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  1. Can Dayo come back the 8th game or is it the 9th one
  2. Wonder if Dayo will be better than paye
  3. We will see in a few games what condition Dayo is in
  4. Wouldn't mind if they tried him at wr with his 4.2 speed it be a nightmare to cover
  5. That raiders game will be key also need to beat the teams we are supposed to beat
  6. Ed reeds don't grow on trees
  7. Saw someone say Wentz throws alot of intercept able balls on 49ers forum
  8. Probably scotti g who to draft first next year
  9. Just watched sproles highlights they don't compare. Sproles was way shiftier. Sproles was a elite returner to. The only thing they have in common is speed.
  10. Disagree sproles was shiftier and hard to see because he was short
  11. They have kept us in games. If we could have scored another TD we would have won
  12. Fans have high expectations and get mad at injuries. From a personal prospective I can understand the disappointment of injury getting in the way of progress. Sometimes things just don't work out how you'd like them.
  13. I don't see it granted wouldn't complain if he was the next Brady. Don't see it factor with dulin either
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