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  1. I would be happy with this, I’ve always been a fan of Sheard. He plays very smart and is very rarely out of position when playing the run. Whoever Ballard has though as the BPA at 34 is who he will take though. Whoever it is I just hope he’s a star
  2. I can see us taking a safety at 34 and wr at 44
  3. Wow, I’m really proud of this young gentleman. He seems to be very motivated and have a really good head on his shoulders. I can see why Ballard targeted him.
  4. Favourite Player of All Time: The Edge #32 ABSOLUTELY AWESOME Most Underated Player on Roster: Doyle, the guy can do it all. Was a really good pick up. Honourable mention: Whalen, Walden Favourite Player on Roster: Do not currently have one. Most overrated player on Roster Right now: Luck, it just has to be as he is regressing to the point that I'm thinking that Hasselbeck would give us a better chance of winning.
  5. Bradshaw all the way, please pick him up. Bradshaw/Gore combo would be great! With Robinson getting a few a game as well and keep Vargaon kick return duty.
  6. Or maybe get Whalen involved more in the slot with Hilton and Moncrief on the outside.
  7. Free agent receivers just do not pan out here in Indy. 2012 - Avery 2013 - Heyward Bey 2014 - Nicks 2015 - Johnson Actually of all these free agents, Avery was the best. I think we should just stick to using the receivers we bring up through our system and not go get free agents anymore. I know its only been 3 games but Johnson is looking very slow out there and is not playing very physical. If he doesn't do much in the next few games I would really think about bringing up Carter and getting him some reps.
  8. I would have no problem picking up Bradshaw, that man is the appitamy of what a running back should be.
  9. I wish him the best, because he's had some serious bad luck. Hope he gets picked up by someone that is willing to give him a chance.
  10. Is Werner a bust? I would have to say at this point in his career it is to early to tell, but I think he might get better this year although his playing time is in jeopardy. I just hope he can help the D become stronger in the run game by being a good edge setter and play smarter. To me a bust is someone who does not contribute at all!
  11. I think that Pep just does not have the creativity to utilize all these weapons.
  12. having a high powered offense is great in Sept. Oct. and Nov. But come December and January, that high powered offense can be shut down by bad weather as we have seen in the past with Marvin and Reggie. So if NE or Denver gets home field through out the playoffs we can be in trouble again. This is why this pick scares me.
  13. I'm most interested in Langford, as he is the one I know the least amount about. He could be a surprise on the d line.
  14. DT - Dan Williams or Pot Roast OLB - Jason Worilds or McPhee DE - Do you guys think Hardy can play DE in a 3-4? Draft a DE for a 3-4 system. Or maybe Odrick OL - I really don't know, just hoping Heenan can turn out to be a good pick up. And hoping we draft our future RT in the first round RB - I may be going against the grain here, but I like our RB position. Sign Bradshaw again for cheap, let him heal and use him on the back half of the season. I was really impressed with Boom. He can find holes, has burst, and has good hands. I remember what Ballard did a couple years ago and he was
  15. And if Grigson is going to sign a safety i'll be pumped (like landry pumped) get it!
  16. People, we are not getting rid off RJF.
  17. good riddance Landry....... your a bum!
  18. hit the nail on the head here, but I would rather have Knighton. I just don't trust Suh and the amount of money he is about to get.
  19. Nope, just let him go ASAP!
  20. I have to agree with what most is being said here, I would just replace "cannot" with "most of the time". I think our weakest link on this team is the coaches, not the players. I mean that game plan for NE was like they game planned for a pre-season game. VANILLA VANILLA VANILLA
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