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  1. I share the same opinion. Playing in the East, Sabonis is the better "big man" of the two. Sabonis would be a double/double machine if he got to start at the 5 full-time.
  2. BUT... Myles doesn't shoot like he should and is soft on the block. He's a subpar rebounder and still can't handle the better big's in the league. If he can't score nor stop those guys, you have a big soft-a33 waterboy running up and down the court. I'd take Sabonis' offensive ability everyday over Turner's defense. Sabonis would abuse Turner in one-on-one situations if they played each other. I guess our outlook on the integrity of the game is different and I can promise you these guys don't want the "easy" path either.
  3. Wade and Bosh aren't the players that Davis and Leonard are. Neither were top-5 NBA'ers when Lebron joined them. Kawhi has a strong case as being the best player in the NBA right now, and I fully believe that. This is a totally different, and even worse, scenario than the Miami nonsense. No different than in the 90's with Jordan, I wouldn't have wanted him anywhere but Chicago. I don't like seeing the East being weak and just to make it "easy" for the Pacers. How I miss the 80's and 90's NBA..
  4. And that would probably be it for me and the NBA. I still hold out hope that Kawhi resigns with Toronto.
  5. New Orleans has Okafor as it's starting C now. He's only 23 and played well down the stretch when AD was out. Looking at his game log, anytime he put in over 30 min/g he was a 20+/10+ guy. His per 36 shows him averaging 18/10, which is workable.Putting Zion next to him could help him even more, especially with how good of a passer Zion is. Okafor is also still really cheap for the next year, so I doubt they trade for Turner or Sabonis when neither are really an upgrade. I'm not much of a fan of Lonzo, and certainly don't want to trade any assets for him. Being a FA is about the only way I would give him consideration, which he isn't anyways. I'd still rather have Rubio.
  6. Well ~3 blocks a game isn't enough to cover up his barely-7-rebound average/game. It's sad that there are a few Guards who average close to what he does, with a few averaging more.
  7. If Turner wasn't such a soft a33, there wouldn't be a PF in the league who could guard him. If only Sabonis had Turners athleticism, to go with his block/post game, the Pacers would be paying him a max contract next year.
  8. The numbers are what they are.. Sabonis is the better offensive player. Your statement is irrelevant to what I responded to.
  9. So why would you trade the guy who is better between the 2 offensively and on the boards?
  10. Well, Sabonis is in the last year of his deal. This gives Goga a year to take it slow, learn, and be ready next year to fill in. I really hope he's as good as they, and everyone else who thought he was a lottery guy, say he is.
  11. Turner should be the one playing the stretch 4. I don't think Sabonis is athletic enough for some of the smaller 4's in the league.
  12. KZ Okpala Hmm.. reading his profile, he sounds very Paul George'ish...
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