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  1. He's not played anything but DE since April, so I think it's safe to say he's a DE..
  2. His contract wouldn't be problem at all. Oakland would only have a 5M dead cap hit next year and the new team would assume the next 3 years of base salary of ~19.5M which isn't bad at all for him.
  3. I don't know where you come up with this stuff, but Tua is nothing like those 2 nor in the realm of being a running QB.
  4. Coming from the guy who likes Fromm... A guy surrounded by 5 star talent across the board and can't even break 3k yards and hasn't completed 50% of his passes in 5 weeks. Give Jordan Love that team and he annihilates what he did his Sophomore year. Georgia would have been a title favorite had Fields stayed in Georgia and put Fromm on the bench.
  5. Fields was granted a waiver to transfer due to the situation he had at Georgia. Burrow and Hurts were graduate transfers. You can't just transfer and expect to play the following year. Had Love transferred, he would have had to sit out a year. They are tightening up the transfer rules even more for next year and beyond.
  6. They are both sophmores plus they are playing against the 2 best defenses in the country.. Next year both will be even better
  7. Can't throw in the pocket, can't throw on the run... I hope all of the Hurts talk ends here after this game. Stat padding against trash BIG 12 teams/defenses isn't impressing anyone.
  8. Not a chance, unless they know something we don't in regards to the QB position being upgraded beforehand.
  9. Most of the top tier programs are like that though. Ohio State and Clemson also stand out with Alabama as well.
  10. Bama has been off the charts lately with developing WR talent. I really wouldn't be surprised if their top 3 don't all go within the first 40 picks. Waddle won't be long after them either. However, I still believe Tua raised their game that much more and really put them in a great position succeed at the next level.
  11. I'm going to watch a lot of Kyle Trask next season. Big kid, big arm, mobile, and efficient. I think he could end up being the Joe Burrow of this year, next year.
  12. Was Peyton great or was it because Marvin, Reggie, or Dallas were great? There are point in times where both can mutually exist. Do you think those 3 guys would be where they are today if Jalen Hurts was still trying to throw them the ball? I HIGHLY doubt it... Tua helped elevate all of those guys to where they are now. If it were just the receivers being that great Hurts is still the QB for Bama right now and you would have NO IDEA who Tua Tagovailoa was.
  13. Foles isn't happening. The earliest Jax could get out from him is after 2020, and they still would take a 12.5M dead cap hit.
  14. Considering the "you Hurt my feelings" rebuttal, my response was pretty accurate to the situation. I'm starting to think you're an upset Bama fan..
  15. I wouldn't go that far, and I wouldn't be to upset with the Colts grabbing Herbert, but I have a lot of questions with his play in arguably the weakest conference in the P5.
  16. What elite competition has he faced because it sure isn't in the Pac12.
  17. You do realize Fromm has arguably the best OL in the nation, 5 star wideouts, and is possibly the worst passing QB of the group. He hasn't had a game where he's completed more than 50% of his passes since the beginning of November. No wonder Justin Fields got out and away as fast he could. Kirby playing this guy and then dedicating more to the run game says a lot about Fromm.
  18. The irony... Josh Rosen - physical, mobile, inaccurate QB Much like Manziel, he's an entitled *, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who thought he would come in with some status and be given a job. That's working out fantastic for him, just like it did for Manziel. I think I'd rather see the Colts pay JB 18M/yr than get Rosen for free.
  19. I think you might want to re-read the first couple of paragraphs as another poster pointed out, it's referring to starting QB's in bowl games. Since Tua isn't playing, that's why he's not on the list.
  20. Well.. it is pretty rare, but it's all good man. I'm sure he appreciates you cheerleading for his average * Did you miss the Bucks game?
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