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  1. What do you guy's think? Should Pagano have sent Adam out for that kick, I don't think he should have, unless he went to Adam first. Being a 46 yd. that put a lot of pressure on Adam, so sorry that he missed!
  2. one question where was our hurry up ofence ?

    1. bestQBever
    2. jmac_48


      maybe the game plan was to control TOP and keep Flaco&Co. on the bench?

  3. would like to know if there is a way to contact the Colts at camp, would like to drive down tues am, for evening practice would like to check first to make sure that the practice is a go. Will take a 3hr. drive from Kazoo

  4. Do you have to be a facebook member to enter contest for COLTS tickets drawing? Am a member on the forumn would not accept my entry. thanks
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