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  1. 58 minutes ago, Rackeen305 said:

    He's (Fields) the reason Burrows is at LSU, he had to xfer. That says alot. 


    But jmho, "Sunshine" has been NFL ready since his freshman year lol, beating Alabama in Nation Championship game. Oh and for those who didn't know, Sunshine can take off running too. See Ohio State game. 67 yard run for a TD.


    No he's not. Urabn going with Haskins over Burrow caused Burrow to transfer. Burrow played a year in LSU while Fields was a Freshmen at Georgia. 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, stitches said:


    Thanks for the responses. I'm not sure a game or two are great for evaluating a player, especially since he only played in 23 snaps vs OSU(because of the hit he had to the head... and he returned and some of those 23 snaps were after that hit and he played against possibly the best CB prospect to come into the game in years). His full body of work is more representative of what he is than his best or his worst game. 


    He didn't get hit in the head. He took a hit fell to the ground and his head barely hit the ground. He pretty much b****ed out after taking that hit. He also went out again after another hit. I'm positive the same thing happened in the LSU game as well. He got popped good a couple times and took himself out for a good handful of plays. Also, being an OSU guy for A LONG TIME, sorry Okudah isn't as good as they are making him out to be. He's literally the same player that Eli Apple was. 

  3. 1 minute ago, King Colt said:

    So the new GN send the biggest super star on the team on a train to AZ. The media says it was over money. Living in Houston I think I smell smoke. Booger McFarlin says BOB & Hopkins did not get along. Really? The coach does not like his stats as well? BOB should be spelled with an additional O.


    Umm BOB is and has been the GM since last year.. 

  4. On 2/27/2020 at 7:13 AM, 21isSuperman said:

    Again, you don't pay a guy $20 mil a year and give him 30 mins a night so he can be the league leader in blocks.  I understand his defense is elite, but that's not good enough at this level.  He needs to do more

    Actually his defense isn't really that elite.. his defensive rating is nearly identical to Sabonis'. He still can't consistently guard any of the bigs. Sabonis can at least go point for point and rebound with ANY big man in the league.

  5. 34 minutes ago, Myles said:

    I thought Turner might get traded.


    On the Fort Wayne sports radio, they were talking about hoe Dipo should have played a few games with the Pacers affiliate (mad ants) d league team before joining the Pacers.  I tend to agree.  He's shooting 18% so far and the Pacers have lost 3 in a row.  Maybe it would have been good for him to dominate an inferior league for 2-3 games.  


    With the Knicks wanting Holiday, I was hoping that the Pacers would package him and Turner for Julius Randle.. wishful thinking/dreaming haha

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  6. Just now, EastStreet said:

    13  Justin Herbert, QB  Oregon

    34  Raekwon Davis, IDL  Alabama

    44  Julian Okwara, EDGE  Notre Dame

    75  Cole Kmet, TE  Notre Dame

    112  Essang Bassey, CB  Wake Forest

    142  Ezra Cleveland, OT  Boise State

    173  Chase Claypool, WR  Notre Dame

    190  A.J. Dillon, RB  Boston College

    204  Quintez Cephus, WR  Wisconsin


    I didn't know Cephus declared... very underrated guy.

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  7. 20 minutes ago, WarGhost21 said:

    Where would you draft him? I have him as a 2nd-3rd round QB currently, I love his poise and his ability to make plays when the pocket breaks down reminds me of Russell Wilson. Sure, he does need to work on accuracy more, but he has all the tools and will be given time to sit behind Brissett while he works on it.


    I wouldn't. He's so far behind as a passing QB, and he's not even that elusive or good as a "running QB". Him playing in a defensively weak BIG12 has people fooled. He fits well in a one read passing/read-option college offense, but he's not even close to NFL ready. As a Buckeye guy, I watched a guy who was exactly like him, and honestly better, for 4 years in JT Barrett. He went undrafted, and that's where I see Hurts. I want nothing to do with a QB who practically wets himself under pressure, is overly inaccurate, and can't even read college level defenses. Trace McSorley was also a QB who was very similar to him and he went undrafted as well. 


    Just watch this years LSU game, that's who he is and will be...


    2nd and 3rd round? Not a fn chance.. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, WarGhost21 said:

    Sorry, I'm having too much fun today, but I tried something different after the start of my draft fell a certain way and I honestly really like it. It's a draft that focuses on defense early and gets rounded out with the amazing depth at the WR position later in the draft.




    Simmons would be our chess-piece, moving between safety and linebacker, so we can keep him and Leonard on the field together. Gross-Matos in the second is too enticing to pass up, and Blacklock lasting to pick 44 is pretty nice, seeing as he's a fringe round-one prospect. Hurts comes in as our new QB, with Adams as our option for LT of the future if he remains healthy. Claypool can become our WR 1, and Edwards can be a good WR 2, with Jennings coming in as another good WR option. Finally, Clark will come in as a developmental 3-tech who has a nasty swim move to build upon.


    I honestly think this could be a great draft for the team, and if Hurts doesn't work out we can always try again next season with another solid class.


    Sorry I just cannot get on board with ANY scenario where Hurts is drafted by the Colts, especially where he's WAY overdrafted in this scenario...

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  9. 5 hours ago, Bluefire4 said:

    I'm getting to the point where I hope the Pacers trade Myles Turner so you guys can see just how far our defensive ratings tank and you see how big of a mistake it will be


    They aren't going to tank, and he can't play defense anyways. Sorry, but chasing down backside defenders and getting blocks from behind isn't defense. Lebron does the same %, and gets called out on it so Myles shouldn't be an exception to that either. He's not athletic enough to guard the good 4's and to damn light/soft to guard the good 5's, so where is he playing defense? His whole body of work is average. 18M/yr for an 11 and 6 guy? At least the Pacers got a bargain for paying Sabonis that price. 


    5 hours ago, Bluefire4 said:

    when he goes to a team that lets him shoot 8 3s a game and continue being an elite rim protector against 90% of the league.


    He's not Durant. He has no business hanging out around the 3 pt line and taking "8 3s a game". I've mentioned numerous times, he has the ability to be a Garnett-type of player. The skill-set is there, but the soft * mentality is holding him WAY back. Until Myles lets his sack drop and he starts being the man among boys, he's going to continue being the same average Myles he's been the last 4 years. This is as good as it gets for him. He's literally the Jacoby Brissett of the Pacers. 





  10. 2 hours ago, 21isSuperman said:

    Yeah, the end of that game was ugly.  While the Pacers have a good record, they haven't really beaten any good teams.   They've beaten teams like Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Orlando.  This team is not as good as the record indicates.  There's a decent amount of talent on the roster, but the team is at the "good, but not great" level. 


    Two things that could help that change would be trading Turner, and firing Nate.  It's obviously not as easy as simply saying trade this guy and fire this guy because you have to get a good return on your trade with Turner and hire a better coach.  I don't know a lot about the head coaching candidates, but there are several guys who have been getting a lot of buzz, like Jay Wright and Jerry Stackhouse.  Larry Bird fired Vogel because "players tune a coach out after 3 years".  If that's the case, this should be McMillan's last season here.


    I really hated to see Brian Shaw go as an assistant. He'd be the first guy I'd look to for HC if he wanted it. 

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