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  1. Taking my hubby to the Tarik Glenn benefit Dream Alive Sunday night after the Colts game.  Lots of players from the 2006 Championship team will be there.  Should be fun!

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    2. BrentMc11


      I guess most of the players will be there, but Dungy has his NBC commitment.  


      Looking forward to meeting the Colts winning team.


      Gramz we did not get tickets.  I wish we would have now.  We just got invited yesterday.

    3. radiogirl


      Yeah, we're going on behalf of the radio station.  Our morning show host is going and interviewed Robert Mathis this morning to promote it.  It's a great thing Tarik does and a great cause/fundraiser.  Should be a good time, but I sure do wish we were going to the game prior to the event.  Have a great time Gramz!!!


    4. alawai


      Have fun!  

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