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  1. And you know your team did good when instead of the NFL calling

    Colin Kaepernick highlights from Colts game Highlights they call it

    Colin Kaepernick's rough moments instead!!  http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap2000000248967/Week-3-Colin-Kaepernick-s-rough-moments

    I didn't know they made a video of that.  Thanks for the link.  That was a fun video to watch.  Colts defense was on fire in that game.

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  2. I disagree, man.  I see this as a profit-taking similar to the Patriots developing Matt Cassell and trading him for a draft pick.  Realistically, while we were all impressed by Rayford's work against 2nd and 3rd team OL, he's still just a developmental pass-rusher.  And his sacks seemed to be similar: OT is pushing him safely around the QB, but with his length, he reaches out and pulls the QB down with one hand.  If he were a starter that opposing team's starting OL were preparing for, would he be able to do that?  Answer: not until he developed an inside move that linemen had to respect.  Plus, there are the issues that his knees would be exposed as an OLB (there's a reason there aren't many 6'7" OLBs) and that he's a 27 year old rookie.  A lot of water has to pass under the bridge before he can contribute, and Cam Johnson was a more complete player.  Really good move, especially if we got more than a 7th rounder for Rayford.

    I see what you mean.  I just thought the Colts could develop him into something good.  At least we got something out of it.  I just hope the draft pick turns out to something we really need.  But I think you have a good opinion.  I was hoping he could turn into Ted Hendricks but that was highly unlikely.  Ted Hendricks probably would have trouble today though.  I guess it is pretty great to get a draft pick from an undrafted free agent.  I think I should add that in what I wrote up.

  3. I agree...also have to keep in the back of our minds drafting Reggie's heir apparent.  Even if DHB turns out to be really good, he still is best utilized as a #2 WR, and Hilton is such a nightmare in the slot.  

    As soon as Reggie retires which should be in two years Grigson will find a good wide receiver through the draft.  Grigson as done well so far, so I trust him to complete the roster and make it the best.  The Colts have fixed a lot of holes in the roster and will complete the finishing touches in the next few years.  By that time we will be legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

  4. I look at it like this. Offense: Great QB, great TEs, very good receiving corps, solid running back corps, but the offensive line still needs work.  If Holmes and Thornton turn out to be solid starters, we still have zero depth on the line.  Defense: Makings of a very good secondary, but little depth at the CB position.  Lb corps could use another big body on the inside, and another pass rusher outside.  The D-line is improved but still a work in progress and about 2 players away from being good.  The best thing going for the Colts is the large amout of franchise players we have that are young. (Luck, Ballard, Hilton, Allen, Fleener, Castanzo, Vontae, Champan, Werner)  We may not be in the discussion for best roster in the NFL, but in my opinion no one has a better core of young talent than we do.  COLTS!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I see where you are coming from and we might have the best potential among young talent.  If our young talent develops very well and we find solid backups to add depth (O-line, D-Line, Cornerbacks, at least one more good pass rusher) we could be the best roster like you said.  I think in a few years we will be at that point of being one of the best rosters if we develop our young talent into great backups and starters.  Next year's draft we should focus on the offensive and defensive lines but go cornerback in the 1st or 2nd round. 

  5. On paper, no this roster is not the best.  I want it to be, and if we can "overachieve" again, the unit as a whole can be the best.  But duplicating last year's efforts with this roster is going to be next to impossible.  Colts this year have too many young players with too much to prove for it to be considered the best. 

    I see where you are coming from but if everyone that is starting performs to expectations we have a very good starting rotation but yes the backups need to prove themselves as football players.  But I see what you mean, because the Colts do have a lot of inexperienced players but they have the potential to be good or very good.  But yes this teams needs to play even better than what they are capable of to be the best.  Maybe with the next few years they can be considered the best depending on free agency and the draft and development of players.    

  6. I've looked at our roster and have looked over other rosters in the league,  There are some surprisingly strong rosters out there , some with "Mega Talent" all up and down their rosters.  I'm not sure why the Colts couldn't bolster the roster with bigger names in the off-season but Grigson did what he could with what was available at the time --- he also missed a few gems (Welker), and many others.

    If we got Welker our receiving corps would be unstoppable but yes there were some big name players Grigson decided not to go after.  He probably would have given them bigger contracts than he did with the players he did sign.

  7. I learned our special teams need work... and were weak in secondary depth. Harnish isn't going to make the squad.... and that's about it.

    As long as our starters in the secondary stay healthy we should be fine.  The starters looked good.  But yes I don't think Harnish is 53 man roster healthy after that performance, probably practice squad.  McNary or the 6'7'' Caesar Rayford can get his roster spot.  Pat McAfee should be able to kick it out of the endzone on kickoffs but still need better coverage and better kick returning.  Let's see how we do against the Giants.    

  8. I agree with you completely, I was just making the comment that I just ignore strength of schedule...The Colts, and every team at some point,

    will lose games they should win easily and win games they should lose.  Just look at last year, colts lose to jags then beat packers.  I view a season as a whole when guessing what a team's record will be, I also pay alot more attention to who is on the roster, who the coaches are, and the overall momentum of a team the last few seasons vs. who they play.  The biggest reason i prefer NFL over college football is ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, big upsets happen every week in NFL, colleges we are lucky to get a few a year.

    I just hope the Colts don't lose the game against Broncos.  That will be huge if they win that.  But then they might end up losing to the Rams a few weeks later.  Let's just hope the Colts are on the good side of those upsets, but they won't go undefeated so I expect them to lose games, just not more than six.    

  9. I don't buy into the strength of schedule formula.  With the exception of the Raiders, every team the Colts play this year should be better than last year.

    Even the Jags improved moderately.  Texans should be healthier, Chiefs have a QB, Titans vastly improved their roster, and all the other teams are young teams that will improve with experience.  That said the Colts probably improved as much, if not more, than any other team.  I say 10 wins is a lock, 

    11 is my hope, any more would be gravy. Cheers!

    I know team's record's improve just like the Colts last year but there are still some teams that were bad last year that the Colts can handle.  They should be able to get 11 wins.  But yes, even the Jaguars will probably get like 5 wins at least.

  10. I feel like his window just opened. Clearly he is not going to be a way over paid, play from ahead one-dimensional player like Freeney.

    That is OK as we need a bunch of moderately paid players to win as a TEAM!

    I think he saw he actually recorded a sack in the game! And yes, I think this is his opurtunity to do someyhing.

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