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  1. Fitzpatrick will be starting at QB for the Texans. This could be good for the Colts as he generally takes chances with the football, which sometimes leads to costly mistakes. Foster is one of the best rushers in the league so look for the Texans to run it at the Colts most of the game. I am hoping for another big day for the Colts defense.

  2. RGIII is a good QB, but it is gonna take some time to achieve greatness.  If you look at Joe Flacco a guy who takes his team to the playoffs pretty much every year, even he isn't being counted as one of the greats.  When you take a young talent like RGIII and inflate his head with all of the commercials, rookie of the year, etc  He is always gonna point the finger.  The coaches need to help him grow up, or put him in his place..

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