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  1. @helloweenorg Bring back Kiske

  2. @FreyaTingley Wow Freya. You are absolutely beautiful.

  3. @WWEPPorn It wouldn't be as close if you had switched the RTs and Likes. Sasha easily

  4. @afz33n @gusmar80 I side 88% with Ted Cruz https://t.co/5hzpyg4ZYp

  5. @BradWellsNFL Grigs dropped Shipley for anyone not named Shipley. I will nvr understand why he wasn't given a fair chance.

  6. How many millions does he make? I don't feel bad for him at all.
  7. @dc_mma @WWE It just goes to show you that he just couldn't do it on his own.

  8. If Luck and Hasselbeck are inactive this weekend, do we bring up Alex Tanney or let Pat McAfee be backup?
  9. Ralph Peters calls Obama 'a total *' on live television https://t.co/Yb8pw9IT1w via @YouTube

  10. Is Cherilus signed with anyone yet? Wow, that was horrible.
  11. RT @GUSMAR80: If you want to laugh.......https://t.co/mw8PCLvgwe

  12. Please don't imply that the refs had anything to do with this. Most of the Patriots' balls were in the 10 PSI range.
  13. And so what if it was a witch hunt or a "sting" or whatever you guys want to call it? Had the Patriots played by the rules, none of this would have happened.
  14. 1) The Pats got caught deflating footballs 2) They have a guy on equipment staff who handles the footballs 3) The guy is called the "deflator" Are you telling me based on these three facts that you actually buy that the guy was trying to lose weight and that was what the use of the word "deflation" was all about? Talk about a coincidence!
  15. 4-0 would be worse by far. A 4-0 start would prove that Brady is just a cog in Bellichick's wheel. An 0-4 start would reassure Pats' fans and some critics that Brady IS the Patriots and they cannot win without him.
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