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    Football season is a year round tradition for me.. I am always looking forward to NFL news, and player updates! But the season is upon us, and I am excited more than ever for football to kick off! I feel like the Colts are hungry again. Luck will be looking to prove himself once more and our young talent(s) should put on a great show. I miss the guarantees we had in Peyton Manning of being pretty much playoff bound. But more then that I miss the way we had to earn every win. Luck and our very young team last year showed that it's all about heart in the NFL. Here is to another year of Heart!
  2. YellScreamGoColts
    Anyone ever watch The Ghost and the Darkness? It's a movie about a couple of crazy Lions that wreck havoc among a group of African bridge builders. All in all they take the lives of 130+ people.. It took the bridge builder and a rifle to end it all. The Colts are also in a similar place as they are building right now, and they are under threat from a couple of Lions.. We just gotta hold the rifle steady.. In other words, the Team has to stand strong or they are gonna fall victim as well. The Lions have a few weapons, and they can score points, we have all seen it.. Lets go Colts, is all we can say! Cheers to whoever makes the trip to Motorcity in support of our team! Go 12th man, and Lets GO COLTS!!!
  3. YellScreamGoColts
    Well guys the Colts locked up the number 5 seed!! I am so proud, the players have put up a huge effort and are well deserving of all good things that come their way. Good luck in the post season, and lets kick some Texan butt next week!! Everyone have a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! 10-5 :^D
  4. YellScreamGoColts
    The Colts won last night, and I noticed that we didn't do terrible this preseason.. 2-2 isn't bad at all considering it's all a giant practice, competition being to make it on the team or to move up a string. I am truly excited to see how the Colts do this year in the regular season. It's very possible that Luck takes us all the way, like Big Ben style, first year and what not. The odds are against it, however. We are rebuilding. I think the main goal should be having a season better than .500 forget winning the division, playoffs, and Superbowl. If they start losing and get caught up in making it into the playoff picture it will only add more stress to the young team. Focus on winning some games. We have the whole future to win Superbowls.
    Good LUCK12 Colts
    Yell Scream Go Horse
  5. YellScreamGoColts
    Well folks, it's been officially over for the Colts for a week now and they have moved into off-season mode. I wish the Colts organization the best of luck this coming year and next football season. I want to add something else.. The Colts were Champions this year to Indianapolis and it's fans. And above all others, for Chuck. The team were champions in Chucks eyes! Re-building. CHUCK YOU ARE OUR CHAMPION!!
  6. YellScreamGoColts
    Two days away from the regular season!!! I have never been able to watch Football as a game. Growing up on the streets it always seemed that we were at war, watching someone get gunned down. Being robbed at gun point.. Football became a way for us to let our emotions out. So I watch the Colts like they are their own army. Going from town to town, wearing their cuts and defending their name and team. I even scream at the TV, the Refs, our coach LOL.. I love my team, and will stick with them.. Wednesday should be a great game though; gotta give it to the Giants here.
    Good LUCK12 Colts
    Yell Scream Go Horse
  7. YellScreamGoColts
    Wow, you know the game tonight started out with a bang. Fireworks, smoke, Superbowl trophies, etc. Then the Cowboys punched the Giants in the mouth. The beating didn't stop either, as the Cowboys would throw a punch and then the refs would throw a flag.. This was so that they could ponder the meaning of life.. About 50 times!! The game was a mess. The Giants had no chance as the Cowboys looked to be on the verge of another score in the end. Sad day as I was rooting for the Giants, but it was nice to watch Romo on a good day!
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