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  1. I must have been half awake when I did this and forgot Houston lol. He is 100% going to be there. I must be losing it, since I forgot Houston. Milton does not make the 53 then with Houston there.
  2. Based off what I saw against the Bills last night. Offense (24) QB: Luck, Brissett RB: Mack, Hines, Wilkins, Williams WR: Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, Fountain, Rogers TE; Doyle, Ebron, Alie-Cox OL: Castonzo, Nelson, Kelly, Glowinski, Smith, Haeg, Boehm, Andrews, Barton Defense (26) DE: Sheard, Muhammed, Turay, Phillips DT: Autry, Hunt, Lewis, Stewart, Ward OLB: Leonard, Banogu, Adams, MLB: Walker, Okereke, Speed CB: Desir, Moore, Wilson, Ya-Sin, Tell, Milton S: Hooker, Geathers, Willis, Farley, Odum Special Teams (3) K: Vinatieri P: Sanchez LS: Rhodes Practice Squad (10) RB D'Onta Foreman TE Hale Hentges T Antonio Garcia DE Gerri Green LB Skai Moore WR Penny Hart RB Aca'Cedric Ware WR Krishawn Hogan K Cole Hedlund DT Sterling Shippy Reserve/Suspended QB Chad Kelly Notes: - I liked what I saw from Chad Kelly, but I don't know if they would keep 3 QBs on the active roster. He's suspended the first two games of the season so they will have to make that decision by Week 3. I do think he deserves a spot on the Practice Squad. - I need to see some actual game play from Foreman before I put him on the 53. - Nate Hairston has an uphill battle to make this team. I think they would favor Tell for his athleticism and Milton for his special teams ability. - Carroll Phillips played really well yesterday. I can see him making the team if he keeps up his level of play. - Fountain impressed me yesterday and so far has earned a spot on the 53. I think Rogers stays for now but if Cain and Fountain are producing, Rogers could be cut if they want to only keep 5 WRs. - The backup offensive lineman did not impress me. Maybe Ballard will get a waiver-wire pickup to improve the reserve O-Line. - I thought Speed played a good game and I think he can contribute on defense this year
  3. I know it's against us, but it was cool to see Wade get a big play after coming over from England as a Rugby player.
  4. Kelly moves rather well for a person who tore his right ACL twice.
  5. I'd throw Chad Kelly in now. You basically know what you have in Walker, I'd like to see what Kelly can do.
  6. Jonathan Williams has made good use of his touches
  7. Muhammed playing well enough to be the starter while Sheard is out.
  8. Nate Hairston has not looked good to me so far. Phillips and Muhammed have had some decent pressures off the edge. Ryan Kelly and AC are showing how important they are to the O-Line, though the basic play calling contributes to poor O-Line play.
  9. Had 53 catches for 485 yards with 2 TDs. I think he'll stick around for now but I could see them moving on from him if/when the younger players surpass him.
  10. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/31/washington-signing-hugh-thornton/ It's been awhile since I heard his name. Glad to see him back on an NFL roster.
  11. Autry had a pretty good year in 2017 with the Raiders. Only started 3 games but had 5 sacks and 7 passes knocked down at the line. Great find by Ballard for our interior d-line.
  12. I understand that the rating system was changed this year and more players will be in the 60-80 range, but I question why Darius Leonard is an 84 OVR when Derwin James is 87 OVR and Leighton Vander Esch is 86 OVR. I think James and LVE are both phenomenal young defensive stars, but they should not be higher than Leonard after Leonard wins DROY. They should all be at 87 or Leonard at 87 and those two at 86 OVR.
  13. I went back and watched some more clips of Watson and I see that he has a better arm than I gave him credit for. During the combine I remembered the analysts mentioning his arm was not as good as other QBs in that draft based on ball velocity. I think Watson's throws were around 49 MPH, while most throw in the mid-50s or higher. But based on the clips I watched, his arm looks fine, it's more so the accuracy and QB fundamentals.
  14. Watson had a pretty good year, 4165 yards (+551 rush yards) and 26 TDs (+5 Rush TDs) with 9 INTs. He is a good game management QB. He'll give you around 250 yards with a TD pass or two (only threw more than 2 TD passes in a game once last season: 5 TDs against Miami) and he'll scramble for some first downs. His main issue is his arm. He does not have great arm strength for deep throws and his accuracy falters at times. He's a good enough QB with his athleticism to make the playoffs on a good team, especially with Hopkins to throw to. He also did a good jon this year considering he dealt with an O-line that got him sacked 62 times. However, I don't see him as a superstar or a top 10 QB. He's definitely not a terrible QB, but right now he's more middle of the pack around 16th best QB.
  15. Colts have went 0-2 to start the season from 2014-2017, and lost the first game of the year every year except against the Raiders in 2013. Colts need to set a new precedent of staying in rhythm all season and not being in must win scenarios during Weeks 3-5.
  16. Obviously a lot can happen between now and the regular season, but I think Wilkins is on this team in September. I think it will be more a question of is Spencer Ware going to show enough in camp and pre-season for the Colts to carry him as a 4th RB. I think Wilkins is safe whether they keep 3 or 4 RBs.
  17. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/pete-priscos-top-100-nfl-players-of-2019-aaron-donald-edges-patrick-mahomes-for-no-1-chargers-have-most-on-list/ #20: Andrew Luck #52: Quenton Nelson #65: TY Hilton #88: Darius Leonard
  18. This would be my list: 1. Saquon Barkley 2. Ezekiel Elliott 3. Alvin Kamara 4. Christian McCaffrery 5. Todd Gurley 6. Le'Veon Bell 7. Melvin Gordon 8. Joe Mixon 9. James Conner 10. Nick Chubb 11. Phillip Lindsay 12. Sony Michel 13. David Johnson 14. Derrick Henry 15. Chris Carson 16. Marlon Mack 17. Kerryon Johnson 18. Aaron Jones 19. Leonard Fournette 20. Dalvin Cook 21. Jordan Howard 22. Mark Ingram 23. Adrian Peterson 24. LeSean McCoy 25. Devonta Freeman 26. Lamar Miller 27. Kenyan Drake 28. Tevin Coleman 29. Damien Williams 30. Josh Jacobs 31. David Montgomery 32. Ronald Jones
  19. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001034041/article/ranking-all-32-rb1s-heading-into-2019-saquon-barkley-no-1 Can't say that I agree that Mack is the 24th best starting RB, when he has Josh Jacobs at #21 without taking a snap yet and Damien Williams at #20. Mack's NFL statistical ranks 16th in Rush Yards with 908 Tied for 7th in TDs with 9 6th in Rush Yards/Game with 75.7 2nd in Postseason Rush Yards with 194
  20. I think we have done a good job in the draft.

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      I do too!

  21. Goldman, Johnson, Collins, or Kendricks would be ideal options for 29

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