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  1. From the album: Colts FB Cover(s)

    A New Facebook Cover!!
  2. Pretty excited, I have a second opinion clause that I can choose. My doc is recommending me to the Monti Group. They are a group of docs that try specifically to get people on Medicaid, and/or disability. Fingers crossed. Not the end of the game for me, just 3rd and long~!~
  3. OK if having Luck already. Ed Reed, Revis, and I gotta give it up to Adrian Peterson to get Andrew Luck into the passing game. This extra threat would hopefully improve his accuracy and his play-action attack!
  4. With his rookie year over, I look forward to improved accuracy measures that might be taken in the off-season. Gonna be a great 2nd year for Mr. Luck
  5. I wish him all the greatest! To be the best you need to face the best!
  6. Each decade or so seams to present a few jaw dropping talents.. Time will tell..
  7. Tic Tac Toe, 3 in a row, Colts gonna win it, Yell Go Colts, Go!

  8. Words are what people make them.. Just as George Carlin used to say.. Redskins4Life
  9. The great escape, that is what I like to refer to the NFL as.. I am a die hard Colts fan through and through, I practically bleed blue.. I also have a debilitating illness. 75 percent of my day is spent in pain or some form of agony.. I recently filed for disability and was told that I act entirely to pleasant to be in the sort of pain I describe.. So much so in fact I was denied disability at my first hearing.. I have always turned my heart to God and football. These things keep me sane.. They make me happy! My faith has made me smile in spite of hardship and adversary. I will continue to smile and keep my head held high, because I am not a victim. Life is what we make it. Thanks so much to the Indianapolis Colts, and the entire NFL. You provide me with several months of distraction and help me to be able to fit in.. During football season I am not a sick person.. I am a football fan. We all our fans. Yell, Scream, GO COLTS!!
  10. Yeah Werner!!! Great choice!!!

  11. As long as our team shows up for the fans~!~~ Good luck Team
  12. Draft day is here!!!!! Yell, Scream, Go Colts!!!

  13. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000163276/article/ranking-the-five-nfl-teams-that-are-best-at-drafting Upon reading this article, I can't believe the Colts weren't on this list! I know times have changed, but it seemed like year after year the Colts would draft some type of bad *** ! With last year being Andrew Luck? Come on people.. Am I being a little biased here??
  14. Another dark day for this Colts fan.. Freeney, you will be missed.

  15. Well folks, it's been officially over for the Colts for a week now and they have moved into off-season mode. I wish the Colts organization the best of luck this coming year and next football season. I want to add something else.. The Colts were Champions this year to Indianapolis and it's fans. And above all others, for Chuck. The team were champions in Chucks eyes! Re-building. CHUCK YOU ARE OUR CHAMPION!!
  16. 11-5 What a great year!!! Go Colts!

    1. southwest1


      Very impressive isn't it?! The Colts have certainly exceeded my expectations. :D

  17. Well guys the Colts locked up the number 5 seed!! I am so proud, the players have put up a huge effort and are well deserving of all good things that come their way. Good luck in the post season, and lets kick some Texan butt next week!! Everyone have a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! 10-5 :^D
  18. We definitely took a step back, I hope we can learn from this loss and grow stronger as a team! I will say, we didn't help by giving them free points!! Hats off to the Texan that both blocked and returned the punt for the TD!! For my take on the Texans click on the image to the left! (Poor Sport here )
  19. Heart, I am all heart my brother! - Edited for television
  20. Heart! That is what it is going to take to win Sunday. The Colts are headed to Houston for what is surprisingly going to be huge game. The Colts are 9-4 the Texans 11-2. The Colts control their own destiny; with a win at Houston the Colts have a highly favorable shot at winning the division! As the Colts have shown they are a great home team, with a win on the road I think they can all but guarantee a win again in Indy in two weeks. To beat the Texans the Colts are gonna have to play COLTSTRONG ALL GAME LONG! I hope they can get a cheer going in the locker room and go out swinging hard from start to finish. Don't let the AFC South make the mistake of thinking that the Colts are a Manning Team instead of a TEAM TEAM! Manning... forever in our hearts, but LUCK is always on our side!
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