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  1. If they don't have cap relief, there is a good possibility that Ngakoue could become available. Give me Ngakoue over any 3rd round pick.
  2. Yea I think he'd fit better as a 5T/DE in a 3 man front.
  3. I'd hope the Colts would never help a division rival out like that. Make them bleed out - metaphorically..
  4. Sorry, but I'm not buying this. To me, this is a huge red flag. You don't have a QB, that's supposedly really good, and then limit him within an offense. And the argument that Oregon doesn't have good enough weapons, is ridiculous as well. They've got 4 star guys all over the place for him. Either Herbert isn't that good, or the Oregon offensive coaching staff is completely mental.
  5. Don't be naive.. I know it's been done before I gave you 3 of the 5 who did it, and 2 of the 3 I mentioned, could have and did play, in the MLB. The other being Eli, whose last name helped him more than anything. Again, 3 times in the last 40 years, and 4 in the last 60. If the NFL didn't have control, this would have happened a lot more than 4 times in the last 60 years. Guys stand to lose too much money and damage their reputation by doing that, especially when they don't have a Plan B which Burrow does not. Let's just say Burrow does decline to play for the Bengals. Cincy owns his rights due to drafting him. His value has now just dropped significantly compared to what the actual #1 pick would have netted Cincy had they just traded it (kings ransom). No team is going to give up multiple 1st's for a guy they know doesn't want to be where he was drafted because they know Cincy's backs are against the wall in the matter. Cincy would probably exhaust the year with him and let him re-enter in the draft the following year. Chances are they'd probably go #1 again next year. Bo Jackson went from #1 NFL pick, to the MLB, and then back to the NFL as a 7th round pick to the Raiders the next year. Would Burrows fall be that bad? Probably not, but he wouldn't be going #1 the following year, especially not after having sat out a year, and who knows how teams would evaluate him, and his character, after having done that. Regardless, I don't see it happening as Burrow would be back home playing in his home state where he is loved.
  6. You don't know how bowl games work do you...
  7. He doesn't have the clout to pull something like that off like a Manning could, nor does he have a backup plan to do that. Elway and Bo did it because they could both go play major league baseball. In my opinion, Eli's deal was more he didn't want to be in the same conference as Peyton rather than playing in San Diego. They wanted a chance at a Manning-bowl.
  8. Haha.. OSU isn't the one still scheduling FCS schools nor average mid-major programs. The Big 10 teams can play anywhere, but I would love to see those southern schools come up north and play in the elements in November/December. Talk about seeing one-sided and physical..
  9. Agree to disagree.. the targeting call and the overturned fumble call were much bigger than that. The run was a fantastic play call and one that caught OSU off guard. Wisconsin had success with it in the B1G title game in the first half, so I'm sure Clemson took notice with it. Bias aside, but outside of the LB group, OSU is better across the board on defense. Are you really hanging your hat on 2 more INT's overall? Tell me the sack difference? Hard to get picks when the opposing QB is on his back. LSU gave up almost 700 yards and 37 points to an Ole Miss team who has no idea how to throw a football. They gave up 38 to both Texas and an awful Vanderbilt team. Sorry, but that defense isn't that good. I could easily see Clemson doing to LSU what they did to Alabama last year.
  10. Eh... The run didn't really matter. Dobbins dropped 2 passes that should have been TD's. You can't rely on FG's in those games. See Wisconsin against Oregon last night. I don't put much blame on Fields on the 2nd INT. Olave broke off his route after Fields threw the ball. Granted it would have been contested, but had Olave not went the other way, he could have contended for that ball. I think RG3 could have been just as good within Ryan Day's offense. Fields drove both I and MANY other Buckeye fans nuts with how much he holds on to the ball trying to make a play. He took A LOT of unnecessary hits and bad sacks this past year because of that. He HAS to process faster, and if nothing is there, throw it away or use his legs and get up field. I will say, if he continues his trajectory, and continues getting better, which I believe he will as he'll be more comfortable within Day's system, I could see him overtaking TL as the top QB in the nation next year. Also, I think TL has a much better game against LSU than he did against OSU. LSU's defense isn't that good.
  11. Who cares...? I don't and that was never my argument about Hurts. He's a great guy, good for him. However, his article from ESPN last week gave raised some questions, but whatever, again I could care less about who he is off the field. SOOOOO... did he or did he not lose his job to Tua? Did Alabama not completely redesign their offense the following spring, which was tailored heavily to Tua than Jalen? Jalen transferred knowing he was never going to touch the field with Tua there. He's not a good QB, and people can bring up what he did this year in Oklahoma, but as I've stated before, big deal he beat up on % Big 12 teams. It's not a coincidence he got exposed against LSU, and their defense isn't even that good. I'll use my Buckeyes as an example for Jalen Hurts. JT Barrett was a great guy off the field, but I, and a ton of other fans, couldn't wait for him to go. If it weren't for Cardale Jones, the Buckeyes never sniff the playoffs or even come close to a Championship. Regardless of his stats, he wasn't a good QB, and hurt the team more times than helped them. The one time a year I actually cringe and root for Michigan... but I'm the same way, I root for all the Big 10 teams during bowl time.
  12. Yea, I'm not impressed with him either. Underwhelming to say the least.
  13. If they keep up with that east/west pass playcalling, it's going to be a long day for Herbert and Oregon.
  14. He's not played anything but DE since April, so I think it's safe to say he's a DE..
  15. His contract wouldn't be problem at all. Oakland would only have a 5M dead cap hit next year and the new team would assume the next 3 years of base salary of ~19.5M which isn't bad at all for him.
  16. I don't know where you come up with this stuff, but Tua is nothing like those 2 nor in the realm of being a running QB.
  17. Coming from the guy who likes Fromm... A guy surrounded by 5 star talent across the board and can't even break 3k yards and hasn't completed 50% of his passes in 5 weeks. Give Jordan Love that team and he annihilates what he did his Sophomore year. Georgia would have been a title favorite had Fields stayed in Georgia and put Fromm on the bench.
  18. Fields was granted a waiver to transfer due to the situation he had at Georgia. Burrow and Hurts were graduate transfers. You can't just transfer and expect to play the following year. Had Love transferred, he would have had to sit out a year. They are tightening up the transfer rules even more for next year and beyond.
  19. Yea, I'd rather go this route instead of Herbert
  20. They are both sophmores plus they are playing against the 2 best defenses in the country.. Next year both will be even better
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