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  1. Matt Eberflus and Nick Sirianni were McDaniel's guys no? Haven't seen anything saying Ballard had anything to do with those decisions. Correct me if I'm wrong? I do agree though Reigh/Sirianni and Eberflus were major impacts to the change in development of our team.
  2. The one that got away was selecting Werner when Xavier Rhodes was there for the taking round 1 in 2013.
  3. Ya that is a huge disappointment but understand. I guess I'll have to wait until TC
  4. Rex Grossman deserved what he got
  5. I've been waiting to hear if the Colts would do a Mini Camp Open House at Lucas Oil again this year like they have in the last few year and I have not heard any news. I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything or is it likely not happening this year?
  6. I really like Shayne Skov. Anyone have any draft info on which round this kid might go?
  7. I thought it was a 8 game suspension for Saunders?
  8. I'll give it a go - I think the Bucs surprise some people this year and Patriots and Ravens have difficulties repeating recent success. Seahawks Broncos 49ers' Falcons Packers Patriots Texans Colts Ravens Redskins Saints Bengals Bucs Vikings Steelers Giants Rams Dolphins Cowboys Chiefs Panthers Bears Lions Cardinals Browns Eagles Chargers Titans Bills Jets Jaguars Raiders
  9. never had a problem with mine
  10. Sort of a memorabilia freak. Currently have Manning Authentic Home & Away - both signed Luck Nike Authentic Home & Away - Soon signed + 2 Home Signed + Stanford Signed Clark Authentic Home - Signed Sanders Home - Signed Wayne Home - Signed Freeney Home - Signed Fleener Home - Soon signed James Home - Old Harbaugh Home - Old This year I'd like to get a Hilton jersey and probably a Vontae, Landry, or DHB jersey soon depending on how contract stuff works out
  11. "In the basement of their trailer" love it
  12. Can we get past the ACL injury? ...Adrian Peterson seems to be doing just fine. (before anyone has as a fit yes I know they are 2 different people and 2 different injuries) I think today we can say theres a strong possibility he will be able to recover at a high level.
  13. This guy is NOT their cast off! They can't afford to keep him and rebuild that mess. He wants a pay raise every year because the Jets promised him that. They gave him a cheap contract for the first 2 years so they could afford cap wise to pay other players and "promised" him a new deal afterwards that would pay him appropriately. I think its a no brainer to trade a first this year for him. We're not going to find a more impact player in the LATE 1ST round and we can pay him a fair amount to keep him happy for many years and be set!
  14. I can't stop watching this! What an amazing year. I just can't even imagine what the next few years are going to bring. 1:31 Cliff Avril you are a bum
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