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  1. The progress I hope for is winning the south. I see each team beating each other with colts taking it in the final week at 9-7. It seems every year 2 divisions have a team win it at 8-8 or 9-7, next year it will be us. M Faulk, Harrison, Dilger were here when a new qb started. We still need a few more weapons for the new guy. Flacco, Sanchez and Dalton all had a running game and a good D. The rules to winning this year is to follow the T's: Turnovers/takeaways, Technique, Tackling/tight coverage, Time of poss. I believe this can and will happen THIS year! April 1st brings the new nfl ye
  2. We need a big bruising back, B Jacobs. Go get him for cheap and let's start pounding the middle. Brown and Carter are going nowhere fast. Big 240+ pd back. Grigson, we don't have a shady here, get the big back now please.
  3. What do you say to the fans? How about this imploding of the team doesn't even compare to 98. Faulk, Dilger, Pollard and Harrison were here. Who does luck have? Brown, Collie, White and Tamme. How soon we forget the tripplets! Edge led the nfl in rushing his first 2 seasons. That alone takes alot of the heat off a Qb. Who here is going to do that? Brown? Carter? Give me a break! Go get B Jacobs. We need a big back and he would fit perfect. Now go get a tall wr 6'3-4. Jump balls are in this year. Big bruising back and tall wr. Now that's a start. Stay with me here! Next an overweigh
  4. I want to win now, not years down the road. Manning had Faulk, Dilger and Pollard and Harrison. Then came Edge and Reggie Get up off your butt now and get Luck some weapons, like this tuesday! Colts fans are used to winning and will except nothing but that. Forget a few years, thats talk from a loser. Get a big run clogging DT, LBers who can tackle, and an all world RB. Get yourself a Moss or T.O 6 " 4 WR who can jump and win fights for balls. We were in 3/4 of the games last year right down to the end. I expect a wild card berth this year. If the Bengals can do it with that tic
  5. No faith in our own, we bring in a 37 yr old vet to start the season with 1 week to go. I say stick with manning because no rookie knows the nfl speed right out of the gate. I'm buying colt playoff tickets this year because of Manning, Every frickin team wants Manning! What the F does that tell you? Of a washed up Qb? Or a proven mvp who can step right in and take the team to a new level. I;m not waiting 3-4 years for the so called jump if it even happens to make the playoffs. I'm betting the house on a proven winner who wants to show people/teams that he is back and is taking no prisoners
  6. Brain dead topic. Manning is throwing right now to Clark and Collie. He will play this year at a high/mvp level. If he can play, he will play for the colts Irsay said. I believe Mr. Irsay is a man of his word and will have Manning under center for the COLTS this year with luck learning/earning behind him. We hit the pot of gold, we hold all the cards, and we will have the 2 best qbs in the nfl playing for the colts! Keep Manning, draft luck and F everyone else. Manning makes the colts better. Unless the colts now are in the business of making other teams better. Wake up! go to the b
  7. The biggest story of the year will be about Manning and how he's holding up. Manning is going to play and play with a chip on his shoulder. He wants to match his brother in super bowls. The eyes of the world will be on him and the team he plays for. He is going to generate a lot of money and exposure for him and his team. He will make the colts back their money 10 fold this year alone and lead us back to the playoffs. We can restucture Mannings contract and draft luck. We can and should have both. Every team needs 2 good qbs. Well we will have 2 great qbs. We don't need years of downtime/re
  8. 90% of teams are interested in Manning. They don't care about his health. A 75% Manning is better than anyone not named Brady, Brees or Rodgers. You don't just let Manning go and get nothing in return. That would be STUPID! Sign or rework Mannings contract, then we can get crazy out this world offers for him before the draft! We have the #1 pick in the draft because the best qb in the league sat out last year. If no teams were showing interest in Manning then letting him go would not hurt us, but everyone and their brother wants Manning. Manning could bring us quality top notch players and d
  9. Football is all about money. With Manning here the next 2 years, he will make the colts their money back 3 fold. Anything Manning will be sought after. Packed games, clothing, merch, colts endorsements. We keep Manning we win. We keep Manning and draft luck, we own the next decade. No decline! Mr. Irsay, Please keep Manning. You can still draft luck and have your Qb for the future. Manning will restructure, Luck will learn from the master, and you will be forever praised for keeping true to a promise. Having Manning finish out his career a colt. Remember, we're not rebuilding- we're rel
  10. Every team needs 2 good Qbs. Manning will play and play like he never missed time. Manning is Indy and Indy is Manning. Besides Brady, Brees and Rodgers, Noone is better than Manning. We have a 4 time mvp Qb who wants to play and finish his career here. With him, we win the south and reach the playoffs. There is nothing wrong with having both Manning and Luck. We win now and we win in the future. If Luck has a problem sitting and learning behind Manning, than he isn't a team player. We could draft RG3 and use him right away as a change up for P. M and he would be happy to learn from the ma
  11. I just watched the espn Manning interview. Manning wants to play and is going to play this season. He has been and will be a top 5 Qb this season. He wants to finish up here in Indy. He may play 2 more years? I wonder if we were in contention at the end of the year, I think Manning would have returned. The Manning I remember won 4 straight and was a Blair W drop from another run at a superbowl. So he finally missed time last season his first ever. He is healing and will be ready for mini camp. Luck or RG3 should be drafted to backup and learn from Manning as we return to winning the sout
  12. If you're going to get rid of Manning and he still wants to play, trade him to highest bidder (Anyone but the jets) and load up on draft picks. Releasing him for nothing and getting nothing in return is crazy, pure and simple. Manning is worth atleast a #1 pick and other picks as well. Mr Irsay, you talk about the colts future. Well Luck, plus the picks for Manning, and our other draft picks this year, should set us up nicely for the future.
  13. RG3. Everyone has been talking about Vick these last couple of years and right here is the younger. bigger, faster (track speed) version who can pass/run. Manning is the starter but you can mix plays in right away with RG3. Imagine Manning and RG3 in the backfield together? Is it going to Manning or RG3? If to Manning, could he pass to RG3? If to RG3, Is he gonna pass or is he gonna run? Colts take the south and go on to win the superbowl next year, Manning retires a colt, and RG3 will be ready to run this high powered O into the future. Problem solved. No charge.
  14. Manning was just throwing in pads last month to Joe A and gonzo in a closed practice and they said they were excited. An 85% Manning is and always will be better than most Qbs in the nfl and every draft pick coming into the league regardless of draft position. We learned the hard way this year that you need 2 good/great Qbs on every team to compete. Well after the draft we will. Manning and Luck, or Manning and RG3. Drafting luck and trading him to browns for RG3 and draft picks could be golden down the road. RG3 is a bright and talented a
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