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  1. It's called "passive" money. He really doesn't have to "work" nor travel like he would for the ESPN gig to make the money. Ultimately my point was I doubt it's about the money for him, it's about whether he actually wants to do it, and from what I understand it's a no.
  2. Yea I heard it was around 10MIL when they talked to him last year
  3. ESPN talked to Peyton last year about the gig when Gruden left so this isn't anything new. Peyton is probably making more yearly from his business investments/royalties than what ESPN would offer him to do MNF anyway.
  4. Not going to happen. Peyton is going to be a front office guy at some point here in the near future, in my opinion.
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001022821/article/chiefs-gm-salary-cap-required-proactive-changes-on-d It wasn't the scheme, it was cap space.
  6. He can play across the board. The kid was dynamite at Oklahoma.
  7. There is an article on NFL.com explaining how he and Ford were cap casualties. Houston can absolutely fit and play in this defense.
  8. A team ALWAYS needs pass rushers and depth at the position. Turay needs time to keep developing and getting stronger. I look for improvement this year but I doubt he's going to be ready to be a full time starter. We really have no pure pass rushers on this team and we aren't drafting high enough to get a guy who can probably come in day 1 and start. We need a stop-gap to help Turay and whomever we draft (I at least think we draft another pass rusher) develop and be ready to take over in the next year or 2.
  9. KC is also sitting at ~33M in cap money, even with the 7.1M in dead money from Houston. From OverTheCap, and being a pre-June 1st cut, it looks like Berry is going to hit them with a good amount of dead money as well. Add into the fact that KC is also wanting to make T. Hill one of the highest paid WR's in the game. I think Houston was more of a cap casualty rather than him not fitting in their system. This is just my observation...
  10. Supposedly they still have ~30MIL in cap to spend so they have the money to make it happen.
  11. I really hope we are working on something with him. That's one guy we could really use for the next 2 years, so we can get Turay fully up to speed, and then let him take over. I doubt Houston is coming cheap though, I think he'll at least want what he was making in KC (~15/16M/yr). I'd pay him that for double digit sacks and his veteran leadership.
  12. I know this has been brought up quite a few times, but there is a pretty big bridge that separates Phillip Rivers from Cam Newton. I'm actually excited to see how Funchess performs with Luck.
  13. The "weight gain" is pure speculation...
  14. I'd be very interested in Ingram here...
  15. Sounds about like what Jax gave Moncrief last year.
  16. Absolutely... The player should always look for what's best for THEM. Winning is the bonus..
  17. Williams was also a great college player though. Gary is a physical freak but his play rarely reflected it. I have watched my Buckeye OL, who haven't been good at all the past 2 years, make him invisible. I think he's being wagered on his potential and not what he is now.
  18. I still say, if they can keep working and developing Myles, he can be a Kevin Garnett type player. The kid can shoot from anywhere on the floor, however I'm with you, he can't be shooting 10+ 3's like he did the other night (I'm sure this was a huge outlier but still). He HAS to get better on the block and develop a consistent low post game. As you said in another post, he should have been killing Lopez/Gasol down low, but he opted to play outside of the paint. Until they can knock the softness out of Myles, he's going to continue being the same player. Until Myles turns that corner, if he ever does, the Pacers HAVE to find a way to keep Sabonis on the roster in the future because he's still consistently outplaying Myles on the offensive end, off the bench.
  19. Ohio State will be fine. Schiano is gone so the defense has to get better I'm happy with Ryan Day taking over and I think he even seen the issues with Schiano, and how he used the young guys last year, which makes sense why Schiano was given his papers as soon as he took over. Speaking of Herman, I wish he would have stayed at Ohio State because he could have had the keys to Ohio for a LONG time. If he were Ohio State's OC in 16', we were winning it all again that year too. That team was better than the 15' team, but the juggling of Barrett/Jones the whole season kept that offense so out of balance they ended up being their own demise.
  20. Not by New England I dont think but I believe he had some issues with Buffalo and got benched there.
  21. Jack had knee issues (degenerative) that were found out during the combine that could end up causing him to have a shortened career. That's mostly why he slid.
  22. I completely agree that the team/management/coaching is at fault as well, to some degree, however at least they've kept everything in house, for the most part. AB has done and said about everything he shouldn't have. His agent and publicist, if he has one, should be telling him to relax and choose his words more carefully. I just can't see how if you're an owner/GM you even consider bringing this guy in.
  23. I think that's my problem with this whole situation. There is major lack of accountability and humility from Brown and therefore it makes it hard for me to point the finger(s) in another direction.
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