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  1. YellScreamGoColts
    It's been a while since I updated my blog..  You see my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told he would live for a maximum of 2 weeks..  That was several months ago..  Sadly my family lost him, December 18th.  He fought as hard as he could..  In fact it reminded me of when Chuck got cancer..  I shaved my head for the guy.. You see my family bleeds blue... Dad, was such an awesome man and a die-hard Colts fan..  I feel blessed to have gotten to celebrate multiple Superbowl appearances with him..  He was the most gentle spirit I think i will ever come in contact with.  You will be missed Randy Gantt.  PS  He insisted we bury him in his Colts gear,  Ski cap included..  What a fun guy, the world is smaller without you.
  2. YellScreamGoColts
    I will always remember Reggie Wayne. He was one of the most explosive threats I have ever seen in my young 30 year life.. Though there have always been doubters, seeing his career in INDY coming to a close seems fateful. These guys are immortal in the eyes of their fans but we need to realize just how precious the players are. 3 1/2 years is the average for players in the NFL, Reggie wasn't settling for that. With all of the trouble floating around in the NFL, Reggie Wayne excelled on and off the field. You are a good man bro. I will always remember.. It's a sad day for me.
  3. YellScreamGoColts
    The Colts are 8-4 with a chance of sealing the division next week. The Bengals are also playing hard-nosed football. It will be a tough game to win on the road, but I feel it is a must win for the team. We still have a good shot at a 1st round bye and we could really use it to rest up. The road goes through New England as of now but I could see the Patriots losing another game or two. The 3rd seed sounds great too as I do not wish to face the Broncos right away come playoff time. Keep those fingers crossed fans and maybe we can take it to the house come January!
  4. YellScreamGoColts
    The great escape, that is what I like to refer to the NFL as.. I am a die hard Colts fan through and through, I practically bleed blue.. I also have a debilitating illness. 75 percent of my day is spent in pain or some form of agony.. I recently filed for disability and was told that I act entirely to pleasant to be in the sort of pain I describe.. So much so in fact I was denied disability at my first hearing.. I have always turned my heart to God and football. These things keep me sane.. They make me happy! My faith has made me smile in spite of hardship and adversary. I will continue to smile and keep my head held high, because I am not a victim. Life is what we make it. Thanks so much to the Indianapolis Colts, and the entire NFL. You provide me with several months of distraction and help me to be able to fit in.. During football season I am not a sick person.. I am a football fan. We all our fans. Yell, Scream, GO COLTS!!
  5. YellScreamGoColts
    Upon reading this article, I can't believe the Colts weren't on this list! I know times have changed, but it seemed like year after year the Colts would draft some type of bad *** ! With last year being Andrew Luck? Come on people.. Am I being a little biased here??
  6. YellScreamGoColts
    We definitely took a step back, I hope we can learn from this loss and grow stronger as a team! I will say, we didn't help by giving them free points!! Hats off to the Texan that both blocked and returned the punt for the TD!!
    For my take on the Texans click on the image to the left! (Poor Sport here )
  7. YellScreamGoColts
    Heart! That is what it is going to take to win Sunday. The Colts are headed to Houston for what is surprisingly going to be huge game. The Colts are 9-4 the Texans 11-2. The Colts control their own destiny; with a win at Houston the Colts have a highly favorable shot at winning the division! As the Colts have shown they are a great home team, with a win on the road I think they can all but guarantee a win again in Indy in two weeks. To beat the Texans the Colts are gonna have to play COLTSTRONG ALL GAME LONG! I hope they can get a cheer going in the locker room and go out swinging hard from start to finish. Don't let the AFC South make the mistake of thinking that the Colts are a Manning Team instead of a TEAM TEAM!
    Manning... forever in our hearts, but LUCK is always on our side!
  8. YellScreamGoColts
    Well, tonight the Broncos improved to 10-3! I am so happy for Peyton, and I wish his team the best of luck.. But who would have expected to see both Peyton Manning recovered and playing strong, PLUS Andrew Luck and the Colts with a 8-4 record!! Luck already has show he can come back and win.. What other QB's throw 3 INT and still wins the game with 4 TD's?? I am darn proud of our team!! I am also so happy for Garcon who had a great game this past weekend!! Good times!! Happy Holidays all! Don't stress away your happiness this time of year!
  9. YellScreamGoColts
    One day while having lunch in the cafeteria in middle school. I heard my name go out over the announcement speaker, they told me to come down to the office; that my mother was waiting for me. I was overjoyed for a moment, hoping I'd be getting out of school. At the time my Grandma had cancer and my mom would let me play hookie on occasion so I could help my grandma around her house with misc chores and such. I had no problem keeping up in school so it didn't interfere with my school work.
    While heading toward the office I recognized my mom walking toward me down the hallway.. She was crying; she told me that my dad had been in a car accident and that they didn't think he was going to make it.. So my brother, sister, my mother, and I headed toward the hospital. It was there that we discovered that my dad's accident hadn't been too bad after all, but while running a scan on his head they discovered tumors. My dad died two months later from brain cancer..
    The last few months my father became confused, but I didn't see him going down like that. Cancer wasn't gonna beat my dad! I was a pretty good artist so for inspiration I drew my dad a photo of a Stork trying to eat a frog. You see the frog is halfway into the Storks mouth, while his hands are wrapped around the storks throat, strangling him. I wrote 'Never Give Up' on it and gave it to my dad. I think I saw the whole thing on a coffee mug once and felt it fit the situation.
    My point here is that life can and will kick you in the butt. But if you don't give up, and you fight back, Miracles will happen! My dad lost a battle, but I grew from the experience. I am who I am today because of it. It's wins like the one the Colts had today that give me extra hope and make me remember the good times. Go Colts, and good luck Chuck!
  10. YellScreamGoColts
    To say sitting at 7-4 that the Colts haven't stepped it up would be a down right lie! With practically a rookie class on offense these guys are flying pretty darn good. I expect great things from this bunch in the coming years.. Anyone foolish enough to say that Wayne should have exited with the other half of the team during the off season should be blitzed! Wayne is putting up huge numbers and should def go to the Pro-bowl; talk about talent!! Luck has been pretty good too, one more win and the guy will already have broken two NFL records! Cam Newton who? Just playing!
  11. YellScreamGoColts
    Alright guys, we are sitting pretty at 6-3 right now, 5th seeded playoff team.. Where do we go from here? We have an intense match-up Sunday against our rival New England Patriots, so what can we do to survive? Our D has got to be on it. They will be missing the 12th man for this game, so we all need to do what we can from home. SO I PROPOSE we all go outside when our defense is on the field and scream our support!!! Maybe if we all scream loud enough we will crumble the walls of Gillette Stadium!! Just playing guys, so nobody get themselves sick from the cold and come crying to me!
    The Colts have to play pretty flawless. We can't afford to give-up the ball, and we need some takeaways! I am not too worried about the Patriots passing defense as Luck is pretty darn good lately on 3rd and long situation. We need to get running hard and early. If we can move the ball on the ground I think we can win.
  12. YellScreamGoColts
    I am loving it, been saying for a while that RG3 is getting a lot of hype.. He really reminds me of a young Vick.. He is exciting and explosive at the run but, he has been overshadowing my boy Andy Luck.. Yep that's right, good ole' Andy.. He is one nice guy.. I have watched all his post-game interviews and the guy is a really humble dude. He has extreme football awareness and like Coach Arians said, he can't throw guys off like Big Ben but he is a big guy and is very hard to tackle. Just a very unique player/person. Well most polls are showing Andrew Luck as the mid-season rookie of the year! I love it. Don't get me wrong guys I am a football fan. Best of luck to RG3 but I think Andrew Luck is really stating why he was the number 1 pick!
  13. YellScreamGoColts
    Well folks, we are half way through the season. 5-3 is not at all what I expected. Let alone the come from behind wins we have put up. Not sure if it's because the Colts are motivated by Chuck's attitude, or that they are just ChuckStrong! Avery is having a pretty good year, along with the frequently targeted Wayne. Wayne is all over the field and I tell you what, this is a fun team to watch. Everyone knows that RG3 and Luck will be compared for a long while, but I am tired of seeing Griffin being called the better QB/player. The Colts are 5-3 while the Redskins have a crummy record of 3-6! Luck has proven himself already with the never give up attitude and a great rookie year so far. He is also very smart and knows when to run and takes care of his body. This is all on a team with practically no run game in the first half of Colts football. We all saw that Cam Newton could put on an explosive show, but look at his rookie year compared to this one? Griffin hasn't shown perfection. Regardless of stats, Luck is playing more solid football! If you look at Stats alone Manning will go down as one of the greatest though he only has one ring.. So give the stats to RG3, I will take the wins!
  14. YellScreamGoColts
    The Colts are sitting pretty at 4-3 right now. We would earn a 6th seed if the season ended today. Now of coarse we wanna see our guys reach higher, but what a great year so far compared to last year. Wayne has really stepped up as well as all of our rookies! What a finish to the last game with that epic touchdown throw!!! I am darn proud to be a fan right now.
    Feel the fire, feel the flame! Stand on up and shout their name! LETS GO COLTS!! LETS GO COLTS!!
  15. YellScreamGoColts
    The Colts improved overall between last week and this week. We played way to conservatively in the second half of the game; a mistake by the coach I am sure. If we had stayed competitive offensively, we would not have had to worry in the end. It was awesome to see Luck's poise under pressure in the final offensive moments of the game though! When we get Freeney back we will be looking real Colts Strong!!
  16. YellScreamGoColts
    We had a nice long ride with the great ol' Peyton Manning.. I was sad to see him go but realized that missing that first game in 2010 must have hurt Manning.. He would need a change if and when he returned. I waited for months to see the draft, the whole year was bent on getting that first round pick.. Would we have been better with the number two pick, with RG3? It is too late now.. We have drafted Andrew Luck, there has been a change of guard. It's a new year, a new coaching staff, a new team. I am proud to have Luck with us, may the best team be left standing in the end.
    Good LUCK12 Colts
    Yell Scream Go Horse
  17. YellScreamGoColts
    I don't know, look at it this way.. Peyton basically sucked away the salary cap, making it very hard to pay key players to stay. I will always love number 18, but we needed money for defense and for special teams. A well rounded team has a better chance of winning Superbowls. The Patriots prove that year after year. Irsay is a competitor, as much as Kraft, Jones, or heck anyone else. I truly believe that Irsay's comments about needing a better team to win more rings and such, has been blown out of context.
    I was greatly saddened the day Manning and the Colts went different ways. # 18, forever in our hearts. Now go # 12, and go Colts!
  18. YellScreamGoColts
    Wow, did anyone else watch the game last night against the Broncos and the Ravens? The game was delayed for half an hour because of a lightning storm. There was a presence in Denver. PEYTON MANNING. Gone but never forgotten baby! He tied the NFL record with 7 TD passes. The game looked pretty close at half time; it looked like both teams had showed up to play. The second half looked more like a preseason game. I felt like The Broncos had their starters in and the Ravens were playing their second string. Great game though to kickoff the new season! Let's go COLTS now!
  19. YellScreamGoColts
    The Colts are in Texas today to challenge the mighty Texans. Currently the two teams are tied for 1st place in the division. Fitzpatrick will be starting at QB for the Texans. This could be good for the Colts as he generally takes chances with the football, which sometimes leads to costly mistakes. Foster is one of the best rushers in the league so look for the Texans to run it at the Colts most of the game. I am hoping for another big day for the Colts defense.
    Go Colts, Good LUCK Chuck!
  20. YellScreamGoColts
    I don't know about you but I am pretty excited about our team! The Colts look like the AFC South's best again.. You can never replace a legend but Luck has really shown that he is a very capable player. Speaking of legends, Reggie Wayne looks to be passing the torch to Ty Hilton. The best thing though is that Wayne is playing great, Hilton is playing great, etc. I think Wayne will play another year or two and they will be good years. We are facing the Bengals this weekend, and I am pretty pumped. This is another chance for the Colts to show that they are the pride of the AFC. The Bengals have the 28th raked defense so look for Luck to have a big game through the air! Hopefully we will see some power running with good success from our backs too!
  21. YellScreamGoColts
    To say that I am proud just wouldn't be enough.. Last night I watched Peyton Manning set the record for TD's I believe he now has 510. He looks to have another couple good years too, which would be sad to say if Manning had been replaced by anyone other than Andrew Luck. Right now as Colts fans we have the best of both worlds! We get to watch our young QB grow up and we get to watch Manning not simply retire, but go out swinging. The NFL is as exciting as ever! WOOHOO I love football season!
  22. YellScreamGoColts
    Week 2 for the Indianapolis Colts is officially over. Statistically the guys had a pretty good game. There were 3 or 4 miscues between Hilton and Luck but these are the type of things you will see between newer receivers and newer QB's. They, including all players, will all develop and grow together as a team in time. I believe that the Colts will achieve excellence. 1-1 for now but tomorrow brings another opportunity to win. It's all about the fans in the NFL, if we stick with our team we will always win in our hearts.
  23. YellScreamGoColts
    Wow, what a great game!! This is what i would have loved to have said.. Sadly I was unable to watch the game, though I did give my best effort to follow the game on my tablet. I tell you what, it looked like Andrew Luck wanted to avenge the previous games disaster.. I was happy to see Wayne make the highlight reel. They say the average NFL player only last 3 1/2 years. To see Wayne still flying, makes me want to cry like he did, during our national anthem. Hey question, who is digging the Amish look that Luck is putting down?
  24. YellScreamGoColts
    Well, the Colts would have a first round bye if the season ended today. I couldn't be more proud of the guys. We have developed a bad habit of letting teams take swift jabs at us in the first few quarters. So, for now, I am glad to see that we have Rocky as our QB. Remember fans, it's not always about winning the game, it's about going the distance. These times are the good times~! I am just happy and excited to be able to watch the talent that Indy has and is developing. By the way, I have a ratty old Colts tee that my wife wares; we have won every game that she has worn it and lost the ones she didn't.. Anyone up for a good flogging?? All in good fun, friends.
  25. YellScreamGoColts
    The Cardinals were picked in a sweep to beat the Colts this week! The Indianapolis Colts second half point stats 133-7... need I say more? Respect the blue!
    Inserts foot in mouth....
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