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  1. Ok, so I am really bored and I have to wait until Sunday to watch the Colts so I decided to make up my list of the top players in the league by position: QB, HB, FB, WR, TE, OT, OG, OC, DE, DT, OLB, MLB, CB, S, K, P, RS, LS. I know many people have already done lists like this but I'm bored so I thought I make my own lists up. I will list it numbers 1-40 of the starters at each position from every team. So every team gets listed but some teams may have more than one player listed but every team gets a spot. I will publish each blog based on position in the order in which I listed them in the paragraph. So with out any more delay here are the top quarterbacks in the NFL: 1. Aaron Rodgers The obvious choice for number one. Rodgers gets it done year after year in the regular season but has had postseason struggle except the year he won the Super Bowl. Rodgers has a high number of passing yards, touchdown passes, and a passer rating of over 100 nearly every year. 2. Drew Brees I really didn't want to put him here for what he did to us in Super Bowl XLIV (or what Hank Baskett did to us) but Brees leads the league in passing second year in a row and has a lot of 40+ TD pass seasons, but had led the league in interceptions with 19 (tied with Romo & Stafford). Drew Brees is a great choice for a franchise quarterback. 3. Peyton Manning He gets it done year after year and would be number one if he had playoff success. He had a top passer rating, a lot of touchdown passes and passing yards but Tebow still has more playoff wins as a Broncos quarterback. 4. Tom Brady Another quarterback I didn't want to put this high up because of what he's done to the Colts but had to due to playoff success and regular season stats. He will still have success this year even with the leading receiver that is healthy right now from last year is Shane Vereen. 5. Matt Ryan Matt Ryan has the most wins by a quarterback in their first five seasons in the NFL. He came one game away from the Super Bowl last year and put up great numbers. With Steven Jackson back there, they might get further in the playoffs this year. 6. Eli Manning Eli Manning missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record last year but started the season with a 6-2 record. He put up a decent numbers in touchdown passes but had a high number of interceptions. He will back next year with a better record because that is what Eli does. 7. Ben Roethlisberger He had an injury last year and his team had an 8-8 record and missed the playoffs. He still had a great passer rating and had a good number of passing touchdowns so that is why he is in the top 10. 8. Andrew Luck It's not because I'm a Colts fan that I put him high up. Luck played like a veteran last year and put up great numbers minus the interceptions and completion percentage (which was not entirely his fault). Luck will come back in 2013 with even better stats. 9. Tony Romo Romo has put up great numbers minus the interceptions but blew games. Luck led game-winning drives but Romo has a tendency to choke in big games. That is why he is listed behind Luck. 10. Matt Schaub Schaub has done a good job as starter of the Texans for the past two seasons and put up good numbers and led them to the playoffs. Last year it was T.J. Yates that led them in the playoffs but Schaub led them in the playoff but could not get past Tom Brady. He still put up very good numbers in a good offensive scheme. That is why he is ahead of the person at #11. 11. Robert Griffin III It's not because I am pro-Luck and like him more, it's the offense that RGIII runs, the option offense. It's a college offense that will eventually get figured out or will put his career in jeopardy. If he put up his numbers in an offense like Schaub, he would be at #10. Plus he also has one of the league's best running backs who ran for over 1,600 yards. 12. Russell Wilson He also runs the option offense but not as much as RGIII. I like Wilson because he is a small quarterback that proved he play quarterback in the NFL. He also has the league's top 5 defense and Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch, but still is a pretty good quarterback. 13. Joe Flacco Flacco had decent regular season numbers but had great post season numbers that led to a Super Bowl championship. Flacco will be back this year with a new look defense and former Colts Stokely and Clark. 14. Andy Dalton The Bengals have been to the playoffs every year under Dalton and he also has great receivers like A.J. Green, Jermaine Gresham, Tyler Eifert, and Mohammed Sanu. The Bengals have gotten better every year and may take another step in the post season this year. 15. Cam Newton Another quarterback that runs the option offense but has decent stats as a regular quarterback. If he wants to stay in the top 15 he needs to raise the touchdowns and lower the interceptions. 16. Colin Kaeperknick Yet another quarterback who utilizes the option offense but has a strong arm that he can use outside the option offense. Kaeperknick has some banged up receivers but still has his runningbacks, Vernon Davis, and Anquan Boldin so he should be fine. Not to mention he has pro bowlers all over his defense. 17. Matthew Stafford Stafford put up nearly 5,000 yards passing and 28 TD passes but had 19 interceptions. He also didn't have a running game last year but with the addition of Reggie Rush this offense can become better and more balanced. 18. Alex Smith He was doing a great job with the 49ers until he sustained the concussion. He's back this year and can easily get a winning record out of the worst team in the NFL due to them having five pro bowlers last year on a two-win team. 19. Sam Bradford After being selected as the number one overall pick, he has not wowed anyone since his rookie season when he led the Rams to a 7-9 record and almost a playoff berth. He has not gotten more than seven wins in a season before but that may change this year with the addition of Jared Cook and Tavon Austin. 20. Philip Rivers Rivers actually puts up decent passing numbers but has failed to produced a good winning season the past few years. Floyd and Alexander are injured with Alexander being out for season so he will have to rely on Antonio Gates, Robert Meachem, Keenan Allen, and Eddie Royal for receivers. 21. Ryan Tannehill The Dolphins went out and bought tons of players, including new weapons for Tannehill in Wallace, Gibson, and Keller. Lamar Miller is also expected to break out. So with a good running game and great receiving options, Tannehill might find himself inside the Top 15 by the end of the 2013 season. 22. Jay Cutler Cutler had only 19 TD passes to 14 interceptions last year. Cutler only had one good receiving option in Brandon Marshall last year but this year he should be better. He's got a new offense, a new TE in Martellus Bennett, Jeffrey is back from injury, and got new lineman in Jermon Bushrod and Kyle Long. 23. Josh Freeman Freeman needs to really step up or he could lose his starting role. He had decent numbers last year but needs the team's record to improve. He has Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, and a top 10 back in Doug Martin. 24. Carson Palmer Palmer put 4,000 yards and 22 TDs with the Raiders but could not win games which was not entirely his fault. Now with the Cardinals, he has Larry Fitzgerald, which makes him automatically better. 25. Michael Vick After an injury plagued 2012 season, he now has to battle Nick Foles, Dennis Dixon, and Matt Barkley for a starting job. Chip Kelly likes to run the option offense and even though I dislike this offensive scheme, Vick will do better than the other three in this role. 26. E.J. Manuel He torched our Colts but not until the backups came on. He did not do too well with the starters on but got into his groove with the backups on the field. He is an improvement over Fitzpatrick in Buffalo and will help them tremendously. 27. Matt Flynn After being a great job as a backup to Aaron Rodgers the Seahawks picked him up as their starting quarterback but he lost that role to Wilson. Now with the Raiders he is the obvious starter and has a chance to prove himself. 28. Brandon Weeden Weeden is predicted to take a huge step forward in 2013. He has a great runningback in Trent Richardson, Jordan Cameron at TE, and Greg Little, Josh Gordon, and Davone Bess at WR. I don't think he will have a winning record but he could improve his stats a lot this year. 29. Christian Ponder He technically quarterbacked the Vikings to the playoffs, but Peterson led the team to the playoffs off of his 2, 097 yards. Ponder has a ton of options to throw to, Patterson, Simpson, and Jennings at WR and Kyle Rudolph at TE. 30. Jake Locker Locker is a athletic quarterback but hasn't used his talents to win games in the NFL. He needs to make better decisions and lead this team with 1,000-yard rushers in Johnson and Green, Delanie Walker at TE, and Britt, Washington, Hunter, and Wright at WR. 31. Mark Sanchez/Geno Smith Sanchez led the league in turnovers the past two years and Geno Smith is a 2nd round pick who is unproven at quarterback. These two land second-to-last on the chart for one unforgettable play for Jets fans, the "Butt Fumble". 32. Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne Obviously the worst quarterback competition in the NFL because neither of them deserve a starting job. If Gabbert wants to be their supposed "franchise quarterback" he needs to step up, win the starting job, and actually get more than six wins.
  2. I know they didn't seem like they were fighting for anything. Pagano will have to show motivation which I'm sure he will after this game.
  3. This is probably way too early on in his career to debate if he is Marvin Harrison caliber. But, I think T.Y. definitely has that potential. T.Y. is a lot smaller than Marvin. Hilton is 5' 9'' 178lb while Harrison was 6 feet 185lb. Hilton will probably catch up to him in weight but he will not grow three inches. I know T.Y. had a lot of drops last year and was tied for worst in the league with Avery for drop rate. But if he can minimize his drops, we got a talented receiver. Even with the drops last year, Hilton made some great plays and some great catches. Hilton has a good chance to become the next Marvin when Reggie eventually retires. Reggie is already 34 years old. He can't be the only receiver catching all of Luck's passes. It's time for T.Y. to step up and put up big numbers. Here is how he faired against the rookie receivers last year: Hilton - 50 rec 861 yards 7 TD 17.2 rec yard Avg Blackmon - 64 rec 865 yards 5 TD 13.5 rec yard Avg Gordon - 50 rec 805 yards 5 TD 16.1 rec yard Avg Wright - 65 rec 626 yards 4 TD 9.6 rec yard Avg Floyd - 45 rec 562 yards 2 TD 12.5 rec yard Avg Jenkins 0 rec 0 yards 0 TD 0.0 rec yard Avg (Healthy all year) Hilton was not the leader in every category for rookie receivers but led in touchdown passes with seven and led in reception Avg with 17.2. Blackmon beat Hilton in receiving yards because he played in all 16 games and started 14. Hilton played in 15 games and started one. Blackmon was one of the only receivers on that team besides Cecil Shorts. Luck threw the ball to Fleener, Allen, Avery, and Wayne as well as Hilton so he couldn't have gotten as many receptions and came within 4 yards of Blackmon for receiving. So let's now compare him to Marvin's numbers: Hilton - 50 rec 861 yards 7 TD 17.2 rec yard Avg Harrison - 64 rec 836 yards 8 TD 13.1 rec yard Avg Now, one could argue that Blackmon is more like Harrison due to the number of receptions and closeness in the yardage and reception avg. But Hilton is similar in the touchdown category, only one less than Harrison. But, if you add Hilton's punt return touchdown they have the same number of touchdowns. Now, Blackmon is taller than T.Y. by four inches and is closer to Marvin in size but Hilton has not had off the field issues like Blackmon. Blackmon has been sued by the league for four games for substance abuse and has gotten into arguments with teammates and arrested for DUI. Now, Marvin has his off the field issue but that was outside of his playing career. Even though Blackmon put up more similar numbers, his off the field issues mat prevent him from putting up Marvin's career numbers. I think Luck and Hilton could have something special here. Hilton is going to have to compete with DHB for a starting role opposite Wayne but Hilton is clearly winning the battle so far. Maybe Luck and Hilton can become the next Manning and Harrison. Consistency will play a key factor here. If Hilton can keep putting up numbers like his rookie year and more, we should see something great. If he were to average the numbers he put up in his rookie year for 13 years, he would have 11, 193 receiving yards, 650 catches, and 91 receiving touchdowns. If he can put up more receptions and more yards he could get up to Marvin's career numbers, and I am sure he is capable of doing that with one of the best quarterbacks in the league by then, Andrew Luck.
  4. As long as our starters in the secondary stay healthy we should be fine. The starters looked good. But yes I don't think Harnish is 53 man roster healthy after that performance, probably practice squad. McNary or the 6'7'' Caesar Rayford can get his roster spot. Pat McAfee should be able to kick it out of the endzone on kickoffs but still need better coverage and better kick returning. Let's see how we do against the Giants.
  5. Okay, that was not a good showing by our Colts, or at least the far backup Colts. The first half was not entirely bad for the Colts EXCEPT for the 107-yard kickoff return touchdown by Goodwin. Special teams needs major improvement. The starters played well which is what is the most important. No devastating injuries. The starters were winning the game until the third string and further came in. We had some good stops in the red zone early on but midway through the second quarter the team full of third string and beyond began to collapse to a 44-20 loss. Let's break down each category for the Colts: Quarterback The Colts were outplayed entirely in this category. Luck did not play much but was 4 of 6 for 51 yards and had a drive ended thanks to a Fleener fumble. Hasselbeck then came into the game after a fumble recovery by the Colts. Hasselbeck was 4 of 8 for 75 yards with one touchdown but also was picked on a tipped pass. Harnish came in for the rest of the game and was a horrible 14 of 33 for 109 yards and was picked for a touchdown. Manuel played longer but was unstoppable. He was running wild over the defense and also was 16 of 21 for 107 yards and a touchdown on passing. Jeff Tuel who I honestly never heard was 19 of 23 for 212 yards and two touchdowns. It's preseason though and the bad statistics will most likely not see playing time during the regular season. Runningback Ballard had three carries and 18 yards on the ground. Spiller opened up the game on two straight carries for 35 yards but only had one more yard on two carries. Brown actually looked good with three carries for 10 yards but had a 22 yard catch. Kerwynn Williams led the team in rushing with four carries and 21 yards. So the Bills beat the Colts in this category too. Receiving What we learned from this game is that T.Y. Hilton is a beast and has definitely helped his drops. The catch he made looked like the catch Marvin Harrison made which was almost ten years ago. We got somebody special in Hilton and he is the receiver taken from that draft. Griff Whalen had three catches for 26 yards, Fleener had two catches for 37 yards but had a fumble, and Mr. Irrelevant Justice Cunningham had a 17 yard grab. Though, the Bills outplayed them here too. The Bills actually outplayed the Colts in pretty much every statistical category, or at least the backups did. The starters outplayed the Bills' starters. Defense A Colts player actually led in a statistical category, tackles. Delano Howell had six tackles in the game. Caesar Rayford a sack-fumble which Daxton Swanson picked up for a 72-yard touchdown. The early defense had some good stops but the second half defense was pitiful to watch. The starting defense did not even allow any points and recovered a fumble. We also didn't have Landry, Freeman, Angerer, McNary, and Werner playing. The Bills intercepted two passes and had one more sack than the Colts. Special Teams Kicking and punting was excellent but coverage on kickoff has a lot to be desired. Goodwin had over 160 yards on two kick returns. That needs to be fixed if they want to win games. Pat McAfee was good averaging 43.6 yards per punt and Vinatieri drilled a 44-yard field goal and a 25-yard field goal. Kick returning was another issue. Kerwynn Williams starting out well with a long return on his first returns but had two returns returned not past the ten yard line. If you want efficient returning, you need to get past the 20 yard line. There's always next week. Let's put this game behind and win the important games during the regular season. Every winning season we had for the most part we had a losing record in the preseason. The Lions went 4-0 in the preseason and then lost every game in the regular season. So, if we have a losing record in the preseason but a winning record in the regular season, and I speak for pretty much everyone, we're happy. Besides, it's not the players in the regular season that lose games, it's the 4th string players that lose games in preseason that end up not making the team.
  6. A lot of analysts have talked about the teams in the NFL with the best roster. They mentioned the Broncos, Seahawks, Texans, and 49ers but I think the Colts should be in the discussion. I know a lot of our players are not proven but we still have a good roster that is overlooked: Quarterback - Andrew Luck*, Matt Hasselbeck, Chandler Harnish A future NFL legend starting at QB with a veteran backup who has over 30,000 passing yards and made it to the Super Bowl and Chandler Harnish which I'll admit has done much but he made a half court shot Running back - Ahmad Bradshaw*, Vick Ballard,* Donald Brown, Kerwynn Williams (KR), Delone Carter Ahmad Bradshaw has proven he can get the job done with two 1,000-yard seasons the past 3 years. Vick Ballard came out later on in the season and rushed for over 800 yards. He would've gotten to 1,000 if he started all season. Kerwynn Williams is a good receiving running back and is very elusive when running. Williams will most likely end up as the kick returner and will show his ability to return kicks, something the Colts have not exceled at for years. Ignore Brown and Carter for now because they probably won't make the roster. Fullback - Stanley Havili*, Dan Moore The Colts have something special on this roster unlike many other Colts' rosters, fullbacks. Stanley Havili is a well rounded fullback who seems to be learning the system quite well which he needs to for a successful Pep Hamilton offense. Havili stands at 6 feet 245 lb. Moore stands at 5'11'' 240 lb. So Havili has the size factor on his side but Moore is a powerful runningback/fullback who the Colts may keep on the 53 man roster pending how he plays in preseason. I've heard a lot of good things about Dan Moore and I am eager to see how he plays in preseason. Who knows, maybe we have another Mike Alstott on our hands. Wide Receiver - Reggie Wayne*, DHB*, T.Y. Hilton (PR)*, Griff Whalen, LaVon Brazil The three starters on the team aren't exactly Thomas, Decker, & Welker but they are very good. You have a HOF player in Reggie Wayne, two very fast receivers in DHB and Hilton who are working hard on their dropped catches. If they stop dropping passes, they are better than Thomas, Decker, & Welker. Hilton is also a versatile punt returner who averages a good return on every one. Griff Whalen has his college coach back and is eager to play after spending last year on IR but before that he was doing very well. If LaVon Brazil gets his suspension out of the way and prevent it from happening again he is also a good option at wide receiver. They have a better receiving core than the 49ers right now, most of their receivers are injured or might get injured again (Collie). Tight End - Coby Fleener*, Dwayne Allen*, Justice Cunningham Coby Fleener is going to have a breakout year back from injury and reunited with Pep Hamilton. Dwayne Allen has worked over the offseason to get even better. Justice Cunningham could also make the team if he can block well. The Colts have two emerging stars at tight end and can become the next Hernandez & Gronk without the off the field issues. Offensive Tackle - Anthony Castonzo*, Gosder Cherilus*, Jeff Linkenbach Other than the last player there are two good offensive tackles that have proven they can play. Cherilus was one of the most efficient pass blockers last year and Castonzo is looking to improve. Offensive Guard - Donald Thomas*, Mike MyGlynn*, Hugh Thornton This is the only weak spot on the Colts. Donald Thomas plays decently at guard but let's not even mention the second one. Hugh Thornton could excel this year if they start him or he is not injured but for now it is the second one starting. Center - Samson Satele*, Khaled Holmes I actually like Satele and think he can make a decent starter. Holmes can play decent as well as was considered one of the top interior lineman in the draft. NT - Aubrayo Franklin, Josh Chapman*, Montori Hughes Franklin is an experienced veteran who can excel at stopping the run in which the Colts were in need of. Chapman is also a good option at nose tackle and is also one of the strongest one the team. I'm excited for Chapman to come back from injury, plus he can bench over 400lbs. Montori Hughes was a good selection in the draft and can be good as a situational DL. DE - Cory Redding*, Ricky Jean-Francois*, Drake Nevis, Fili Moala Cory Redding played very well last year for the Colts and does not get enough recognition. RJF has only started five games his entire four year career but as shown potential to become a starter. Nevis and Moala will battle for a spot on the roster after battling injuries last year. OLB - Robert Mathis*, Björn Werner*, Erik Walden, Lawrence Sidbury Mathis could also be a HOF if he continues his level of play. Björn Werner has not had experience as a 3-4 OLB but is learning from a master and he too in a few years will become a sack master like Mathis, I was overjoyed when they selected him. Sidbury has potential to become a situational pass rusher and Walden can even earn a starting role on the team. ILB - Jerrell Freeman*, Pat Angerer*, Kavell Conner, Kelvin Sheppard, Josh McNary Freeman is just a beast at ILB and has always been a strong tackler and should've been a Pro Bowler. Angerer is coming off an injury plagued 2012 season but has shown he can rack up tackles like Freeman. Conner also has been a starter and has shown he is a decent tackler. Sheppard has 150 tackles in two seasons and was a starter last year for the Bills. McNary has played football for a few years due to serving our country but was a great when he played at Army where he had 28 sacks, 195 tackles, and five forced fumbles. CB - Vontae Davis*, Greg Toler*, Darius Butler, Cassius Vaughn, Teddy Williams Davis was coming on late in the year after being injured the middle of the season. Toler was injured last year and in 2011 but when he played a healthy season he did not allow catches. In 90 targets thrown at him, only 50 were caught, which is extremely well if you can stop 40 passes being caught. Darius Butler was signed during the season by the Colts and showed that he was not a draft bust. Butler led the team in interceptions with 4 and had two returned for touchdowns. Butler is show great progress as a nickleback and will continue his success into the 2013 season. S - Bethea*, Landry*, Boyett, Lefeged Bethea has been making plays for the Colts since coming out of Howard in 2006. Landry has been injured two out of the last three years of his career but came back in 2012 with a Pro Bow selection. So you have two Pro Bowl safeties who can become the NFL's best duo. Thomas and Chancellor in Seattle are probably the NFL's best duo but after the 2013 season they may not be anymore. John Boyett played very well at Oregon but fell in the draft due to an injury that might keep him out this year, but when he does come back to play he will make an impact. Other than the gun charges, Lefeged earned the role as our Special Teams Captain with McAfee and if the Colts keep him he will make an impact on special teams. K - Adam Vinatieri* You got a future HOF inductee in Vinatieri for all the clutch kicks he has made over his career. I know he is 40 years old and the NFL's oldest player but he still can get the job done. Look at last year against the Vikings where he nailed a 53-yard field goal to win the game. Vinatieri's accuracy may be declining, but he will still be making clutch kicks for us in 2013. P - Pat McAfee* I'm glad I have his autograph. McAfee has grown to one of the best punters in the NFL and has become a very good kickoff specialist. McAfee is always booming punts towards the other teams for 60+ yards at times and will continue his success in 2013. LS - Matt Overton* When I saw that they cut him over Snow I was really surprised. Coming out of Arena Football, Overton did a great job being our long snapper last year and only had one blocked punt all of last year. He has really impressed me and will continue to impress in 2013. *= starter (Ballard and Bradshaw are both starters because they will switch out every few carries, Allen and Fleener are both listed as starters because the Colts will run 2 TE sets most of the time with them.) If you look at the starters on the team you can see that we got some really good to really great players starting for us. Plus, we have quality backup for the most part (OL is only place with not so great depth at backup) but some of the talent is not proven. After this year, though, people will be talking about the Colts' players a little more and might be thrown into the discussion for best roster.
  7. You're right, I forgot to put fullback. My mad. I insert fullback on the list and include Havili and Moore.
  8. I just hope the Colts don't lose the game against Broncos. That will be huge if they win that. But then they might end up losing to the Rams a few weeks later. Let's just hope the Colts are on the good side of those upsets, but they won't go undefeated so I expect them to lose games, just not more than six.
  9. I know team's record's improve just like the Colts last year but there are still some teams that were bad last year that the Colts can handle. They should be able to get 11 wins. But yes, even the Jaguars will probably get like 5 wins at least.
  10. Now I know a lot of people don't pay any attention to Bleacher Report due to their stupidity, but they struck again. Yesterday on Bleacher Report they were listing the "Off-Season Awards" such as "Best Off Season", "Best Free Agent", "Worst Free Agent", "Worst Off- Season, etc. So when the award for "Worst Off Season" came around it listed the Colts. How can they have the worst off season out of all 32 NFL Teams that still includes the Jaguars and Jets. They said that the Colts got poor free agents and did horrible in the draft. They said that the draft grade for the Colts is a C+ only because of Björn Werner, and they think we should use him as a 3-4 end. He is only 266 pounds. You need to be 300+ pounds to play a 3-4 lineman. Now I see where they are going with this but all of the free agent have a potential to help this team: Free Agents/Traded For S LaRon Landry They say that LaRon Landry is injured all the time and is inconsistent. The first three seasons of his career he played 47 out of the possible 48 games. He was a Pro Bowl caliber player until is injury in Week 10 of 2010 when he injured his Achilles tendon. He had already played a decent season through 9 games notching 85 tackles with 1 sack and 1 pick. He only played 8 games in 2011 because his Achilles tendon and a groin injury. So the Redskins released him after the two injury-plagued seasons. But, players can come back from these types of injury thanks to advanced medical surgeries. So the Jets decided to take a chance on him for a 1 year, 3.5 million dollar contract. What did they get in return, 100 tackles, four forced fumbles, two interceptions, eight passes deflected, and a Pro Bowl Selection all from LaRon Landry. He also played a full season last year showing he is still capable of it. They say the contract was outrageous considering his medical history. 4 years for 6 million dollars per year for a 28 year-old-player is not that bad if he doesn't become what happened to Bob Sanders. T Gosder Cherilus They say that Gosder Cherilus has injury issues and inconsistent. He has started 32 of the 32 possible games the last two years. He has played his whole career with the Lions. As far as pass blocking goes, he is one of the best. He was #20 in the league with a pass blocking efficiency of 95.5. He had 542 pass block snaps and had 31 total pressures allowed. Anthony Castonzo was 49th in the league with a pass blocking efficiency rating of 93.5. Winston Justice last year was 32nd in pass blocking efficiency and missed four games to injury. So Cherilus is an improvement over Justice plus Cherilus is tall at 6' 7'', an inch taller than Justice. Here is the performance by week of Justice and Cherilus last season: NO PROMOTIONAL POSTING ON THE SITE2013-articles/march/josh-boeke.html So even if the Colts paid him a big contract at 5 years 34.5 million, if he performs like last year, Andrew is going to see the ground a lot less. CB Greg Toler Greg Toler actually has been injured a lot. He missed the entire 2011 season due to a torn ACL and was injured last season. But, when healthy, he is very good. In his last healthy season when he started 13 games in 2010, he had 90 tackles, two picks, and allowed only 55 catches on 95 targets. Toler has good speed with a 4.45 40 time and does not allow a lot of receptions. Toler signed a three year, 15 million dollar contract, which is a little high for a player who was injured the last two years. But, if he plays like he did in 2010, the contract will be worth it and him in Davis should become a great cornerback tandem. NT Aubrayo Franklin The Colts signed the 10-year veteran to add depth at nose tackle and to help stop the run, which is what Franklin is good at. The 32-year-old played for the Chargers last year and notched 20 tackles. Played in 12 games last year for the Chargers while starting 9. Franklin, if anything, can teach Josh Chapman how to play the position and make him into a successful nose tackle. DE Ricky Jean-Francois Another interesting free agency addition to the defensive line. RJF has played in all 48 games the last three seasons with the 49ers, but has only started five. The 26-year-old fifth year player is looking for a established starting role. The Colts need another DE opposite Cory Redding, so they signed RJF to a 4 year, 22 million dollar contract. This may seem like a lot for a player who was never an established starter but has the potential to anchor this Colts' defensive line. I like the addition of RJF but I wish they could have gotten him for a little cheaper price. This was one of the things Bleacher Report pointed out but RJF will prove them wrong and earn that contract. QB Matt Hasselbeck Hasselbeck will probably never play a regular season game for the Colts, but that wasn't why he was brought in. The 37-year-old 15th year player was brought in to mentor Luck. Hasselbeck has the experience and knowledge, he was been through tough seasons, he has been to the Super Bowl, and has been through stupid mistakes. Hasselbeck can teach Luck how to avoid the errors he made in his career and help Luck go to the Super Bowl and actually win it, which Hasselbeck has never done. The Colts signed him for 2 years, 8 million dollars. This may sound like too much money for a backup, but it is the price we will pay for another championship brought to Indianapolis. OLB Erik Walden Erik Walden is not the most exciting free agent signing, but could be a good player with Werner. He has played 31 out of 32 possible games the last two years. Good size for a linebacker at 6'2'' 250 pounds. His 40 time was 4.72 seconds. Dwight Freeney was clocked at 4.48 seconds but that was 11 years ago, so he has slowed down since then. Walden has 106 tackles his last two years and 6 sacks. Not the most impressive stat line but if he rotates with Werner the two of them can be good. Walden signed a four year, 16 million dollar contract, which is a little high but he has the potential to earn that contract. If he doesn't work we have Björn Werner and Lawrence Sidbury, which leads to my next review. OLB Lawrence Sidbury This was an interesting signing, mainly the signing was for potential. Sidbury has only 17 career tackles and 5 career sacks. But, 2011 was when he had four of the five sacks but only had one tackle of all of last year and no sacks. So why would we sign him. Well, it was only a 1 year, $780,000 contract. Grigson wanted to see if Sidbury can excel as a situational pass rusher but not as a starter. This is not a bad signing if you just want him to be a situational guy. If he was replacing Freeney, then this might have been a bad idea. ILB Kelvin Sheppard Sheppard came to the Colts via trade with the Bills that finally ended the Jerry Hughes era. The Colts got the better end of the deal. In two seasons with the Bills, Sheppard had 150 tackles and two sacks. He is coming off a 2012 season where he had 80 tackles, 2 sacks, played in all 16 games and started 15 games. There is not much to say about Jerry Hughes. All Colts' fans are well aware of him. In 3 seasons with the Colts, Hughes had 5 sacks and 62 tackles. It was hard for him playing behind Hall of Famers Freeney & Mathis, but he was not fit for the 4-3 defense as a DE. He was meant to be a 3-4 OLB. Even though he was surprisingly able to get four sacks in 2012, it wasn't enough for the Colts to keep him. Sheppard now joins a Colts' Line backing Core that is stronger and more depth than ever. G Donald Thomas The Colts brought in Donald Thomas with the never ending pursuit for better blocking from the offensive line. Thomas can make a decent starter or even add depth at backup. Donald Thomas played in all 16 games last year for the Patriots and started 7 games. Thomas will most likely play Left Guard with a 4 year, 14 million dollar contract. Any player is better than the lineman we had last year. FB Stanley Havili Havili was brought here via trade by Grigson, who has done well with trades. Havili was traded to the Colts for DE Clifton Geathers, who the Colts did not need with the depth in the defensive line. Havili is someone who the Colts need and haven't had in a while, a fullback. Havili is a well rounded fullback at 6 feet, 245 lb. Havili is much needed in the new offensive scheme run by offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton which is a version of the West Coast Offense. In the West Coast Offense, running is a key element. The Colts did a lot of improvement with pass protection, now they got improvement with run blocking, which the Colts have lacked since Addai's back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in 2006 and 2007. Havili will be a key component in the development in this offense and was a good pickup via trade. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey A lot of Raiders' fans would say he is our issue now, but Colts' fans will be saying he is our deep threat now. Heyward-Bey has had problems catching passes. In his rookie year, his drop rate was 35.7%. But, the past two years it has been reduced tremendously. It went down to 8.6% in 2011 and 12.8% in 2012, which is better than Donnie Avery's drop rate. Plus, Heyward-Bey is even faster than Avery. Avery ran a 4.34 40 time at his Pro Day. Heyward-Bey ran a 4.25 40 time at the NFL Combine. The last two years he was 105 catches, 1,581 yards, and 9 touchdowns. Heyward-Bey signed a 1 year, 2.5 million dollar contract. If Heyward-Bey can meet expectations and have a great season like he did in 2011, he will get resigned and the contract will pay off. HB Ahmad Bradshaw This is probably my favorite signing of the off season. Bradshaw got released coming off a 1,000-yard season due to the emergence of 1st round pick David Wilson. The only problem was his foot injury he sustained last year and is keeping him on the PUP list. Bradshaw will most likely get taken off the list by Week 1. He does not to play in preseason so that will give him a month to let his foot heal even more. Bradshaw brings something to the Colts that they were in desperate need of, pass protection. Bradshaw is a very good pass protector and a very good all around running back who will have an immediate impact on the Colts. The Colts signed him to a 1 year, 2 million dollar contract and can become the feature back if he does well this year. The worst he can do is 1,000 yards IMO. Note: Part 2 will talk about how the Colts' draft class in 2013 will not be a C+ grade but a B+ or higher. And once again, Bleacher Report is always wrong about our Colts.
  11. Defense Stats Linebackers Jerrell Freeman 124 Tackles 2.5 Sacks 2 FF 1 INT Pat Angerer 79 Tackles 1.0 Sacks 1 FF 0 INT Erik Walden 49 Tackles 4.5 Sacks 2 FF 0 INT Bjorn Werner 46 Tackles 6.5 Sacks 2 FF 0 INT Kavell Conner 45 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Robert Mathis 39 Tackles 9.5 Sacks 3 FF 0 INT Lawrence Sidbury 29 Tackles 1.5 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Defensive Line Cory Redding 38 Tackles 2.5 Sacks 1 FF 0 INT Josh Chapman 27 Tackles 2.0 Sacks 1 FF 0 INT Ricky Jean Francois 24 Tackles 0.5 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Aubrayo Franklin 16 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Montori Hughes 14 Tackles 0.5 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Drake Nevis 9 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Fili Moala 6 Tackles 0.5 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Lawrence Guy 4 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Cornerbacks Vontae Davis 58 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 4 INT Greg Toler 47 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 3 INT Darius Butler 35 Tackles 1.0 Sacks 1 FF 3 INT Cassius Vaughn 29 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 1 INT Teddy Williams 15 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Safeties Antoine Bethea 103 Tackles 1.5 Sacks 1 FF 1 INT LaRon Landry 89 Tackles 1.0 Sacks 3 FF 2 INT Joe Lefeged 38 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT John Boyett 18 Tackles 0.0 Sacks 0 FF 0 INT Special Teams Stats Punting Pat McAfee 67 Punts 49.4 Yard Average Long 65 Yards 25 Punts Inside 20 3, 309 Punt Yards Kicking Adam Vinatieri 25 FGM 31 FGA 80.6% FG Percentage FG Long: 51 Yards 53 XPM 53 XPA XP Percentage 100% Kick Returning Kerwynn Williams 25 Returns 24.5 Return Average 612 Return Yards 1 TD Return Long: 102 Yards Cassius Vaughn 15 Returns 22 Return Average 330 Return Yards 0 TD Return Long: 38 Yards T.Y. Hilton 7 Returns 23.5 Return Average 164 Return Yards 0 TD Return Long: 43 Yards Joe Lefeged 5 Returns 21 Return Average 105 Return Yards 0 TD Return Long: 31 Yards LaVon Brazil 2 Returns 24 Return Average 48 Return Yards 0 TD Return Long: 28 Yards Punt Returning T.Y. Hilton 32 Returns 16 FC 14.5 Yards per Return 464 Return Yards 1 TD Return Long: 65 Yards LaVon Brazil 8 Returns 5 FC 9.8 Yards per Return 78 Return Yards 0 TD Return Long: 25 Yards
  12. Offense Stats Passing Andrew Luck 588 Att 390 Comp 4, 680 Yards 31 TD 12 INT 66% Completion Percentage Rushing Ahmad Bradshaw 255 Carries 1071 Yards 4.2 Yards per Carry Avg 7 TD Vick Ballard 188 Carries 827 Yards 4.4 Yards per Carry Avg 5 TD Kerwynn Williams 45 Carries 180 Yards 4 Yards per Carry Avg 1 TD Andrew Luck 32 Carries 170 Yards 5.3 Yards per Carry Avg 3 TD Stanley Havili 27 Carries 90 Yards 3.3 Yards per Carry Avg 2 TD Receiving Reggie Wayne 95 Catches 1,185 Yards 12.5 Yards per Rec 9 TD Darrius Heyward-Bey 70 Catches 935 Yards 13.4 Yards per Rec 7 TD T.Y. Hilton 60 Catches 917 Yards 15.3 Yards per Rec 6 TD Coby Fleener 46 Catches 738 Yards 16 Yards per Rec 3 TD Dwayne Allen 42 Catches 532 Yards 12.7 Yards per Rec 3 TD Griff Whalen 35 Catches 427 Yards 12.2 Yards per Rec 1 TD LaVon Brazil 20 Catches 340 Yards 17 Yards per Rec 1 TD Ahmad Bradshaw 15 Catches 170 Yards 11.3 Yards per Rec 1 TD Vick Ballard 6 Catches 63 Yards 10.5 Yards per Rec 0 TD
  13. The divisional games will be the most important ones like the Texans if they can be the Texans at least once and win the winnable games they should be at least Wild Card. Into the playoffs it's all how the defense plays.
  14. The Colts have the 3rd easiest schedule in the NFL in 2013, but that might not mean a thing. Even if it isn't easy, the Colts can find ways to win tough games. So, what do you think their record will be? I think they will be able to get at least 10 wins but I expect them to get around 11 to 13 win. With improved defense and enhanced offense, how far can this team go?
  15. 2013 Indianapolis Colts 53 Man Roster QB: Andrew Luck, Matt Hassellbeck, Chandler Harnish RB: Ahmad Bradshaw, Vick Ballard, Kerwynn Williams (KR) FB: Stanley Havili WR: Reggie Wayne, Darrius Heyward-Bey, T.Y. Hilton (PR) , Griff Whalen, LaVon Brazil (Suspended 4 games), Nathan Palmer (First 4 games) TE: Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, Justice Cunningham OT: Anthony Costanzo, Gosder Cherilus, Jeff Linkenbach, Emmett Cleary OG: Hugh Thornton, Donald Thomas, Mike McGlynn, OC: Samson Satele, Khaled Holmes NT: Josh Chapman, Montori Hughes, Aubrayo Franklin DE: Ricky Jean Francois, Cory Redding, Fili Moala, Lawrence Guy, Drake Nevis OLB: Robert Mathis, Erik Walden, Björn Werner, Lawrence Sidbury ILB: Jerrell Freeman, Pat Angerer, Kavell Conner, Kelvin Sheppard, Josh McNary CB: Vontae Davis, Greg Toler, Darius Butler, Cassius Vaughn, Teddy Williams S: Antoine Bethea, LaRon Landry, Joe Lefeged, John Boyett K: Adam Vinatieri P: Pat McAfee LS: Matt Overton Practice Squad OLB Daniel Adongo WR Jabin Sambrano OLB Caesar Rayford ILB C.O. Prime S/CB Daxton Swanson RB Davin Meggett FB Dan Moore P/K Brandon McManus Notes: LaVon Brazil is suspended for the first four games so Nathan Palmer will take his spot on the roster for those four weeks Josh McNary makes the 53 man roster but may not stay there for long The Colts keep Brandon McManus on the Practice Squad for now but he could eventually be Vinatieri's replacement John Boyett may start the season on PUP or be placed on IR. Daxton Swanson takes his place if that happens I expect the Colts to give Justin Anderson a chance after being placed on IR last year as a late draft pick Donald Brown is finally gone Delone Carter is also most likely gone, the best he could do is Practice Squad but I don't see them keeping him there either. Caesar Rayford is too tall to not keep him at all. He should be good for the Practice Squad. Lawrence Guy didn't perform to badly last year in the absence of Nevis and Moala so I think they keep him as a backup Dan Moore makes Practice Squad and could fill in if Havili is injured I have Montori Hughes listed as NT because I'm not sure if he is a DE or NT in a 3-4 defense
  16. 1. More Offensive Weapons Andrew Luck had WR Reggie Wayne to throw the ball to the entire year but did not have all of his other offensive weapons.Donnie Avery also played the entire year but had the worst drop rate among wide receivers with 16.67%, tied with T.Y. Hilton.T.Y. Hilton may have had a high drop rate, but finished the season strong out-performing Reggie Wayne over the final games of the season.T.Y. Hilton has made a commitment in training camp if he drops a pass he must run more laps than required.T.Y. Hilton was also kept out of the first game of the season with an injury.Avery has since left via free agency so the Colts brought in Darrius Heyward-Bey, who is also a fast, deep threat. Avery’s 40 time was 4.34 seconds while Heyward-Bey’s was 4.25 seconds.Heyward Bey’s drop rate was also improved since his rookie season, when it was at 35.7%.Since then, it went down to 8.6% in 2011 and 12.8% in 2012, better than Avery’s drop rate for 2012.Luck also has the league’s rising tight end tandem with Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener.Fleener did not play much last year due to injury but him and Griff Whalen, who was also hurt last year, will breakout this year with their Stanford Head Coach Pep Hamilton as Offensive Coordinator (See #2).With LaVon Brazill’s four game suspension, look for Griff Whalen to make an impact.Dwayne Allen was been doing yoga over the offseason and is looking to improve even more.Allen was underrated speed for his size and can be unstoppable in the open field. Ahmad Bradshaw and Stanley Havili are also good options coming out of the backfield and you might as well throw in Vick Ballard for having #1 play of the year. 2 .Pep Hamilton as Offensive Coordinator Andrew Luck may have benefited more with the departure of Bruce Arians, who helped this team in the absence of Chuck Pagano.With Arians leaving to Arizona, Luck gets his Head Coach from Stanford, Pep Hamilton, as an Offensive Coordinator.All three Colts, Luck, Whalen, and Fleener, know Hamilton’s offensive scheme and should transfer their success with that offense in college to the NFL.Pep Hamilton’s offense is a version of the West Coast offense, which is different from last year’s deep passing offense.It depends on how the offensive line can protect in order for the offense to work due to the need of a good running game (See #3).Luck says that Hamilton is doing a great job with the offense during Training Camp and Luck is even correcting Hamilton on a few things.So I am pretty sure Luck understands this offense well and can have great success with it in 2013. 3.Improved Running Game Russell Wilson and RGIII had something in the offensive that Luck didn’t have, a running game.Marshawn Lynch and Alfred Morris combined for a total of 3, 203 yards, 4.9 Yards per Carry Average, and 24 Rushing Touchdowns. The entire Colts team had 1,671 rushing yards, 3.8 Yards per Carry Average, and 11 Rushing Touchdowns.If Alfred Morris got 59 more yards in 2013, he would beat the Colts in every rushing category by himself, and that is without RGIII running for over 800 yards.What did the Colts do to help that?Vick Ballard ended the 2012 season on a high note with 94 yards against the Baltimore Ravens in the Wild Card Round.They went out and got veteran Ahmad Bradshaw who will most likely be available for Week 1.Bradshaw even had a decent 2012 season.He missed two games in 2012 but still had over 1,000 yards and a 4.6 Yards per Carry Average.But the most important addition is Stanley Havili.When was the last time the Colts had a real fullback.With the addition of the fullback and the additions to the offensive line, Gosder Cherilus, Donald Thomas, Hugh Thornton, Khaled Holmes, the Colts should have a decent running game. 4. Improved Defense The Colts switched to a 3-4 defense last year.They still place in the bottom of the league in total defense.Both Jerrell Freeman and Antoine Bethea had a 100+ tackles season, but the next highest tackler was Cassius Vaughn.Colts fans are not excited whatsoever when they hear the name “Cassius Vaughn”.The Colts’ line backing core is better than it ever has.They have starting season by four middle linebackers on the team: Pat Angerer, Jerrell Freeman, Kavell Conner, and Kelvin Sheppard. They got competition at outside linebacker opposite Robert Mathis: Bjorn Werner, Erik Walden, and even Lawrence Sidbury.The defensive line has some good additions: Montori Hughes, Ricky Jean Francois, Aubrayo Franklin, and the return of Josh Chapman, Drake Nevis, and Fili Moala. The secondary is better than it has ever been with the additions of LaRon Landry, Greg Toler, and defensive backs fighting for a spot like Daxton Swanson and John Boyett.On paper, the Colts have at least a Top 15 Defense. 5. The Schedule According to the 2012 records of teams the Seahawks face this year they have the 11th hardest schedule and the Redskins have the 18th hardest schedule while the Colts have the 30th hardest schedule.The Colts play at home to Oakland, Miami, Seattle, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and St. Louis.The Colts play on the road to San Francisco, Jacksonville, Houston, Tennessee, San Diego, Arizona, Cincinnati, and Kansas City.The toughest games the Colts face are: at 49ers, vs. Seahawks, vs. Broncos, at Bengals, at Houston, vs. Houston.Half of those games are home, where the Colts were 7-1 in 2012 except one fluke play than cost them the game against the Jaguars.The Seahawks and 49ers both lost keys players.The Seahawks lost Percy Harvin for most of the year and the 49ers lost Michael Crabtree for the year and CB Chris Culliver for the year.They also lost TE Delanie Walker via free agency who was their “Swiss army knife”. WR Mario Manningham and WR Kyle Williams are also still on the PUP list and may not be ready for the game against the Colts.So the Colts have a good chance against the tougher games on the schedule.I do not expect them to win every game but they should be able to manage between 11 to 13 wins. Note: For Colts fans that do not live near Indianapolis, the Colts will be on national television for MNF against the Chargers, SNF against the Broncos and Texans, and TNF for the Titans. They will be on television also for the preseason game against the Bills.
  17. The played good defense until the last six minutes where they let up two touchdowns. Andrew Luck seemed great the first half but quieted down in the second half. The only thing that I think Andrew Luck didn't do well was him running backwards for a 22 yard sack. Other than that, he had two touchdown passes and no picks. I saw the Overall Quarterback Rating top 5 players while watching Monday Night Football and Luck was #1 with a 95.7 passer rating or something like that. I know it is not entirely his fault, but Donald Brown needs more than almost 50 yards a game. I know three offensive lineman didn't play or got hurt (Satele, Justice, Reitz). I think Essex can help but he is only one person. They also need to run Donald to the outside. He's only 5'10''. He is too small to plow through the line. They also need to work more quick passes or screens with him. I know the line is bad at blocking but he still is a good receiving back. I liked to see Avery have a great performance and silence his critics saying he's horrible after the knee injury. He had I think 9 catches for 111 yards. Wayne had 6 grabs for 71 yards and a touchdown close to halftime. I really got scared within the last 30 seconds. How is Luck going to march down the field in that amount of time? He really surprised me. Using his timeouts and getting Vinatieri in field goal range. I really thought at his age he couldn't kick a 53 yard field goal. Especially because he missed like a 40 yarder or something last week against the Bears. I guess he still has that clutch game winning kick even at 39. He will be 40 before the season ends.
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    I think he saw he actually recorded a sack in the game! And yes, I think this is his opurtunity to do someyhing.
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    This Sunday against the Vikings, Dwight Freeney will not play. How is Hughes going to do. Is he going to surprisingly do well or not do well as usual. Hughes was a 1st round pick years ago and has not lived up to expectations. His window of oppurtunity is closing in Indy.
  20. The Colts take on the Jaguars this week with teams both standing at 0-1. Luck threw for over 300 yards on Sunday but also threw three picks and completing only 51% of his passes. Luck can rebound this week over the Jaguars easily. All great QBs don't start out perfect. Manning had the same type of numbers as Luck in his debut in 1998 against the Dophins. Unitas, the greatest quarteback the Colts ever had, started his career on his first pass with a pick six. Look at the career he had after that. The other quarterback, Christian Ponder , is coming off a close overtime win against the Jaguars. He was 20 for 27, 270 yards, and completed 74.1% of his passes. He also has Adrian Peterson to hand off to who is coming off an inhury but had 84 yards on the ground and two rushing touchdowns. The Dwight Freeney injury is a concern if he can't play. They need all the help they can get to stop Petereson. I think the Colts could come away with a win in this one if they can pull their defense together and get a good offensive line. I know they got Trai Essex on Monday but that's not going to be enough for Donald Brown. Players to Watch - Colts ANDREW LUCK It is a given that he's on the "Players to Watch" list. Luck threw for over 300 yards last week but had a fumble and three interceptions. Part of the problem is the offensive line. They need to protect him so he is not running for his life every down. Luck had a rough day against one of the league's best defenses. He can rebound this week and next week and can go into the bye week with a 2-1 record. DONALD BROWN Brown had 9 rushes for 48 yards and a touchdown against the Bears. Even though he had a 5.3 yards-per-carry average. He need to pick up more yards to get a win this Sunday. Trai Essex will be an important part of Brown succeeding this goal. for 48 yards and a touchdown against the Bears. Even though he had a 5.3 yards-per-carry average. He need to pick up more yards to get a win this Sunday. Trai Essex will be an important part of Brown succeeding this goal. VONTAE DAVIS A very good idea to trade for this player. Davis is the Colts' best cornerback besides Powers. Davis needs to perform better this week than last week even though they were hesistant at first to the receiver he was covering. He has respect for his playing ability. That is one thing the Colts need for their defense that they haven't gotten, respect. Players to Watch - Vikings ADRIAN PETERSON Peterson is one of the best Runningbacks in the NFL. Even though he had an injury last year, he is back to form and played great against the Jaguars. Peterson can be better if Freeney can't play Sunday. Without Freeney against the Bears, the defense fell apart. He is vital to their stopping of Peterson. If he's not there, expect a 100-yard game for Peterson. MATT KALIL It is important that Kalil plays well to help Peterson. Kalil was rated the best offensive lineman in the draft and was taken 4th overall. He is a great player that will help the Vikings for years to come. Standing at 6'7'', he is a tall lineman that can stop the Indianapolis pass and rush attack. He will be an interseting player to watch Sunday. JOSH ROBINSON Robinson was one of the fastest players taken in the draft with a 4.29 40 time. He was drafted in the third round and was regarded as one of the best corners in the draft despite him being picked in Round 3. We will go up against the Colts slot reciever Avery if Collie starts this week. If Collie is inactive, He will most likely go up against Brazill. He will be a key player for the Vikings to win Sunday. COLTS KEYS TO THE GAME 1. Utilize the rookie tight ends Allen, Fleener, and even Jones 2. Protect Andrew Luck 3. Stop Adrian Peterson's rushing attack VIKINGS KEYS TO THE GAME 1. Use your new players (Carlson, Robinson, Wright, Kalil) 2. Stop Andrew Luck 3. Give Adrian Peterson the ball GAME PREDICTION The Colts are the better team even though they aren't even the old Colts anymore. The Vikings started off good againts a former 5-11 team. The Vikings will put up a good fight but Indy wins 28-21.
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