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  1. I agree completely, and I could have mis-read what the Colts articles/Ballard were conveying, but it sounded like to me they wanted him to eventually play more inside than outside and that's why they want him up in the 280's. Again, that is something I just don't agree with.
  2. He never got time as an edge player because of a good, literally, handful of other guys playing there and the interior has been stacked at OSU the last 3 years, so last year was really his first chance at starting. He's still extremely raw, and who knows, he could come right in and light it up, but there are a ton of guys in the league with his athleticism that don't/won't make it.
  3. I don't think it was totally the injuries. I believe he was pushed to add weight so he could play inside (3-tech) more, and I believe there was an article during OTA's that talked about this. He didn't play as much inside, as people believe, at OSU, so I don't know why the Colts want to push him more into that role. In the rare times that the Colts want to use their speed/NASCAR package, sure move him inside, but Tyquan should always be a DE first. I'm not advocating this, but if the Colts want another small'ish pass rushing interior D-lineman, Dre'mont Jones is perfect because he can hold 285-290 and still be extremely agile. However, as I've said in other threads, a) Jihad Ward is exactly the same player and played extremely well in the first 5 weeks before he got hurt and b) I don't believe Dre'mont is great value for us at #26. Exactly my thoughts as well.
  4. I want to see a healthy Tyquan Lewis as well, but at 260'ish lbs, not the 275-280 they have him ballooned up to now. He didn't play anywhere close to that at OSU, and I get they want him to play more inside, but I don't think his frame holds that weight very well. He looked better, and played faster, when he was in the low 260's.
  5. I % you not, I seriously said this to myself earlier today when reading his posts in this thread.
  6. I like Dre'Mont, but I feel like we have a guy exactly like him in Jihad Ward. I still feel he was our best pass rusher from the interior of the line, and he wasn't bad against the run. Unless someone unexpectedly drops, I don't see the Colts going DL in the 1st.
  7. I think he's way to light for this defense and I doubt he's above 250lbs as he's listed. We already have one light-in-the-loafers DE in Turay, I don't think we need another. I don't think he would be on the field on early downs in this defense, and that alone makes him not worth what it would cost to get him, if he were available.
  8. Agreed. It's always someone trying to spend someone else's money...
  9. Sooooo.. maybe the Chiefs let Justin Houston walk? I'd definitely give Houston a look if he does become free.
  10. I'll take our brand of basketball over 95% of what the league has to offer.
  11. You can believe that. Outside of his years with Manning, they have been very average. 5-11 and 6-10 the last 2 years with virtually the same teams he had with Manning isn't a good look. Fans are growing impatient, they couldn't even sell out their game against the Rams, and NO ONE is invincible at their position, regardless of who they are, when "mediocre" continues being the end result. Let him go below .500 again with that team and see where all the fingers get pointed at.
  12. Lebron has NEVER been a great, nor even good, defender. He's great at getting blocks from behind, but he rarely takes the opposing teams best player, and hasn't for a LONG time.
  13. I appreciated Vogel, and now McMillan, for putting a premium on that and making the guys take pride in that as well.
  14. The athleticism is better across the board, but the talent? I don't believe so. The development of players now is just different than what it was 30 years ago. The game back then wasn't soft like it is now and that's why Lebron would have been just another guy in the league 30 years ago. He still can't shoot in the mid-range with any consistency, and he still doesn't have a post game. He would have been destroyed back in the 80's and 90's if he thought he could just waltz through the middle of the lane with his shoulder down and tried to run through people. That boy is soft as a roll of Charmin. I'd gladly take your 5 and add this squad too.. Garnett Barkley Pippen Our own Reggie Miller Gary Payton These guys nowadays, don't know what lock down defense is. These 2 teams would have literally beaten the * out of these guys now. Oh and we are playing with the old rules and refs. None of this soft stuff...
  15. Is Elway trying to get his * thrown out of Denver on purpose?
  16. If we had just one more upper tier, Oladipo-type, guy right now... These guys are playing with so much heart and passion right now. It's ironic to say, but I feel the loss of VO made the "team" better. That's what should happen though when you lose a guy, guys need to step up, and they all have been for the most part. Indiana is the #1 scoring defense in the league. I wasn't a McMillan fan at all, but I feel that he's finally got a good grasp of what he's wanting to do and getting the guys to do it. Guys are buying in and it's showing.
  17. - No doubt its all in good fun.. This offseason will be really interesting, even for our Pacers. - IF PG can continue playing at the level he's been playing at, OKC can make a deep run. However, I think the consensus is no one is beating GS. No team in the west has enough firepower to out score them, and not enough defensive power to slow them, let alone stop them. - IMO this will be GS last year with that core. Curry will probably end up being the only one left from that team next year. KD might stay, but I think he moves on to NY. I look for Klay and Boogie to be playing for the Lakers next year. Those 2 are the ones Magic needs for Lebron, and it won't cost them draft picks nor crazy "max" deals. Klay will get a hefty contract, but Boogie won't have much negotiating power for a max deal due to his injury and limited playing time this year.
  18. Huh? There isn't a person/report out there that states NO is seriously trying to keep AD since he's publicly requested a trade. Seriously, where do you come up with this stuff? YOU keep ignoring that he's also publicly stated that he'd play for the Bucks, Clippers, and Knicks. Quit cherry picking your argument because your "facts" are about 20% right. So what his agent is the same as Lebron's, Paul has no power over what NO does with AD. NO holds ALL OF THAT POWER. The value of a top-2 or 3 player NEVER diminishes. Again, you keep missing the point that AD has no choice but to go where he's traded. The Lakers deal for AD was laughable, and again if you did any research on the matter, NO publicly scoffed at that offer, laughed, and shut the door in Magic's face. What more do you have to read and see from NO to realize the offer was wasn't as good as YOU believed it to be. It's obvious you know nothing about the Knicks financial and draft situation. And again, I could give two shts less what his agent says, because he's a NOBODY in this situation. IF AD were a FA, sure, but right now and up until AD is traded, Rich Paul has no value in this.
  19. My comment made plenty of sense... You know, the tactics that cost LA 500k for their handling of PG. The ways to which they went about trying to get Kawhi, and now AD, and then want to cry foul when teams played their game and made them look desperate only to come away with NOTHING. Just answer this... If that deal was so good why didn't the Pelicans take it? I mean Kuzma is scoring out of his mind and NO still says NO. Why? It's a really simple question. There isn't a professional analyst out there that believed that trade was worth it to NO outside of you, Mark, and some Laker homers.. That's what you do when you want one of the top-3 players in the league. You pay to play... It doesn't help the NBA to have it's most valuable ($$) team be a consistent lottery team every year. The Knicks gutted the team for this very reason - to land Davis and Durant type players. Oh and the Knicks are on AD's list to re-up with as well.. It's "obvious" you don't understand how NBA business works because I hate to put it this way, but NO owns every right to AD. He will go to whomever NO feels like gives them the best offer. CLEARLY, IT'S NOT LA. AD will go to and be with whomever he's traded to, he doesn't have a choice. The irony of this statement coming from you..
  20. He has a better chance of being there next year than LA. NY has plenty of capital to add KD and 2 more max deals, one being by trade. If New York gets a top-two lottery pick, along with one of Dallas' first's they acquired in the KP trade plus Dennis Smith Jr, and another player, you can bet your butt NO is going to be interested.
  21. The Celtics won't have to give up 4 players like the Lakers were offering. There are strong reports that NO wants Tatum. Boston will gladly let him go because Heyward should be 100% healthy next year. Boston has potentially 7 - SEVEN - first round picks in 2019/2020, losing a couple and Tatum/Brown is hardly skin off their *. Because you keep failing to realize it was a cruddy deal to begin with. I guarantee AD won't be in LA next year just like Kawhi isn't in LA this year. These West teams aren't just going to conform to the Lakers nonsense tactics.
  22. I can't say that I'm shocked that you actually believe that, especially when you believe this below... THE PELICANS DO NOT NEED THE LAKERS TO MOVE AD... I don't know why you keep swinging and missing on this. Oh look, "stats" again.. I'm still waiting for you to tell me Brady is a better QB than Manning.
  23. Sure he would. With the chance to get the 2nd or 3rd best player in the NBA with extra draft capital in 2020 as well, you bet your butt he would gladly give up Tatum and Brown plus a couple 1's. Kuzma and Ball ARE NOT starting for NO (hypothetically), so them starting for the Lakers is irrelevant. That automatically drops the value on LA's end. Seriously, just think, why would a team take on bench players and give up one of the best players in the league? Read above... If you think Ainge is scared to dump Tatum for the 2nd or 3rd best player in the NBA, when he has Heyward sitting on the bench getting ready for next year, you're being overly naive. Boston has 3 guaranteed first rounders (could be 4) next year alone, and 2 guaranteed (could be 3) in 2020. Jaylen Brown has also been mentioned in the trade rumors as well. BOTH go to NO and start immediately, as those are the 2 biggest holes NO has which is the 2 and 3 spots. SO, they give up 2 2019 1st's - which still possibly gives Boston 2 first rounders for 2019, and a 1st from 2020 - which still possibly gives Boston 2 first rounders from 2020. It may not take that much from Boston to land AD, but you're fooling yourself if you don't think Boston has the best hand in all of this and NO doesn't notice it.
  24. Ingram would be the only one starting of those 4 players offered. Boston can't make an offer until the off-season (July) due to the Rose-rule. Boston's belief is they can re-up Kyrie and lure AD there and keep him. To the bolded, everyone thought PG wasn't resigning in OKC either.. Say what you want, but Boston has the most valuable assets period
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