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  1. Still can't sleep, counting wins while RG3 is counting losses..

    1. BrentMc11


      I love the wins....one at a time....I worry only about what our team is doing...and am proud of our team!! RG3 will be just fine.

  2. Still can't sleep, counting wins while RG3 is counting losses..

  3. I just love your commitment to football and staying strong! We are all praying for you Chuck. God bless you!
  4. Well folks, we are half way through the season. 5-3 is not at all what I expected. Let alone the come from behind wins we have put up. Not sure if it's because the Colts are motivated by Chuck's attitude, or that they are just ChuckStrong! Avery is having a pretty good year, along with the frequently targeted Wayne. Wayne is all over the field and I tell you what, this is a fun team to watch. Everyone knows that RG3 and Luck will be compared for a long while, but I am tired of seeing Griffin being called the better QB/player. The Colts are 5-3 while the Redskins have a crummy record of
  5. Not to mention how exciting the offense is looking! Would love to see more TD's and less INT, all in good time though! Luck to Wayne is making the sadness of Manning's departure a little less dreadful.
  6. Nothing to do with his game play, just that he has been injury prone. And when he isn't injured the media is hyping it up all the time..
  7. It was the best TD I have ever seen!!!
  8. Can't sleep, instead of counting sheep, I am counting Ballard's!

    1. Nadine


      this made me giggle, thanks! Is he jumping over the fence upside down and backwards?

    2. YellScreamGoColts


      You know it, I made it a high fence though, because the lower one looked to easy for him :D

    3. BrentMc11


      33,33,33,33,33.......18.....ooops....12....definitely not in rem sleep mode...:)

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  9. I think this was a mistake. We have a couple older D guys to coach the young team, that guy hasn't played real well in our scheme anyway. Powers is the guy that has to go. It's been 2-3 years now that he just lets the guys fly by him.
  10. We got rid of Polian because of his pure Manning draft style. I think the newer guys will address the defensive issue, hopefully sooner rather than later. We have a great Defensive Coordinator, so I am sure he will get some pull. Unless they fire him first. Never know in the game..
  11. Freeney is worth the price tag. Until he is no longer a factor in the defenses game plan I say we keep him. We need an older veteran to coach our D, as I am sure this will be the target next draft.
  12. I think 6 is asking a bit much, but they are looking on their way!
  13. I just think that the two QB's Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, obviuosly.. Can't be campared. As Manning could throw a ton, but ran like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Luck can break for a good run and throw a nice spiral but likes to thank the guy who tackles him or says good hit LOL.. Maturity. Our Team will be great.
  14. The Colts are sitting pretty at 4-3 right now. We would earn a 6th seed if the season ended today. Now of coarse we wanna see our guys reach higher, but what a great year so far compared to last year. Wayne has really stepped up as well as all of our rookies! What a finish to the last game with that epic touchdown throw!!! I am darn proud to be a fan right now. Feel the fire, feel the flame! Stand on up and shout their name! LETS GO COLTS!! LETS GO COLTS!!
  15. The Colts improved overall between last week and this week. We played way to conservatively in the second half of the game; a mistake by the coach I am sure. If we had stayed competitive offensively, we would not have had to worry in the end. It was awesome to see Luck's poise under pressure in the final offensive moments of the game though! When we get Freeney back we will be looking real Colts Strong!!
  16. Wow, you know the game tonight started out with a bang. Fireworks, smoke, Superbowl trophies, etc. Then the Cowboys punched the Giants in the mouth. The beating didn't stop either, as the Cowboys would throw a punch and then the refs would throw a flag.. This was so that they could ponder the meaning of life.. About 50 times!! The game was a mess. The Giants had no chance as the Cowboys looked to be on the verge of another score in the end. Sad day as I was rooting for the Giants, but it was nice to watch Romo on a good day!
  17. Curtis Painter was not the QB for the Colts.. He would have made a fair QB with more faith and work though..
  18. I don't think the team will be satisfied with anything under .500 I believe Luck has a better rookie year than Manning did. 9-7 is a reasonable goal. I believe they just have to forget about the normal goals. They are rebuilding and need to focus on winning games, not the postseason.
  19. Two days away from the regular season!!! I have never been able to watch Football as a game. Growing up on the streets it always seemed that we were at war, watching someone get gunned down. Being robbed at gun point.. Football became a way for us to let our emotions out. So I watch the Colts like they are their own army. Going from town to town, wearing their cuts and defending their name and team. I even scream at the TV, the Refs, our coach LOL.. I love my team, and will stick with them.. Wednesday should be a great game though; gotta give it to the Giants here. Good LUCK12 Colts Ye
  20. The Colts won last night, and I noticed that we didn't do terrible this preseason.. 2-2 isn't bad at all considering it's all a giant practice, competition being to make it on the team or to move up a string. I am truly excited to see how the Colts do this year in the regular season. It's very possible that Luck takes us all the way, like Big Ben style, first year and what not. The odds are against it, however. We are rebuilding. I think the main goal should be having a season better than .500 forget winning the division, playoffs, and Superbowl. If they start losing and get caught up in
  21. Pretty psyched about that pick up!! I hope he makes a play or two if he does play at all!
  22. I love the Colts, and Andrew Luck.. I believe in Blue.. Do you?
  23. We had a nice long ride with the great ol' Peyton Manning.. I was sad to see him go but realized that missing that first game in 2010 must have hurt Manning.. He would need a change if and when he returned. I waited for months to see the draft, the whole year was bent on getting that first round pick.. Would we have been better with the number two pick, with RG3? It is too late now.. We have drafted Andrew Luck, there has been a change of guard. It's a new year, a new coaching staff, a new team. I am proud to have Luck with us, may the best team be left standing in the end. Good LUCK12
  24. I think the Colts have a good first quarter, and then we slowly decline from there.. Maybe a win, but I doubt it.. We aren't going to wanna show anything this last game..
  25. My wife says that Dwight Freeney is the prettiest black man in the world LOL.. I'd miss watching him relentlessly try and pursue the QB!
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