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  1. I think Okafor may be a reason NO could get comfortable with moving on from Davis. Randle has been playing really well too.
  2. I agree. NO does have a pretty talented roster (they could stand to be better at the 2 and 3 spot), but I don't see how they aren't at least .500 or better without pointing to the coaching.
  3. No, and I explained why he's not as good as YOU think he is. Again, you're being simple, and just wanting to use stats as a whole for your argument and not seeing the situation as to how those stats are being accumulated. You and a select few of the Laker fan base have to be the only ones who believe Kuzma is better than Tatum. There isn't a GM in the league who would take Kuzma over Ingram straight up. There's a huge difference, and again I explained that, Tatum and Brown start day 1. Kuzma is NOT starting over Randle (read that closely and tell me he is still better than Tatum), so right there the value between the trade highly favors Boston. Ingram would start as they don't have anyone to challenge him at SF, but they still have a huge hole next to Holiday - which Brown would fill nicely. Both Brown and Tatum play defense, have deep playoff experience, and have been well coached. Take out the draft picks and this still HIGHLY favors Boston. Again, Boston has 3 first's in 2019 to the Lakers 1. Do you not recognize your own logical fallacy in this statement? Why would he help a team in his conference?????? If the Lakers had the value to actually get Davis, Demps pulls the trigger, but again he's not going to weaken his team and make a team in his conference stronger. NO loses on that trade from the Lakers terribly. NO isn't getting into trouble over anything. Lebron started all of this at the start of the season, and NO did what any team would do which was listen. People in the league are growing tired of the bull'ish antics of Lebron especially now that he's in LA. They didn't do LA a favor, they are going to make LA actually work at trying to get better. They are either going to make LA and Lebron bleed out for the next couple of years, to which Lebron will be gone, or LA gets lucky for a year and they look somewhat competitive.
  4. They still may not make it WITH Lebron. This would be a huge failure to that Lakers organization even moreso than last year.
  5. I mean Brady has better stats and WAY more rings than Manning so he's just better right.... You are being way to simple about this. Tatum and Brown(who doesn't even start) play on a better team and are still producing highly. Lets just follow your thought process and put Klay Thompson on this Lakers team, and let's leave out that other superstar you mentioned, do you really a believe Kuzma's and Ingram's production stay the same? Not a chance, especially with a volume shooter like Klay, and we haven't even added in that other superstar like you said. Kuzma and Ingram have benefited from playing on a team where THEY are the teams best players, outside of Lebron. Add that second superstar with Klay and Lebron, and Kuzma's and Ingram's productivity plummet further. Ingram could possibly start with NO, but Kuzma isn't sniffing a starting spot with Randle there. Demps knew LA really had nothing of value, especially not draft picks, and made LA look desperate. Boston has the picks (three 1st round picks alone next year) AND players that could come in an help immediately. Tatum and Brown are starting day 1.
  6. Boston has better players and picks than what LA was offering.. Let's not overrate what the Lakers had to offer. Also, the Clippers doing a minor dismantle is what could help the Lakers be a fringe playoff team, not because they are actually good. It won't be much of a consolation to make it into the #8 spot and get swept by Golden State although it would be par for the course for Bron Bron.
  7. If you want some comedic relief, read the conversation section of last nights game on ESPN. Laker/Lebron fans were getting trolled so bad. It seems there are some Lakers fans who are wanting Lebron gone. Also, I didn't watch the game, but were fans actually yelling "Lebron is going to trade you" when guys were shooting FT's? I seen in mentioned numerous times that it was being changed amongst fans during the game. As I've said before, when Lebron is gone the NBA will be a MUCH better product.
  8. If the Knicks have a shot at Zion, I could see NO caving and taking that pick along with the other 1sts Dallas gave the Knicks in the Porzingas trade. Hopefully NO keeps him away from the Lakers and sends him East so they don't have to see him that often. I still think Klay leaves GS after this season and heads to the Lakers. His dad wants him there pretty bad.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if AD and Kyrie head to NY with Durant as well. Watching Porzingas play, he virtually has the same skill set as AD, but just doesn't have the experience due to injuries. I think he can be just as good as AD.
  10. Possibly because the last time the Pacers played them, he didn't play, and they still took the Pacers to the woodshed... I don't know why, and I'm echo'ing some of what you said after the last time we played them, but Toronto is a team we just don't match up well with at all and just can't beat with any consistency.
  11. And Archie is building something really special in Bloomington. I wish Juwan wasn't a senior, that kid is balling right now.
  12. Yea that play was a mess. There were way too many guys around the ball and no one was really moving after the initial screens were set. Devonte just held the ball and I said the same thing in that they had to go and why he gave it to Rob when Romeo was right there was beyond me, but it worked. Man it was so loud after the shot was made, so I don't recall hearing any music. The funny thing is I sat in the Butler section, about 10 rows up from the floor, and their faces were priceless. I went with 2 friends of mine, one whom is the Asst. AD at Butler who got us the tickets, and they were so deflated afterwards. Outside of the 06' AFCCG, that might have been the second best sporting event I've been to.
  13. I was at the game Saturday. It was crazy after Phinisee hit that shot.
  14. I think Myles can be one of the better offensive big men in the league, McMillan and the other coaches just haven't figured out how to get it out of him consistently.
  15. I don't disagree and I'm with you, from previous posts, that the NBA needs a hardcap of some sort.
  16. Lopez - 15 Vucevic - 22 Markkanen - 21 That's just the last 3 of 5 games from the other teams big's. What part of Turner not being as good (at the time those guys got those contracts) as them did you miss...? NBA contracts are fully guaranteed, which I'm sure you know, and I'm sure their respective teams would rather not pay those guys that much now, but they got what they earned from their play at that time they signed their contracts.
  17. He got 18M because he's still a one-trick pony for the most part. Your point was extremely muddied by the fact you pulled guys past, some way past, their primes and said "look, their salaries are higher we got a steal". I didn't miss your point, Turner isn't and hasn't been as good as those guys to earn the contract they are getting. Most of those guys got those contract's 3+ years ago, again while they were at the tail-end of their peak.
  18. Shaq would be the difference in that series, but I think GS would negate him by going small and making him run. Horry wasn't much of a defender, so no he wouldn't do much to stop Durant. Klay is easily a top-5 defender at his position, right there with Butler, so I think he would be a good match-up for Kobe and vice-versa. I don't think Fisher could keep up with Curry. It would be an interesting series, and one that I would favor 60/40 to GS.
  19. You might want a slightly upgraded Roy Hibbert, but I don't. Why should we not expect him to be premier on both sides? That's not much to ask, especially when he has the ability to be a good scoring big man. And Rudy didn't deserve that contract either. I'd take Turner over him just based off his potential on the offensive side. Rudy can't shoot and stretch the floor like Myles can. And here you go... In their primes, I'd EASILY take Lopez (before the injuries), Howard, Horford, and Milsap(he's a SF who plays PF) over Turner. Stop being a homer. All 4 were much better all around players than Turner. Turner has the potential to be a Pau Gasol type player on the offensive side. Exactly Francis, teams aren't just scoring 90 points a game anymore, you know like in 1999...
  20. Ehhh... not for 18M/year. There's no reason/excuse he's not a 20 and 10+ guy to go with his defensive ability. Calm down buttercup.. His second 20 point game and it took him 22 shots to get there. He should be averaging 15'ish shots a night at least and stay aggressive on the offensive side.
  21. I'd take Pippen over Lebron just based off how much better defensively he was, plus he could still give you 20+ a night.
  22. But but.. he's a good defender. He's still the same guy he was 3 years ago. He's not aggressive enough, and I don't think he'll ever be. His defense is not enough to warrant 18M/yr in my opinion.
  23. When you have George tossing up 8-10 3's a game and Russ shooting blanks all over the place, I wouldn't expect much from OKC. I'm dead serious when I say this, but I'm glad PG is gone. An athletic 6'10 guy who wants to sit around the 3 point line for ~50% of his shots, is beyond frustrating. Sure, he'll have a night here and there where he'll shoot well, but that's so few and far between. He can fade and die off in the West since that's where he wanted to be.
  24. I don't think they will have a choice... Draymond, again, has made it known that there won't be a "discount" this next go around with his contract. Klay or Draymond is going to get caught up in the numbers game and at least one is going to be packing their bags.
  25. Klay and Draymond are up after next year. If Boogie makes any kind of progress, they could let Klay (Klays dad wants him to play for the Lakers) and Draymond (He wants a max deal this next go around) walk. Steph, KD, and Boogie could be the main 3 and they build around them.
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