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  1. I thought I seen someone do the 13 and 34 and it got the Colts in the top 7 or 8. I d rather do that and keep the first next year.
  2. I agree with others in that I don't think New England nor New Orleans are letting him get out of the first round.
  3. Man that first video/rep should be illegal.. that was nasty..
  4. It's one thing to party as a student, another to party as a millionaire NFL player. See Pacman... I'm really not in favor of grabbing a WR this early beings this class is extremely loaded with talent, but he's probably the only one I'd be fine with if he was there.
  5. Limiting yes, but shutting or slowing them down? I don't see it, but as you said, we'll see..
  6. I'll take KC.. While KC's defense isn't great, or even good, they are good enough. Mahomes is playing out his mind right now and I don't think SF can go score for score with them.
  7. You are correct.. I just read the article on ESPN
  8. The non-residential tax would be it. It's significantly less and also can be credited, a portion, from the resident state. A heckuva lot better than California. Yikes lol.. but given the weird % that happens in the NFL I cant say I would be surprised
  9. And I didn't either, however YOU keep insinuating Stewart is a passing rushing DT and he's not. He's not even an average one. *hint* That's why came off the field on 3rd downs... AGAIN, that's why getting another, better, 3T is more important.. The run defense suffered because Autry is out there early when he shouldn't be, our currently starting 3T
  10. Ideally you don't want Stewart, nor Brockers, on the field on 3rd down. A guy like Kinlaw, 3T, fits better because he can play the run and rush the passer through all 3 downs. Stewart and Autry split the early and late downs with him. Getting another 1T doesn't do much to help the pass rush on the 3rd and obvious passing plays. That's why people, and myself, have said another 3T is way more important than another 1T guy like Brockers, and especially paying that much money for him.
  11. Because Suh is a better athlete than Stewart. They aren't even in the same league.. come on man
  12. You're thinking way too simple... It does matter with how much he's made and how he has it invested, especially when he retires. Being in a state with no state income tax, and how he redistributes his money, both are mutually exclusive and majorly beneficial. I'd be pretty much shocked if he plays in Florida. He doesn't really fit Arians system at his age. Jax can't afford him and I believe Miami rides with Fitzmagic and probably someone from the draft this year, probably Tua. Carolina would be a good fit if they dump Cam.
  13. It doesn't work like that. And that would be about as ridiculous as them trying to make Tyquan a DT.
  14. A) Autry is barely above 270 and not an early down guy. The 3 Tech needs an upgrade over Autry for early downs. B) Stewart is a 1T and played there all season. The Colts could use another guy there too.
  15. It has less to do with him possibly playing in Florida, which I doubt he does, and more to do with no state income tax. He can basically play wherever and not be hit with the tax burden.
  16. I'd rather give McAfee another tryout for QB before Hurts
  17. He's a slightly faster Funchess with better hands, just doesn't have that physique yet. Always reliable and had a knack for making clutch catches when needed. Great character guy too..
  18. I totally believe Irsay had a mutual agreement with this and I'm still more than satisfied with how everything worked out and glad it worked out the way it did for Manning.
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if Carolina doesn't find a way to ship Cam off, and roll with Grier/Allen next year. With either of those 2 QB's, I think they could end up being bad enough to be in the running for one of the top 2 spots. Fields would be a good fit for them with McCaffery.
  20. No coincidence he transferred from Alabama to there.
  21. You've clearly never watched the guy play outside of some highlights. JT Barrett was a much better college QB than Hurts, same read-option/poor passing QB, and he went undrafted. Lamar is going to be it. Teams aren't going to waste the time reinventing their offense for a gimmick player, who's play-style will be forced to change. Sure it will last a season or 2, just like we seen with Vick, Cam, RG3, but eventually, and quickly, defenses adapt and force them into being the QB's they aren't used to being. I'll tell you what, I'll give you the first 5 rounds and I will take the last
  22. He'll likely go way late, or undrafted, so I don't think we'll have to worry about that.
  23. But.. Lewis does have a position, and no he wasn't a "tweener". He played 99% of his snaps on the strong side of Ohio States defense, broke a few Big10/Ohio State records, and was pretty good. I still have yet to understand why this Colts staff wanted to add weight to him and shove him in a position he played less than 1% at in college.
  24. Outside of Embiid, I'm not sure there is a better big man in the East right now.
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