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  1. jaymzdean

    Win Broncos Tix!

    It keeps telling me I need to login.. I am logged in. I cant get the link
  2. I tried to sign up for this week... but im not sure it worked :/
  3. Trick or treat smell my feet gimme somethin good to eat... if u dont I dont care ill pull down ur underwear...

    ..... If I had a nickel for every sexual harassment charge that one has gotten me ... :/

    1. Nadine


      missed you jaymz!

  4. I learned our special teams need work... and were weak in secondary depth. Harnish isn't going to make the squad.... and that's about it.
  5. Why do people think they are NFL insiders just because they repeat what they read somewhere else?? We all have the internet... We can read... Thanks for the update of the old news Mr. Rather! Psshhh!

    1. alawai


      Yes and they should read at a minimum of two articles to make an opinion! Oops can't do that as the two articles may have conflictiong views!

    2. Nadine


      I dislike the whole nfl insider thing. I don't know what it means. Do they have an agreement with the nfl so that they are the first to get news? I want an explanation

    3. MIColtsFan


      how do you smooze an NFL insider to get info? box seat tickets aren't gonna work I think?

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