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  1. 4 hours ago, JPFolks said:

    He led the league in blocks but didn't seem to sniff All NBA Defense? I think I heard how rare it is for the league leading shot blocker to not get on the first or second team all Defense.  Even with the overall tenacious defense the Pacers played as a team, he got no credit for it.  


    Well ~3 blocks a game isn't enough to cover up his barely-7-rebound average/game. It's sad that there are a few Guards who average close to what he does, with a few averaging more.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    hes not the Pacers will get destroyed with both on the court 


    but like you said Turner is the one in that should play the 4 but that isnt what he said tho he said sabonis so who knows what they are doing 


    If Turner wasn't such a soft a33, there wouldn't be a PF in the league who could guard him. If only Sabonis had Turners athleticism, to go with his block/post game,  the Pacers would be paying him a max contract next year.

  3. 51 minutes ago, IndyScribe said:

    Trading Turner would destroy the defense. We also can't tell if Turner's offense is bad because it's McMillan. Sabonis is cheaper for now. In a year, he'll want about the same amount of money as Turner. I'd much rather trade Sabonis. I'd only trade Turner for a chance at Ja, and there's no way that's happening after the #2 pick. 


    No it wouldn't. He still can't guard the better big's in the NBA anyways. Sabonis doesn't have a problem scoring in McMillan's scheme, and I think he could be a legit 20/10 guy as a starter. He also plays like a big man unlike Turners soft a33. As akcolt mentioned he's still not a consistent rebounder for a big man either. What you see now is what Turner will be for the rest of his career. 


    58 minutes ago, IndyScribe said:

    Blocks aren't the end all be all, I agree, but his defense is arguably more important than rebounds. Turner doesn't get a lot because of Oladipo and other players. With Dipo out, we'll see if he can get more rebounds. 


    ??? Again, Sabonis averaged almost 10 boards a game, ~2 more than Turner in less minutes off the bench. Oladipo was out for 46 games last season, and whatever theory/excuse this is, it didn't help Turner, and it won't in the future. 

    Sabonis doesn't seem to be handicapped by all of these McMillan excuses that Turner seems to be.. hmmmmmm

  4. 10 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    With AD, LeBron and keeping Kuzma it is a good start. I have to see what they put around that. Kuzma is a good player.


    Considering they want to add another max contract, they aren't going to have much to work with after those 3, or 4. Lebron's window is shrinking rapidly, and it's a fact, guys like him post 35 years of age, tend to fall of a cliff production wise. I'd be skeptical of AD lasting a full season too. 


    I hope Kawhi stays in Toronto. That Toronto team wouldn't have much of a problem beating the Lakers considering they have no perimeter shooting like GS had. I'd wager Toronto would probably sweep them or finish them in 5.

  5. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I am not a huge LeBron fan but LA is in great shape with AD and plenty of cap space. We will know more once Free Agency is over. I told you LA would get AD, I knew I would be right on that one. I thought Kuzma would be a part of it though. LA even kept Kuzma lol. When Magic offered the deal Kuzma was a part of it but Demps was dumb and didn't do the trade. Kuzma is by far better than any 4th pick they will get. There are only 3 sure picks = Zion, Ja, and RJ.


    - Again, you're still in the minute few (and LA fans) that believe those players were equal to AD. I commend Demps for not bending to LA/Lebrons nonsense. NO literally got 1 mid-level starter, and 2 average bench players for a top-5 player. Sorry, but you're lying to yourself if you think NO benefited any from this trade. However, yes, you were right about the trade. 


    - What good is Kuzma when he's watching Zion eat up his minutes? There is at least some flexibility with the #4 pick that could be traded for another veteran. They could use an upgrade at SG.


    - With the way LA is being built, I'd be surprised if they even make it past the Conference Finals, let alone make it to the Finals. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    That is why it is NO, they make dumb moves. U just seen the AD trade, no way I trade AD unless Kuzma is involved. Then again it is NO haha 


    Has nothing to do with "dumb". They obviously like what they have in Okafor and I can see why. Kuzma would be riding the bench with Zion coming in, if he were acquired. Ingram gives them a solid 3 now. Holiday, Ingram, Zion, and Okafor is solid lineup to work and build with. Plus they have some young building blocks to work with as well. They are in a pretty good spot right now.


    LA is in trouble if they don't unload the salaries of Mo Wagner, Isaac Bonga and Jemerrio Jones to make room for AD. Per ESPN -  "If Davis doesn't waive his $4.1 million trade bonus, the Lakers-Pelicans trade wouldn't be allowed even if Los Angeles finds a third team for the players not included in the original deal with New Orleans." 


    Oh how I would love to see that trade go down in flames. F Lebron, I hope he blows both knees out and his hairline recedes to George Jefferson levels. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    I'll take him at what he is now prolly the best defensive big in the nba

    Not for 18M/yr.. He doesn't affect the game that much. If he were a consistent 20+/10 with his 3 blocks/g, we'd be getting a steal, but he scored 10 or less 26 times last year, and he gets his butt handed to him every time he plays Embiid and Drummond. I think people overrate his defense to compensate for his inconsistent offense. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    we need a modern coach is what we need 


    I'm not a huge McMillan fan either, but they've done a lot to help develop Turner, and he's not much better than he was 3 years ago. He's too soft/nice. He has every bit the skill-set to be a Kevin Garnett type player (stretch 4), but he doesn't have that "dog" in him like KG had. Turner is going to be who he is for the rest of his career. 

    4 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I am surprised he doesn't want to be in NO? He was tough last year.


    Why would he want to be there when they are drafting Zion? I'm sure he wants to be paid and to start.

  9. 1 minute ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    you wanna trade one of the cheapest and best defensive players in the league who is also only 23? he would also be better offensively if Nates system wasn't a dinosaur 

    Sabonis is cheaper and much more efficient offensively. We can't keep waiting on Turner to finally turn the corner offensively, and if he can net us a lottery pick in this draft, he's gone in my opinion.  

  10. Just now, oldunclemark said:

    Julius Randle is a good thought..He'd give us 20 a game and I dont think we'd have to pay the max.....maybe $18-$20 mil........We'd just move on from Thad Young..


    ….Myles is a great shot blocker..but he's probably never going to be a big scorer...and I'd love to get his $18 mil salary off the books..so we can go shopping on July 1


    I'd like to get McDermitt's money off the books too.. 7.5M/yr is way too much for what he gave us

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  11. 5 minutes ago, oldunclemark said:

    There is no chance of us trading Oladipo and he has almost no value due to his injury


    If we're trying to get the 4th pick in the draft, its Myles Turner we're offering.

    We need to get his $18 mil a year off the books so we can resign Bogdonavic and Thad Young AND pursue another free agent.

    And we wont get the 4th pick in the draft for Sabonis


    Ricky Rubio is better and younger than Darren Collison. Not by much. But he is.

    Would you trade Turner for the 4th pick.....sign Rubio and Al Horford?


    I would pack Turners bags myself, and whoever else it would take with the exception of Sabonis and Vic, for the Pacers to get that #4 pick.. 


    I would be good with Rubio, but I'd pursue Julius Randle over Horford and Thad. Randle is 24 and averaged 21 and 9 and would work perfect as the 4 in the Pacers system with Sabonis. 


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  12. 3 hours ago, akcolt said:

    If NO were to move Jrue because they want to go with the young guys. My guess is when they look at our roster they’ll be looking to fill the hole Davis left at the 5. I think they’d be looking at Turner or Sabonis. 


    The Spurs would need a trade to make room for Bogy. He’s a free agent so they could move DeRozan somewhere else and move in on Bogy.. It’s taken Bogy the better part of two seasons to get comfortable enough here to really play his game. I think he’s going to want to stay in Indy as long as we don’t try to low ball him. He should be our top priority IMO. 


    This is is going to be an interesting off season. We should have the opportunity to make some moves but there will be some tough decisions.


    I don’t think we can expect Vic to come back and improve the team enough to be contenders.  I’d like to see us upgrade PG and find a scorer off the bench. That may not be enough but it’s a start.  


    They have a replacement in Okafor for Davis. Both him and Randle played well down the stretch while Davis was out. Randle is a guy I would potentially look at as well. With NO obviously going after Zion, Randle has already turned down his player option and is a FA. If Thad turns is no longer and option, I think Randle would be a good fill in at PF for the Pacers. 24 years old and averaged 21 and 9 playing off the bench half of the year last year. 


    It would be nice to unload McDermitt's contract and put that extra 7.5M/yr elsewhere. 


    As I said earlier in the thread, we have quite a few holes to fill on a capped budget and I wouldn't be surprised if some of these guys (Thad, Bogy, CJ) decline offers from the Pacers and move on. 

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