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  1. He's not going anywhere.. they will likely carry 3 QB's this season..
  2. Seattle is basically renting Clowney's services, for a year, for ~8M due to Houston agreeing to pay the other half in the trade. Seattle just won in every way possible with that trade.
  3. Baker went #1 with pretty much the same measurements..
  4. I've said this quite a few times on here, when people were questioning Campbell's routes at OSU, these types of plays with him are what kept Haskins upright the majority of the season. OSU's line was awful last year and Paris was the one guy Haskins could trust to be open in a hurry if things broke down. He will be for Brissett exactly what he was for Haskins. Granted this OL should be at least what it was last year, as in being very good, but Brissett shouldn't have any problems with getting rid of the ball in a hurry, if teams blitz, because Paris will likely be open. Let teams get burnt a few times by Paris and see how much they blitz after that, it won't be much. I'm not so sure that he isn't the Colts' "deadliest" weapon right now.
  5. If they're losing low 1 score games, I'm not in favor of changing. I don't think that's a positive message to send to the rest of the team.
  6. Google is an excellent resource for those types of questions...
  7. I think the perspective on that has to be how they've lost if that's the case. If they are getting ran out of the stadium, which I doubt that happens, then they have every reason to look beyond JB, but I look for JB to be the starter for this season.
  8. And I will stick with that prediction... He threw for ~3100 with a defunct offensive scheme, OL, and weapons... If he can't succeed with this scheme and talent on offense then I will gladly admit to being wrong about him.
  9. That TD throw to Ebron in the preseason game against the Browns was money..
  10. And from what I understand he's walking in with a starting price of 15-20M. I think teams would look beyond the abilities/physical traits/distractions, but he's coming to the table like he has leverage when he doesn't. His ego is killing his chance of playing on Sunday. Just come in, learn whatever system you're in, take over the starting spot, and produce, and he'll get paid, but he's trying to bypass all the important steps to getting the money he supposedly wants.
  11. And it will likely stay that way...
  12. There are going to be a lot of "hands" out on the field he can trust to get the ball to. No nonsense, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Jacoby go for 4k+ yards and 35+ TD's with this offense.
  13. If this were the same Chud ran offense, I would agree. I believe Reich's offense will benefit Jacoby much more and also won't get him hit 100+ times throughout the season. Another reason I'm optimistic is the playmakers he has now is light years beyond what he got to play with in 17', not to mention the huge difference in the OL. He may take a couple games to really settle in, but I still believe he's going to be much better, as well as the team, than people think.
  14. Huh? Are you talking about the Falcons' Matt Ryan...
  15. /puke I hope not... The guy can't even dominate a weak Pac-12...
  16. The problem with this isn't Dak, it was Philly paying Wentz what they did. Dak has been healthy, and productive, and I don't blame him for using Wentz as "the measuring stick" for getting paid. Sure, it puts Dallas in a rough spot paying Dak that much but that's where teams are now with paying franchise QB's, and one's that aren't top-5. I think Irsay was right when he said Luck was probably walking away from ~500M by retiring.
  17. Over how? There are 52 other guys who would completely disagree...
  18. /puke god no.. I'd ride with JB all day over Bridgewater...
  19. I believe in 5 or 6 weeks people around here will be praising the team and JB. Ballard has done a fantastic job at building this team to not be so reliant on 1 guy. Luck was a good player but he can't do it all. I fully believe this team will be ready to go week 1 and will surprise some people.
  20. Do you not understand the difference between a wrong and right way to do things? Integrity? Trust me I'm far from mad... I'm good with moving on and letting these guys go to work with Brissett.
  21. That's whomever's choice.. I sure as hell don't buy tickets to just go watch Luck play.
  22. Schefter could have given Luck the chance to tell his team first AND THEN let it out. Schefter pulled a typical main stream, look at me I wanna be relevant, * move. He can do his job, but at least have the nuts to do it with integrity...
  23. THAT is who people should be upset with. Schefter just became a certified * with airing everything out like he did. I'm good with Luck calling it, he nor, anyone on or with, the Colts owe anybody anything. There will be 52 other guys ready to go and ready to win the next 19 Sundays.
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