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  1. Haha.. someone's a little butt hurt I completely disagree, but whatever. Good Samaritan aside, he lost his job to a freshmen in the biggest game of his life , got shelved away, and yes, then decided to leave. Semantics. Either way, he couldn't cut it at Bama. As far as Fields, he probably realized that Kirby wasn't going to go away from Fromm and found his way out. I believe had Fields stayed, he'd probably be the starter in Georgia right now and they would be in the CFP. There is a significant difference in talent, and situation, between Fields and Hurts. Beating up on trash Big12 defenses, in a gimmick offense, doesn't impress anyone.
  2. The same Oklahoma that got beat by KState? The same Oklahoma that struggled against Baylor.. twice? That Oklahoma? Hurts is a bum and got booted from Alabama because he couldn't win a big game. I don't see that changing..
  3. Lol and the SEC wasn't? The SEC is still playing FCS schools.. Ohio State's win metrics are better than LSU's, but I guess now Ohio State will have to go beat Clemson. Oklahoma isn't that good so LSU shouldn't have a problem with them.
  4. OSU has more wins against top-25 opponents and a much larger margin of victory too.. LSU gave up over 30 points and 600 yards to an Ole Miss team who can't throw a football and 38 points to a 3 win Vanderbilt team. Ohio State is the more complete/dominant team...
  5. They aren't going to tank, and he can't play defense anyways. Sorry, but chasing down backside defenders and getting blocks from behind isn't defense. Lebron does the same %, and gets called out on it so Myles shouldn't be an exception to that either. He's not athletic enough to guard the good 4's and to damn light/soft to guard the good 5's, so where is he playing defense? His whole body of work is average. 18M/yr for an 11 and 6 guy? At least the Pacers got a bargain for paying Sabonis that price. He's not Durant. He has no business hanging out around the 3 pt line and taking "8 3s a game". I've mentioned numerous times, he has the ability to be a Garnett-type of player. The skill-set is there, but the soft * mentality is holding him WAY back. Until Myles lets his sack drop and he starts being the man among boys, he's going to continue being the same average Myles he's been the last 4 years. This is as good as it gets for him. He's literally the Jacoby Brissett of the Pacers.
  6. I really hated to see Brian Shaw go as an assistant. He'd be the first guy I'd look to for HC if he wanted it.
  7. And the last 2 minutes of the game tonight was awful. Warren had the hot hand and he drives and turns the ball over. Shoot the ball, that's a routine 10 footer. Brogdon got dribble happy, and indecisive, which he does at times. Lamb also had turnovers that just can't happen in a close game, late, like that. AND that last inbounds play, that should have been a 5 second violation, was absolutely bad. 9 seconds and you're trying to inbound the ball to Myles? Come on Nate. Whoever drew up that play needs smacked on the head with the play board. That just can't happen...
  8. I'd love to send him and a first, hell probably more, to NY for Julius Randle. The money is relatively close and we really need a strong 4 next to Sabonis.
  9. And a true "big"/double-double machine in Sabonis in the starting rotation..
  10. The team is starting to gel... Getting Dipo back should definitely kick the team into another gear. I'm feeling a lot better about the bench depth too.
  11. As a Buckeye fan I'd be fine with Urban going to ND, but it sounds like USC is going to try and do everything it can to land him.
  12. And Bitadze needs to continue to get minutes, even when Myles comes back.... 10/9 and 4 blocks in 25 minutes? Keep giving that kid minutes...
  13. The Pacers really need a true PF... TJ, as you said, being the next guy off the bench, let alone starting, just isn't going to cut it. Sabonis and Bitadze at the 5, I'm more than comfortable with, even if they have to play together like they did late in the game tonight, but that 4 spot is a major weakness.
  14. Shocker... soft a'' Myles is hurt again.. Meanwhile, Sabonis went to work with 29/8/4 and the Pacers got their first W.
  15. Ahh... such a great way to see the season start off with a Lebron and Laker L....
  16. I share the same opinion. Playing in the East, Sabonis is the better "big man" of the two. Sabonis would be a double/double machine if he got to start at the 5 full-time.
  17. The loss to Georgia, with a soft schedule, and no conference title game, I don't think there is any way ND makes the playoffs. There are a handful of teams ahead of them that could lose a game and still be in over them due to strength of schedule. ND's schedule is Charmin soft the rest of the way.
  18. BUT... Myles doesn't shoot like he should and is soft on the block. He's a subpar rebounder and still can't handle the better big's in the league. If he can't score nor stop those guys, you have a big soft-a33 waterboy running up and down the court. I'd take Sabonis' offensive ability everyday over Turner's defense. Sabonis would abuse Turner in one-on-one situations if they played each other. I guess our outlook on the integrity of the game is different and I can promise you these guys don't want the "easy" path either.
  19. Wade and Bosh aren't the players that Davis and Leonard are. Neither were top-5 NBA'ers when Lebron joined them. Kawhi has a strong case as being the best player in the NBA right now, and I fully believe that. This is a totally different, and even worse, scenario than the Miami nonsense. No different than in the 90's with Jordan, I wouldn't have wanted him anywhere but Chicago. I don't like seeing the East being weak and just to make it "easy" for the Pacers. How I miss the 80's and 90's NBA..
  20. And that would probably be it for me and the NBA. I still hold out hope that Kawhi resigns with Toronto.
  21. New Orleans has Okafor as it's starting C now. He's only 23 and played well down the stretch when AD was out. Looking at his game log, anytime he put in over 30 min/g he was a 20+/10+ guy. His per 36 shows him averaging 18/10, which is workable.Putting Zion next to him could help him even more, especially with how good of a passer Zion is. Okafor is also still really cheap for the next year, so I doubt they trade for Turner or Sabonis when neither are really an upgrade. I'm not much of a fan of Lonzo, and certainly don't want to trade any assets for him. Being a FA is about the only way I would give him consideration, which he isn't anyways. I'd still rather have Rubio.
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