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  1. New Year, New Gear!!!  GO HORSE

  2. RIP Dad, Randy Gantt, he insisted we bury him in his Colts gear.. Love you dad..

  3. Good luck this week Hasselbeck!!!

  4. We are in a lucky spot with our division, Lets get it together guys.

  5. Go Colts, stampede them Titans!

  6. Woohoo Football Season Is Here!!!

    1. southwest1


      Say that again man. In fact, can you shout that joyously from the rooftops please? I'll wait. Thanks Yell Scream Go Colts. :)

  7. Farewell to the men who have played their last down in Indy. Welcome to the club new arrivals!

  8. Thanks for the memories! 87

  9. Better LUCK next year...

    1. southwest1


      INDY did have a tremendous year & we took another big step getting to the AFC Championship Game. The Colts are in a good place franchise wise right now. We have work to do on the o-line & d-line, but I am confident that we are ascending & that good things await us down the road in 2015.

  10. Woohoo Great game guys, now on to Denver!

  11. What a fun game to watch!! SHUTOUT

  12. Tic Tac Toe, 3 in a row, Colts gonna win it, Yell Go Colts, Go!

  13. Yeah Werner!!! Great choice!!!

  14. Draft day is here!!!!! Yell, Scream, Go Colts!!!

  15. Another dark day for this Colts fan.. Freeney, you will be missed.

  16. 11-5 What a great year!!! Go Colts!

    1. southwest1


      Very impressive isn't it?! The Colts have certainly exceeded my expectations. :D

  17. I make my own Luck thank you very much - Andrew Luck, not really LOL

  18. Anyone ever see The Ghost and the Darkness? We're gonna handle these Lions..

  19. Anyone ever see The Ghost in the Darkness? We're gonna handle these Lions..

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