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  1. I agree with unitaswestand. We do not have the personel, imo, to run neither the 3-4 nor the tampa 2. Coyer, I believe, does not play to the strengths of the players he has on defense. The tampa 2 works, and several other teams us it, just not as a primary defense like we seem to. What I believe needs to be retired is not the tampa 2 defense...but the "bend but don't break" mentality that runs rampant through the FO and defensive coaches. Giving up ten 9 yard plays followed by a td is in no way different that one 90 yard play and a td (with the exception of time off the clock). Whoever had the
  2. Gronk I'm sure stays. He's not an amazing fb but all that means is he's there and he's cheap. They kept Gijon Robinson for years for the same reason. Hopefully Painter stays because that means we don't draft Luck and address the many needs on the team instead. Garcon will stay. He can't ask for elite money. They lowball him and he takes it. Probly with incentives on performance. Pollack was drafted to take Saturdays place. He stays. Captain false start Diem stay. Slide over to guard. Hopefully LG since they have that guard telling Saturday when to snap. Should eliminate his false starts since
  3. While I like the way Gruden coaches (ie. He actually shows emotion/passion)...we all got to sit back while he tore the Super Bowl Bucs team to shreds. Some of it, I'm sure, was the Glazers being cheap. But still! A head coach does have say in personel decisions. Does anyone really want Gruden to come in to Indy and rip this team apart even if he was available? Hopefully not. Id take Cowher in a hot second. I'm sure that somebody with his track record isn't interested in being a bandaid coach to a team this mismanaged for so long though. Regardless...whoever we get CAN'T be worse than Caldwell.
  4. Completely agree. "The Colts way" only works with the greatest qb of all time. When something needs a piece like that in order to work...it is clearly flawed. I've never understood the "bend but don't break" philosophy. Honestly...who doesn't want a top 5 defense that can win a game by itself? Peyton has shown us recently that it honesty doesn't matter who's on the field as far as recievers go. He turned Blair White and Jacob Tamme into studs last year. And yet we continuously draft offense with our top picks and try to stuff undrafted FAs or late round projects into a flawed defensive scheme.
  5. I see. So without Peyton or his "supposed" twin...the offense flat out doesn't work? Might as well sell the franchise and build a mall in place of Lucas Oil then because there will never be another Peyton Manning. And why once Peyton retires? Surely you don believe that the offense is the reason we're losing. Also...there is this position in football...called a coach...who can simplify the offense(like Jackson did for Cambell). Its amazing how 31 other teams succeed(sometimes) without Peyton huh? You are correct in assuming that we need Peyton to run "Peytons" offense...but that's not to say t
  6. I already mentioned that they don't play it every down like we do. And if you don't understand the tampa 2...let me explain. You clear your linebackers and they play deep zones with your safeties. And your corners also. This is why it is used to a prevent and not an every down play. Regardless...the middle will be open and the corners will continue to play off because that's what the defense calls for. What we ned is more talented players...and a dc that knows better than to call that crap all the time. That part we agree on. Th disagreement is that you think a defensive scheme change will be
  7. This is exactly the kind of hippity hoppity mumbo jumbo that has people blinded when it comes to Luck. You admit that there are no guarantees...and the next paragraph is you saying Luck gives "franchise viability?" Did you get out of your time machine and saw us winning with him? What guarantees are there with him? You are saying things like he is a guarantee when the truth is...you are one of the mod edit I was talking about. The leagues history is peppered with "guaranteed" busts.
  8. Wrong. If they want to continue to run this defense...and I assure you that they will...you draft players SPECIFICALLY FOR this defense. Players that fit into the scheme better. I understand fully the Colts defense... but I question whether you do. You're saying the scheme is flawed. That is wrong. The tampa 2 defense I a sound preventative defense that needs star linebackers and corners to use effectively. Guess where you get those kind of players. OH! You guessed it! Top 3 rounds of the draft! And circle gets a square. Several teams around the league use the tampa 2 style defense with succes
  9. I am unbelievably tired of hearing about this kid. All of you "Suck for Luck"ers have absolutely NO idea what the needs of this team are. Andrew Luck will not be the magical savior of this Colts defense...and that IS what we need. SOMEONE ON DEFENSE! Luck would not have changed the outcome of this game. Having one more 1st round pick on our bench to keep the thing warm with Gonzo, Brown, and Hughes is the last thing in the world this team needs. If we happen to get the 1st overall...trade it away for more picks in later rounds and stack the defense with six 3rd round or higher players. Not to
  10. Total embarrassment. I say rebuild...starting with the coaching staff. Yes...ultimately Caldwell is responsible for the way the team performs. But his coaching staff isn't making it any easier on him. Christiansen calls the same 10 plays all game (hence the reason the offense seems ineffective in the 2nd half). Coyer is a complete joke of a dc. Special teams is horrible. Cornerbacks coach somehow couldn't work with Tim Jennings...who went to the Bears to be one of their strongest corners. And let's not forget that the whole defense, aside from Freeney, Angerer, and Powers is built with undraft
  11. Embarrassed to be a Colts fan? Embarrassed huh? Perhaps you didn't realize...but nobody is forcing you to be a Colts fan. I support my team win or lose and I'm NEVER embarrassed to be a Colts fan. You should take your fair weather fandom somewhere else. Indianapolis has given you countless broken records, record breaking wins over a decade, a Super Bowl championship, and record breaking playoff berths. 6 bad games based in majority to injuries and the embarrassment starts? Yeah...
  12. Tepper at starting DT. Priceless. If it makes the D-line better I'm all for it.
  13. Come on Colts fans...where's the faith?! The Saints have not been amazing this year like they were in previous years. Brees has thrown his share of picks. Ingram is good but he's still a rook that hasn't yet seen the wrath of the Angerer, Conner, Bethea box stacking. Their defense hasn't been much better than ours. Same holes in their secondary they just have a better coordinator. They also just lost to the Bucs...who we led against for 90% of the game. I'm sure Brees will have his way with the secondary...but as long as they can hold them to fgs somtimes that shouldn't be any more of a probl
  14. Thread should have been called "My Madden Franchise." Not only will 95% of the players you listed be resigned by their perspective teams...but half of them have the exact character issues that the Colts organization stays away from. Also they are not going to switch from a 4-3 tampa 2 based defense to a 3-4 and even if they were going to...it makes NO sense to make a dramatic defensive change and build it from free agency. Not to mention Freethis would not fit well into a 3-4 so you'd have to trade them or move them to linebacker....also never gonna happen. Do I agree that there will be change
  15. It also takes good linebackers that can read plays well and cover ground quickly incase they do throw under. Stud DTs and Linebackers are personel we currently do not have. Yes Angerer is looking great...but it takes 3. Not 1. Either way...as I said...the defense, or ANY defense, is not meant to be run back to back to back for 4 quarters with pauses in the monotony only for an untimely blitz. During our sb run...we had a mix of different defenses and blitzes. Oh! And a very healthy and studly Bob Sanders to play run stop. One can NEVER underestimate Sanders' role in our playoff defense that ye
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