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  1. And I stand corrected.. The Bucks looked like dog . The Raptors are playing out of their minds defensively.
  2. Urban is without a doubt one of the best all time, but that program is more than Urban. The system in place and the coaches who took over are leagues better than what Florida was left with once Urban left. OSU has one of the great offensive minds as a HC and fully retooled coaching staff on defense, which has been desperately needed. Urban will still be in the background since he's the Asst. AD at OSU, so it's not like he's completely gone, but I look for Ryan Day to rejuvenate the team and keep them at the top like they have been.
  3. This coaching staff, as a whole, is the strongest it's been since 2014. The top QB recruit from 2017 just transferred in, Ryan Day and the rest of the staff will be fine. Trust me, there are a lot of Buckeye guys like me who felt it was time for Urban to move on. Ohio State won't be leaving the light/top any time soon.
  4. Urban being gone isn't going to change anything..
  5. I'm good with it! I'm pretty sure it won't happen since I believe we'll be picking at the bottom of round 1 again, and the foreseeable future, but Chase Young would be an EXCELLENT addition. If he expands on what he did last year, he'll easily be a top-10, probably top-5, pick, so again he's probably not going to be in play for us.
  6. It's a tie for me as I think Murray, Jones, and Gary will all be busts...
  7. In Gholstons defense, he went to the worst scheme possible, especially with the limited football experience he had. Up until he got drafted he only had 4 years of football experience. I know Rex Ryan wanted to keep him away from the Patriots, and as much as it sucks to say this, but I wish Vernon would have went to New England instead because I have no doubts his career would have been better.
  8. I'm guessing he figured he didn't need to carry the little bit of extra weight up top that he had last year. He still looks 315-320'ish, but he looks healthier if that makes sense.
  9. Yea I don't bother the guys when they are out. I grew up being around professional athletes/race car drivers due to family ties, but I get the temptation at wanting to talk to them. I've not seen him in person before ( I didn't get to a game last year) but he is as big as advertised.
  10. So my wife and I were out with friends at a restaurant in Carmel. As we were walking in this guy (Quentin) was at the hostess desk getting a to go order and I was like man he looks familiar. I'm 6'4 250 and not very often am I the one looking up at someone, but I didn't realize how tall Quentin was. He's listed at 6'5, but he has to be really close to 6'6. He looks like he has lost some weight, and added muscle, and yes that guys back is a mile wide, and that was the dead give away. The kid looks good and looks to already be in football shape.
  11. Just thinking about this... Since DL already has a year in the system, do you think it's possible they move him to MIKE, and let him call the defense, and give Okereke the WILL spot? I think Darius could be a heckuva MIKE in our system too.
  12. Scary to think they could have had Josh Allen and Jones. All I can say is I hope it works out for them, but I don't see Jones replicating Eli, let alone Peyton's career. Regardless if he's had Cutliffe as his teacher/mentor/tutor etc.. he's still so far behind, in my opinion, where Peyton and Eli were at this stage in their life/career as a QB. The kid does seem to have a good head on his shoulders and looks to be a very humble individual but he's going to have to grow extremely fast in order to fill the shoes that Eli is going to leave him and what the Giants, and fans, will expect of him.
  13. Urban liked the JT/Tebow style QB's because that fit his run first/pass option offense, but Haskins completely wiped that scheme away. Day was handed the reigns and the only input from Urban last year was the way they ran the ball, however they couldn't, even with the OL being built to. They were that bad in both run and pass blocking. They were down 1000 yards rushing from 2017 with the transition from Barrett to Haskins. To emphasize more on the bolded, because we haven't had a true passing QB since Troy Smith. Cardale gave us a small sample size, but they ruined it the following year with how they played both him and JT. If Michael Thomas had been able to play with Haskins last year, holy sh, he would have been far and away the best WR on the board. Hopefully now with Day at the helm we'll start seeing more traditional passers who have running ability (Justin Fields is going to fit Days scheme perfect) instead of limited passers who can run.
  14. Haskins was still green as a QB. They wanted Paris as a safety valve for Haskins. They ran deep/intermediate routes all the time with Victor, Hill, Mack, and McLaurin, but again, if those guys weren't open Haskins ALWAYS knew where Paris was and used him a ton, obviously. Also, this past year was one of the worst I could remember in terms of OL talent. They couldn't run block at all, again the worst I've seen in a long time, and Haskins had to learn real quick, once they started playing the better defensive teams, that he couldn't hold on to the ball because the OL just couldn't hold up long enough to allow deep plays to develop. They would use the screen game and short game to help open the long game. His accuracy deep was underrated, however as I mentioned above, he just didn't have the time to allow those plays to develop due to the OL. Ryan Day was fantastic at scheming against teams whether they wanted to play zone or man against them. Crossing patterns and screens were their bread and butter because all their WR's are speed guys. They really didn't need to throw deep anyways because any of the 6 WR's they had playing could beat anyone in the open field. It was scary how athletic that WR group was and we have 4 of the 6 returning this year. He wasn't. Day knew what he was doing, it's why he's now the HC of OSU. People who say that probably don't understand how bad that OSU OL was. Seriously, as long as I've been a fan, it was probably one of the worst groups I've seen play in a long time. They couldn't run block to save their lives, when that's what they were specifically built for, and then to FINALLY have a great passing QB - to which we haven't had since Troy Smith - they couldn't pass block either. Campbell was a safety valve for Haskins and Day made sure to help Haskins because of the deficiencies up front. McLaurin, Victor, Hill all got to eat too because of Campbell doing all of the underneath work.
  15. I would be shocked if he's not the starter at 3T. He was balling before he got hurt.
  16. Why? Our O-line was garbage. Probably the worst in Urban's time at OSU and probably one of the worst at running the ball too. Ryan absolutely loved crossing patterns over the middle of the field while having a guy like McLaurin, Mack, or Victor stretch the field deep. Haskin's reads were deep and in, and normally the short read was the norm because no zone nor man coverage could limit the crossing patterns. They would hit those a handful of times and start getting the safety's to cheat up and that's where they would catch them deep. Again our OL just couldn't hold up to the to the long developing plays so they had to use the short passing game to open everything else up and Paris just feasted. I'm going to miss watching Haskins and those guys this year. It's amazing they went 12-1 last year with how many deficiencies they had on the OL and the back 7 on D.
  17. Ward is not a DE, he's a 3T in our system.
  18. Incorrect... I'd have to assume they see this guy having potential as a CB as well as being able to play behind Hooker
  19. I just shook my head when they took Ferrell over Allen. Don't get me wrong, I believe Ferrell will be good, but I think Allen is going to have a better NFL career and that SOB is in our division
  20. 5 picks today would be fantastic
  21. Denver is the only team I see that could use a future QB because we all know Flacco is a really short term situation. I would gladly take their 2nd and at least their 3rd, but I would ultimately try to get them to come off both 2nd's if they want Lock, whom Elway is rumored to be highly interested in.
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