the Colts than a Super Bowl. He brought league wide respect for the organization and a brand new stadium. I'll always ap
  8. I don't see the penalty on the Saints being worse than the Pats for Spygate. The Pats were caught cheating, and not to diminish what the Saints did, but I find cheating worse than paying players to do something that (sadly) happens in the game all the time. Still, I could see the punishment being the same. Loss of a first rounder and a huge fine. Now, individually, Williams needs to be punished severely. I would say a year's suspension. You need to encourage other coaches to avoid such things. Maybe if they lose a year in the NFL, it'll put a stop to it.
  9. Yeah, I think Morris was an unsung hero in that Super Bowl run.
  10. Colts will always be my number one. But I couldn't help but make Manning's team #2. But maybe, just maybe, I won't have to make that choice. We will see.
  11. Still says pending for me. Would really like to go to this. Looks amazing!!!
  12. Want him to stay, but expect him to go. So either way, I will be fine with what happens. I will always be a Colt fan, and this decision will not divide me (although should be go, his new team instantly becomes my second favorite team). Would love to just get one more season out of 18. The ending was sudden, and I don't want our last memory to be of him throwing his hands up in disgust in that Jets playoff game.
  13. Say he ends up in San Francisco. How many would buy a Manning 49ers jersey? I will definitely admit I would become a fan (not as much as the Colts mind you) of any team that gets him because I would love to see him make one more post season push. Even if that means cheering for the Cowboys! I feel a little dirty just saying that.
  14. I like it. I think Leinhart still has potential and realizes he needs to make the most of his second chance. He's young, and could take over for Manning when he retires, yet pro ready enough to be a stop gap this season as Manning heals. Question is, will it get done? Perhaps. I think even Irsay, based on his tweets, knows the QB situation is precarious at best.
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