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  1. I'd really like Marshall but AJ will bring a lot more leadership to the table plus he can still ball.
  2. Wait for the bootlegs and get an authentic for $45 or get a few different players for the price of one "real" jersey lol The bootleg Reebok authentics I have look like the real deal. I'm assuming the nike ones will be up to par
  3. My two favorite RBs of all time are Bo Jackson and Barry Sanders
  4. now now Ray "murder" Lewis might have to take that crown lol
  5. It's about time for Mr. Freeney to get out of here. Love the guy and it was a privilege watching him play but we need to trade him or cut him ASAP. The complete rebooting of this franchise is already underway and we need some cap space to button up some things we have yet to address. See ya later 93
  6. I'm excited, let's hope jimmy boy doesn't get this wild notion in his head to draft RG3 for the shock value and attention he'll get for it
  7. I'd prefer Luck but i don't care enough to argue college degrees and the other unimportant details mentioned throughtout the 4 pages. lol Patience is a virtue, calm it down and wait for the draft. What happens, happens
  8. Thank you!! We finally got my boy ZIBBY! the FO making calculated moves and I love it. This Defense might just suprise a lot of people this year
  9. As far as fantasy goes, I personally will be staying away from mr johnson. After signing this astronomical contract it's only fitting he gets injured. Thats the luck of the Detroit Lions right there
  10. I'm not sure Freeney can handle the coverage roles as an OLB. Trade him and lets get on with the revamping of this Defense
  11. As soon as Mario Williams lands somewhere the calls will be coming in for Freeney. So I'm just hoping Williams gets his deal done ASAP. I wouldn't mind gettting a 1st RD pick from the Pats, that would be HUGE for us
  12. everybody wave bye bye to dwight with no compensation :wave:
  13. BETHEA: "YOU GONNA F$%K ON MEE??????"( in his leslie chow voice)
  14. @4mvps-- i think you meant you're a die hard Peyton Manning fan. I can't stand this type of "fan." You realize you can still be a Colts fan and continue to follow PM closely and root for him right? What happens when he retires? Are you going to bandwagon to the next big thing as well? On behalf of the REAL Colts fans here... GOOD RIDDANCE
  15. our secondary has me a little on edge going into this season.
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