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  1. Hard to believe there are still soooooo many people on here that think Mr. snail Richardson will be magically better than he was last year. This guy totally sucked last year, and for all you dreamers out there I got news for you, he's not going be any better this season. Just because he was good in college does not mean a darn thing when it comes to the NFL, and just because he was a number 1 draft pick that does not guarantee anything. This so-called runner is SLOW, slow to the hole slow with his cuts and he's only going to hurt us when he's on the field. If he had been a 7th round pick he would have been cut already!
  2. If your right, Patty Mac will be punting the ball a heck of a lot!
  3. If we get Mack I'd be shocked! I don't even know if the Colts are still pursuing him and even if we do the brownies will match our offer.
  4. Nicks would be a HUGE upgrade over dhb!, people on here that say it might hurt T.Y,s feelings are totally crazy! If getting NIcks will help the team that is the main priority not worrying about hurting another players feelings, which btw wouldn't anyway, T.Y would be happy to get another playmaker out there with him, it will only open up more things for him!
  5. Grigson should have tried to get Golden Tate, would have been a good receiver and returner for us, but he didn't do anything, and Detroit got him for a reasonable 31 million over 5 years something we could have easily afforded to pay.
  6. Bradshaw should be the starter if he's healthy, great runner when healthy as he proved last year, Ballard second in line, and Mr. turtle on the bench where he belongs!
  7. We should be trying to get BDP instead of going for Mack. The brownies will no doubt match anything we offer Mack, and by the time we find that out BDP will have been gobbled by some other team. Then were in a real pickle!
  8. I'd have Jones as our defensive tackle, he's got better lateral movement than Chapman, and Redding and RJF as our defensive ends.
  9. Since when do you know anything about football Mr. smart guy! You saw that bum run last year and he totally sucks, what make your tiny little brain think he will do any better this season fool!
  10. Are you kidding! If we get rid of any runner we should get rid of that snail Richardson!
  11. Arthur Jones? Why in the world would the Colts want him, he only had 4 sacks last year playing defensive end for Baltimore? Heck Bjorn can do a lot better than that!
  12. Seahawks kicker Steven Haushka, whose a free agent, would be the best fit for the colts. He's only 28 and he was 33 out of 35 field goals last year, he would solve our kicking duties for a long time.
  13. As much as I like Adam, he doesn't have much time left in his NFL career I would say 2 years at the most. I think the smarter move would be to try to get the Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka who is a free agent and a good one at that. He's only 28 and made 33 of 35 field goals last year, If Grigson was smart he should try really hard to sign this guy!
  14. If Bradshaw is healthy he would be a huge upgrade over Mr. turtle Richardson. The Colts need to resign him because he won't cost much, and I like a platoon system of Bradshaw and Ballard, and keep the turtle on the bench, or better yet cut him.
  15. Were not going to win now, in fact I see us having a down year this year. Were going to be losing way too many of our own good players to free agency, we have very few draft choices, and Grigson is not going to sign any really good players in free agency! I think we'll be lucky to be 8 and 8 this coming season, and probably not make the playoffs.
  16. Getting Kevin Hardy and Carlos Dansby in free agency would be a start.
  17. After watching Seattle destroy Denver in the Super Bowl, I would have to say our win against the Seahawks, because that game showed were very capable of beating the best team in the NFL!
  18. With Seattle being a young team I think its possible they might dominate the Super Bowl for years to come.
  19. Andrew looks sooooooooooo much better without the beard, have no idea why he keeps growin it back lol
  20. All I can was that the format of this game was "WEIRD"! To me this wasn't football, it was more like a circus! I bet the TV ratings for this will be bad.
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